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  1. Morning fellow AFOers, Just a quick thought. Many a first time boatie has left the ramp without knowing the ins and outs of their motor and ran into trouble out on the water. Having just purchased a boat myself, is there any tips the boaters from AFO could give to newcomers? Eg - Where to buy workshop manuals What a basic toolkit should contain Maintenance Etc. Any tips or helpful advice would be appreciated and put to good use Thanks Felix
  2. Does any body know much about 5hp merc four stokes there is one for sale up my way for $600 its got about 20hours on it and cosmetically it looks good.
  3. Informative video. Cheers Ray
  4. G'day lads, so I've finally managed to convince the boss (misses) to let me buy a boat her only rules are cheap and we can chuck it on the roof for when we go camping. I was was wondering if anyone has some advice or experience or knows somebody selling a topper. im currently limited to no longer than 3m and and could go around 1500 give or take a bit in width. Thanks a lot lads!
  5. Well i've gone and done it now. I bought a 14 foot center console with an old 35 Black Anchor... and I love it. Now all there is to do is put some casting platforms in, a sounder and an electric motor move the helm fix the lighting... and I would love some advice. I got her for a bargain price of $2,300 and the engine runs like a dream and it sits well in the water on and off the plane. But there are a few problems... but one big one. The helm is way too far forward, it makes for a very rough ride and looks and feels very strange. When they pushed it forward (i am assuming they did it because the floor had rotten out (its fairly new and yes i know that the gal fixings must come out) and not to fix a weight distribution problem...??) it has meant that control cables are too short and they have mounted the throttle too low. I would like to move it back a bit and build a front casting platform for storage and a back one for bait tank, fuel storage and a kill tank. So first job I want to do is put on a sounder and an electric motor. The guy at Boating and RV in Tingalpa has sold me on a; Motor Guide Xi5-55W 60" 12v GPS ($2,349 inc.) and an Elite 7Ti Total Scan Navionics ($1,099 inc.) So my first question is; are they ok? Second question is how should I mount the Electric outboard? The prow is quite high. Can I build up some nylon cutting board type material and simply bolt it to the gunwale and the front anchor well cover? I don't really know how much strength it needs. Thanks oh and a little by note. I will be fishing from her over the new years period up at Noosa.
  6. Anyone know where I can find one? Recently purchased boat with this on the back. Would like to do some basic maintenance myself. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Just looking for opinions on jarvis water snakes ? I see theres a mk II version now too? Cheers
  8. Hi guys I have a 90 hp four stroke 2008 Suzuki the check engine light is flashing the flash pattern seems to be three then seven will not go out, buzzer will also sound in the same sequence. the service manual does not have this sequence in it Only one other guy has had this 3-7 code problem after my search but im unable to get in contact with him
  9. Anyone know people or shops in Brisbane that make and weld on after market bow mount brackets/plates to aluminium boats? For Minn Kota, Watersnake, MotorGuide etc.. electric motors. I emailed Holt Marine as their website pictures this, but got no response. May call them later. Are there any others who provide this service in Brisbane? I would prefer a few quotes. Below is the sort of example I would prefer taken from the Internet. Needs paint though! Maybe even info on any bolt on solutions that look professional? My boat is a painted hull and 2014 model so I am not looking for quick and dodgy methods. Here is the front of my stessco. Any recommendations to get an electric motor on the front of this boat would be much appreciated!
  10. Just wanted to give a bit of praise to bundall marine I bought my boat and motor new from these guys in February and they have taken really good care of me from the time I first called. Andrew is a legend and will help you with whatever he can. Had my 3 month service on my outboard today and ahain went the extra mile in greasing everything on my trailer and replacing the bearing buddy cap I was missing and helping me with my electric motor set up. If anyone is looking for a new boat or motor I'd recommend them.
  11. Hi all, got to the ramp yesterday and doing final checks in the rigging area I noticed that the fuel line was split between the outboard connection and the primer bulb. Probably got pinched in the outboard mounting hardware when I was raising or lowering the motor. Managed a temporary repair with some electrical tape so could still have a day on the water. Obviously I need to fix this properly, but I was thinking of replacing the whole fuel line and fittings, given the gear is now 9 years old. The tinnie has the tank in a forward hatch and the fuel line runs under the floor. Anyone replaced this before? I thought I should be able to do it if I cable tie the old connector at the tank end to the new connector for the outboard and and then pull the old line out from the outboard end. This would save me having to lift the floor, but not sure if the cavity is clear enough to allow the connectors and the primer bulb through. Boat is a 4.35 Sea Jay Territory with a 40 yammie 2 stroke. Any advice welcome. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Hello all. I've looking at boats and kayaks (when I get enough cash for a deposit) lately to progress my fishing and get to spots where shorebased fishos can't as well as covering more water. And I like the look of the quintrex explorer 320 matched with a 4stroke 5hp outboard (Suzuki on a particular online package) and a trailer all in one package. And was wondering has any had experience with these rather small tinnies (if I got one it would only be me, fishing gear, small esky on board) and if they may be suited for a beggineer boatie fishing the saltwater creeks and rivers in SEQ. Thanks any feedback would be appreciated
  13. hey guys anyone know of a good mobile outboard mech on the southside,i have used john eddie but cant find his number,thanks brad
  14. G'day guys I've got a problem with my Suzuki outboard (2012 DT40W) that I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction on. I replaced most of the normal service items, gear oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, impeller etc about 1-2 months ago Since then I've taken it out a few times, and everything seemed to be running fine. That was until I was on my way back in from Mooloolaba and I ran one of the fuel tanks dry. I hooked up the other tank, and fired her up but started having issues at idle/low rpm when in gear (R or F doesn't seem to make a difference). Any sort of get-up-and-go throttle and it seems to thump along normally. Not sure how to describe it, but the motor periodically feels like it loses power, and then gives a squeal before running normally again. Sometimes it'll happen in rapid succession, others not so. I've put up a little vid showing it Since the first appearance of this issue I took it out with a fresh batch of fuel to see if it was related. Whilst I don't recall any issues when heading out from the ramp, it did start happening again after cruising around for a bit. Also concerned it may sound a little rougher at idle/low rpm - but not sure if that's just paranoia Motor seems to run fine when back at home flushing the passages out. Video: Any ideas? PS: I don't normally have that red safety cord hanging over the transom
  15. Gday to you all. I have a 1988 model Johnson outboard motor that I purchased recently off an old guy that told me it was a FOUR STROKE MOTOR. The model number he gave me is A J25 RACCA. I looked it up & it would seem that is correct. Australian, 25 hp, Rope start, 1988 model. Obviously I don't know a great deal about outboard motors, but have a fair understanding about engines in general. So basically I don't know weather to mix four stroke oil into the fuel, or 2 stroke oil into the fuel. It DOESN'T have an oil sump. I haven't heard of mixing four stroke oil into fuel before but have mixed plenty in the past for my mower etc. Either way, all I need to know is if this is actually a 2 STROKE MOTOR, or IS IT A FOUR STROKE MOTOR?? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance for anyone who can definitely tell me. Cheers.
  16. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone uses or has thought of using that salt-away product i remember seeing it some time ago at the boat show. Cheers guys
  17. small car topper alluminion boat wanted 4m max 75 kg max don't care if comes with outboard if anything an electric will do 1000 max
  18. Howdy all We're new to owning a boat and our first crack at boat ownership has resulted in buying a dud engine. We knew the risks going into purchase and half expected something like that to happen. For the cost, we have decided against a rebuild for a 79 model that we know little about its history. We are replacing a 55hp Johnson on a fibreglass hull rated to 60hp with front control and power tilt/trim. We have very simple boating ambitions basically just popping out into Port Phillip Bay and knocking some flatties on the head. Given the hull planed very easily at less than full throttle with the Johnson running on basically 1 cyclinder we will consider anything from 40-60hp. We have a budget of $4k, plus installation. These are our options as we see it: - Common brand used outboard from private seller for $3-4k - unknown history, no warranty, possibly higher power - Common brand used outboard from dealer for $4-6k - possible history, 3 month warranty, likely lower end power - Chinese brand Maxus 2 stroke 40hp, $4k - 3 year warranty, new, low end of power range /> So our questions: - How much should an install be? - Is buying from a private seller worth the risk? - For our unambitious boating plans is the extra hp worth it? - Has anyone got feedback on the Maxus? Thanks
  19. This is a bit of a longshot, but does anyone happen to have a spare outboard I could borrow over the christmas break for a few days? :whistle: I am happy to pay for the loan. Anyway, just thought I would ask. Cheers.
  20. Hi Guys, the mrs has surprised me with $12 k to spend on a new boat for my birthday :woohoo: I want something that will carry the five of us and camping gear, be a good fishing platform to go outside and something I can do an overnighter on. Slim pickings for that budget and I'm obviously wary of buying something that is going to explode or catch fire first time out. I've had a good look around and seen a few, with this old rig pretty much being the frontrunner atm Boat Any opinions or if anyone is in the know of another boat I'd appreciate it. Seriously considering buying this tub tomoz Cheers.
  21. They sound ok. Cheers Ray
  22. Howdy. I recently bought a second hand 10HP honda 4stroke. Motor runs good no dramas. Had an deuche plug on the tiller arm which i would like to charge a smaller battery for the sounder, mav lights etc I put a multimeter across the points no voltage while motor is running. Took the lid off and check the 20amp fuse, fuse ok, i put the multimeter to the legs of the fuse and the engine block, still nothing. Can anyone suggest what i can look at next, I see there is some kinda of regulator down below the fuse and looks like it charges off the magneto in the fly wheel but i have limited outboards electrics experience so dont really know what im looking at. thanks in advance
  23. I am looking at an older V17L being sold with no outboard. As this is such a good hull (by reputation) the only negatives I read are about "at rest" and splash at the transom with 2 blokes fishing at the back. This will be my first boat (after many years in dad's boats) and I want to get a good balance of fishing/cruising/skiing before hopefully moving up to a 20+ footer in future years. In light of this I am considering a moulded floatation outboard pod, which would create more room also.... Has anyone seen or been in V17L or 565L with a pod to say if it helped or hindered the hull over all? Also who is best to get the pod from? Arnold's Fibreglass Cheers in advance
  24. Hi guys, Wondering if you have any mates you can recommend me around the Brisbane Region as I'm considering installing transom pods (left and right side for floatation) to my tinnie. Did a little reading and seems like it might help with stability and keep the transom higher for my 4.15m runabout tinnie... I feel that it's a little bit transom heavy currently, it takes off to the plane no problem, just worried of getting swamped from the back where the outboard is mounted while reversing at a slightly faster speed, and when most people are standing on the back of the boat... Any suggestions or thoughts on this modification? and most importantly, anyone to recommend around the Brisbane region..? Hope to hear from you guys! Thanks! Something similar to this ... not my photos, but what i found that i think would work for me...
  25. Am looking at buying a boat with a 150 Yamaha salt water series 2. it is a aprox 10 years old with only 78hrs on it. Extremely low. This is a private seller. Went for a sea trial last weekend and the hrs seem legitimate because the boat is the same age and is immaculate. Hull is shiny upholstery is like new, clears and stickers were like they were put on yesterday. So leave the ramp got about 200m on comes the alarm. look back and only a dribble of water is coming out the motor. promptly returned back to ramp turned motor off. tried 10 mins later same thing. Bloke selling the boat has taking it to the mechanic this week said it was a build up of salt that was blocking the flow. Also replaced thermostats and a couple of gaskets. compression tests and given it a thorough check. and has given it the green light. Seller has given me the mechanics number so I can call him tomorrow and get the low down. Although I have owned boats and been around outboards my whole life my mechanical knowledge pretty much stops at putting fuel and oil in and towing the boat down to the mechanics for its annual service. For its age this outboard has pretty much been in storage its whole life. and this worries me ive been told this can be quite damaging to an outboard, engines are designed to be used frequently. What are potential things that could be wrong with it? What Questions should I be asking the mechanic tomorrow? Has any got or know someone with a Yammy salt water series 150 ? how are they? how is fuel consumption compared with other 2 strokes Other boat we are looking at has a 135 optimax 280hs is this a better option? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers