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Found 46 results

  1. fenelious

    northern nsw Severn River NSW

    Hey guys, it's been ages since I've been on the forum, but I'm planning a 'Coddessy' and was hoping for a little advice and maybe even a fishin buddy? The plan is to do the Severn River Nature Reserve above Pindari Dam, NSW. The Reserve isn't open to public vehicles but according to a NSW Parks website I read it's open to walkers, so I was planning to park on the edge of the Reserve and walk the river, camping and fishing for 2 or 3 nights, sometime this June or July. I was wondering if anyone had fished this section before and could give me some tips on rules/regulations, good start/end points, how the fishing might be at this time of year (cold), lure types/techniques etc. I can't seem to find too much written on the net about this place. I'll be entirely self sufficient, backpacking all my gear/food. And yes I know there'll be some hard walking and cold nights. I'm very safety conscious - have an EPIRB, good 1st Aid kit and know how to use it. My fishin buddy that usually comes with me on these sort of trips can't come... is anyone keen?? I'll go on my own though, either way. Thanks, -Steve.
  2. riverhauler456

    Redfin As Bat

    in the lakes i'm constantly getting the little redfin around 4cm, would these work as bait for larger specimens.
  3. riverhauler456

    common roach in aus?

    Hi i read somewhere that the common roach was introduced to the murray river some time ago iwas wondering if it is a common by catch, if they're still in the rivers or if you would find them in the yass river or canberra water systems
  4. rayke1938

    Bowfishing Carp NSW Trials to begin

    From NSW DPI: Bowfishing for carp trials to begin in NSW The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) will conduct a restricted 18-month trial of bowfishing for carp in specified inland waters in NSW from next month. DPI Game Licensing Unit Director, Dr Andrew Moriarty, said the trial follows a review of recreational saltwater and freshwater fishing rules in 2013, which included the proposal for bowfishing for carp in inland waters. "Carp are an introduced freshwater species that have been declared a noxious fish in NSW and this pest species can have a significant impact on freshwater ecosystems through their detrimental impacts on native fish, aquatic plants, erosion and water quality." The trial will be strictly controlled at limited sites in inland NSW which have met specific safety and access parameters. The first sites will be opened on 4 December 2015 and will include sections of rivers, creeks and streams in the Riverina, Central West, North West and Murray Regions. More sites will be made available in the near future which may include sites in the Northern Tablelands and designated areas of several impoundments. "Strict safety protocols will be implemented for the activity which have been based on a risk assessment developed by a stakeholder reference group," Dr Moriarty said. "As a pre-requisite of the application process, individuals must have a fishing fee receipt and have completed a training course to gain the necessary accreditation.. "Individuals can now apply for a bowfishing permit from the DPI for the 18 month trial to begin on 4th December 2015. "At the completion of the 18 month trial, a survey of anglers will be conducted to provide information on bowfisher effort, catch, expenditure and any specific feedback about the program." The trial will be managed under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 and involve the Department of Primary Industries' (DPI's) Fisheries and Game Licensing Unit divisions. Further information about the trial, including application forms is available online HERE>>> Image:
  5. Angus

    Copeton Dam Info

    What does anyone know about Copeton Dam south west of Inverell... I have seen some awesome images of the terrain there and it reads that there is great cod, yellow and silver fishing in the dam with red fun and even trout available in the Gwydir River under the wall. Here is a 60cm yellow Jimmybob got there last week land based. A quick overview of the facilities makes me think this would be an awesome place for an AFo pilgrimage next year sometime? Any keen bees? And for those that know the Western Dams what sort of time frame would be best? Summer, Winter? Cheers and I hope this gets some ideas forming Angus
  6. Angus

    Little Bass Big Fun

    So I headed down to Bangalow this weekend with a bunch of friends for the Sample Food Fest. Awesome time and worth doing. Fishing was not the point or purpose of the weekend but I knew there were bass in the little creek that runs through town so in went the rod. For sentiments sake I packed my very first Nordic Stage rod I ever received (Nordic Stage Gunslinger) which was the perfect choice as the forest was thick and the bass small. Although the fish were only small it was stacks of fun just exploring and all fish were caught on the surface which is always a plus.
  7. Surfingant

    Freezing Cods

    Jords, Den and myself did a trip to cod country a few weeks back now, after initial plans of access to a private property fell through we were left in a last minute situation of finding another suitable spot that we could fish landbased and camp near. Kwiambal national park was the spot we settled on and we decided that even though it was probably a hard hit area it would be a good base and give us an idea of the area. The weather gods decided to bestow us with freezing weather and the coldest weekend of the year, which we greatly appreciated, and the hailstorm on Saturday night saw us seeking shelter away from our quick camp setup while watching our fire die a slow death.....that was also greatly appreciated. The cold snap made the fishing tough, we probably raised 6 or 7 for a hit which we were satisfied with, unfortunately for Den and I, Jords was the only one who manage to stay connected long enough for a photo. All in all we had a great weekend and covered a lot of hard terrain, we missed a lot of water due to simply not being able to access a decent casting spot, next time I vote Summer and float tubes! Not many pics but will give you an idea of the terrain. Cheers, Ant.
  8. rayke1938

    Wopped by the Wollopers

    Taken from sweetwater site. New England Rural Crime Unit Media Release. Over the weekend of the 8,9&10th of May 2015 the New England Rural Crime Unit and NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries Officers from Inverell conducted an operation Targeting Rural Crime and illegal fishing. The operation saw mobile patrols of stock routes, private property and other access points around the Beardy River, Mole River, Severn River and the Dumaresq River on the Queensland/New South Wales Border. A number of boat patrols were also conducted on Pindari Dam, Macintyre River and the Dumaresq River in police and fisheries vessels. Police and DPI Fisheries Officers conducted searches of vehicles, vessels and camp sites located during the patrols under fisheries legislation. The operation saw a number of offences detected including; possession of loaded firearms in a public place x 2, unauthorised possession of a firearm, fail to ensure safe keeping of a firearm. 2 firearms were seized by police and offenders will be placed before the courts in relation to these matters. Further, a number of fisheries offences were detected resulting in multiple penalty and caution notices being issued to offenders for a variety of offences including; failure to pay the NSW fishing fee, leaving fishing lines unattended on inland waters, possession of prohibited size fish, taking of freshwater catfish from a western flowing stream, unlawful use of yabby traps, possession of prohibited fishing gear, use of more than 2 fishing lines per person and for the mutilation (filleting) of restricted species of fish adjacent to waters. As a result of the offences a number of items were seized by fisheries officers including; 1 x Murray cod measuring 440mm – Legal Size between 55cm and 75 cm 1 x Freshwater catfish 1 x Set line with live carp attached as bait 1 x Yabby trap 2 x shrimp traps 15 x Set lines 2 x Drift/Float lines Police and DPI wish to remind all persons that if you wish to engage in recreational fishing activity in NSW, you required to pay the fishing fee (NSW fishing licence) and are also required to carry your fishing licence with you whenever and wherever you go fishing. A fishing licence can be purchased at many outlets throughout NSW including; most fishing tackle shops, service stations, caravan parks, the Roads and Maritime office at Inverell or via the website at or by calling 1300 369 365. Anglers are reminded that there are heavy penalties for breaching fisheries regulations and it is up to all anglers to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations associated with the fishing activity that they intend to engage in, before going fishing. Information is available online at: and advisory material outlining the rules and regulations is available from most locations that sell the fishing licence. New England Rural Crime Investigators and NSW DPI Fisheries Officers encourage people to make contact with police or fisheries to report suspect or illegal fishing activity if they observe it happening or suspect it to be happening. Further Rural Crime Investigators request that people contact police should they see any rural crime taking place or have any information in relation to rural crime which may have taken place. Any information maybe a piece in the puzzle which assists to prosecute offenders for a crime. Pictures Show Police and DPI Fisheries checking snags for set lines, a set line located by D/S/C Berry which is baited with a live carp, dead turtle wrapped up in a set line and an under size cod seized during the operation. /> Cheers Ray
  9. ryanyoung

    First on fly!

    G'day All, Finally got a chance to get out and give the new wand a run, targeting trout in the local waters. I had a capability/perceived skill mismatch :silly, which kept me to the skinnier water between the deeper pools, but still managed four 'Bows for the trip, with numerous fish dropped/missed :woohoo: On top of that, I was fishing some of the most scenic country ever, which made the day all the better on top of the first fish on fly :cheer: I'm loving the 4wt, and the new style of fishing!!! Hopefully I'll have the knowledge by the next outing, so as to target the bigger girls in the deeper pools lol. All fish caught on a Craig's Nightime, and all released for another day. Cheers, and thanks for reading, Ryan.
  10. ryanyoung

    'Bidgee Green, Gold and Yella

    G'day All, Had a better day along the Murrimbidgee today, landing two Murray Cod and a single Yella. All fell to a slow-rolled Impact Tackle S-Baitz spinner bait in 3/4oz. Although I'm still not seeing much size, it is a steady improvement on previous trips. Hopefully soon I'll have a bigger model to show lol. Cheers, Ryan.
  11. G'day All, With a lower work tempo and a bit of fair weather, I managed to get a bit of fishing done over the past week. The first session was to an urban lake about twenty minutes from home, where I raised this little fella. Whilst not my first Murray Cod, it was the first for this region, and gave me quite a confidence boost. He was caught on an Impact Tackle 1/2oz spinnerbait slow rolled through some weeds. Not a huge fish, but there are bigger ones in there according to local anglers. This past weekend, we also made a quick trip down to Thredbo, to fish the Thredbo River. I was keen as to get onto my first trout, and I wasn't to be disappointed. The first session was cold, and even though I was wearing waders, I quickly numbed up, it being a solid 3 degrees. I didn't manage a fish in this session, although I got a couple of hits and several follows. The scenery made up for it. I had a bit of a break, and we went into Thredbo to have a look around. It's a very nice little town. Upon return to the campsite, I once again headed out for another flick, this time heading downstream. Within the space of fifteen minutes, I was rewarded with the target species of rainbow and brown trout :woohoo: I would have had at least a dozen more hits, but the hooks didn't stick. I wasn't too concerned though, as the scenery was pretty spectacular, and I had ticked off another couple of fish from the list. The fish were only really interested in tiny minnow type hardbodies, with celtas and bigger lures being ignored. The fish were only small, but I'm already planning a longer trip down to try and get on to some of the bigger fish that lurk in the area. Finally, I went out for a fish yesterday along the Murrimbidgee, fishing a new spot. The water was filled with families having a bit of time out, but I did manage to find some decent water, pulling this little fella out, and getting a follow off a much larger fish that had my heart thumping. I also saw a kangaroo going for a swim, which was a bit of a highlight lol. That's about it for now, hopefully soon I will find some of the bigger fish in the region. Cheers, Ryan.
  12. baz82a

    Trout in central west NSW

    hey guys I've been trout fishing for years now around the central west and after the last 3 years have been fairly lean in the amount of trout and size of trout caught I'm looking at heading further a field in chase of the hard fighting brown and rainbow trout. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Parkes and am prepared to travel up to 3 hours to chase a good fighting fish Cheers
  13. Taken from Fishing World e-mail newsletter 27 Nov 2014 FRESHWATER fishers will again be able to target Murray cod when the season opens on Monday 1 December following the annual three-month breeding closure. Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Inland Fisheries Manager Cameron Westaway said the native Murray cod is a prized catch for recreational fishers in the Murray-Darling system. “Murray cod is one of Australia’s largest freshwater fish, growing up to 1.8 metres and weighing more than 100 kilograms,†Mr Westaway said. “A ban on taking or attempting to take Murray cod is in place between September and November to protect this important species during its breeding season.†Mr Westaway said recreational fishers also need to remember the new recreational slot limit of 55 to 75cm for Murray cod in NSW. “Recent changes now mean that while catch and release is allowed, it is a requirement to release all Murray cod caught outside the slot limit with the least possible harm,†Mr Westaway said. “The new rules should increase the number of larger cod in the system, improving both the long term sustainability of this great recreational fishery as well as increasing the chance of catching that fish of a lifetime.†DPI Acting Director Fisheries Compliance Patrick Tully said fisheries officers will continue to monitor inland waterways, particularly during the holiday season, to ensure fishers follow all recreational fishing rules. “A daily bag limit of two Murray cod per person per day and a total possession limit of four applies when fishing in any inland waters,†Mr Tully said. “It is important that freshwater fishers are fully aware of the fishing rules in relation to Murray cod before dropping a line. “Fishers are encouraged to report suspected illegal fishing by contacting your local fisheries office or by phoning the Fishers Watch Phoneline on 1800 043 536.†Other rules relating to the Murray cod include: • Set lines cannot be used in any inland waters and are totally prohibited. • Two attended lines may be used in all inland waters except some trout and closed waters, but these lines must be within 50 metres and in your line of sight. • Live finfish including carp, birds and mammals cannot be used as bait. More information can be found in the NSW Recreational Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guide available from DPI offices and most places where NSW recreational fishing licences are sold.
  14. Angus

    The Little Victories...

    Well I went away with Tanya this weekend and stayed in a stunning little Northern Rivers town... Although this was not a fishing weekend there was a creek on the property and the lovely wife obliged me by allowing a rod to come I was assured by the owner there were no fish in the creek as it was to shallow but thought I would give it a crack just in case. Glad I did as within 3 casts I landed my first bass and then another soon after. Both on a sebile ghost walker 55. I sadly lost this lure soon after and guess what... it was all I had on me. Pretty sure there would have been a healthy population of bass to be found if I kept fishing. Anyway despite being small there was no tail between legs as I had 0 expectations to begin with! Went back and enjoyed an awesome breakfast before 8. Great start to the day
  15. Sparky89

    Glenbawn cod???

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone has caught cod in glenbawn Dam before? Cheers
  16. Taken from FW email newsletter 04 Aug 2014 REC fishers are invited to attend the Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum in Dubbo to find out how they can get involved in improving fishing opportunities in their local area. The free event, to be held on the 22 and 23 August 2014, aims to raise awareness of issues affecting fish habitat and the State’s fisheries resources. Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Regional Officer, Charlotte Jenkins, said the Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum aims to provide an opportunity for recreational anglers to get together, share fish habitat stories and voice any concerns about habitat at their local fishing spot. “Participants will have a chance to hear about the latest science being employed to help native fish populations, as well as from other fishers who have been involved in habitat and conservation projects,†Ms Jenkins said. “The Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum provides an opportunity to help develop partnerships between recreational fishers, government agencies and conservation groups to work together for the improvement of fish habitat. “Participants will also have a chance to get hands on and take a tour of local habitat works around Dubbo.†The Fishers for Fish Habitat program is supported using funds from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust. Full details are available at To register to join the forum on (02) 6881 1210 or (02) 6626 1107, or online at the Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum 2014 web page. Dubbo Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum Date: Friday 22 and Saturday 23 August 2014 Venue: Club Dubbo (Whylandra St, West Dubbo) Registration closes Wednesday 13 August. Please note that registration is required for catering and administration purposes.
  17. Taken from FW email newsletter 26 Jun 2014 A FISHERIES compliance operation conducted over the June long weekend in NSW has resulted in fisheries officers apprehending several people for the use of illegal lines and drag nets. Department of Primary Industries Supervising Fisheries Officer, Jason Baldwin, said the June long weekend was a popular time to go fishing, but not everyone was following the rules in the State’s north west. “Several people were apprehended for illegal fishing activities along the Barwon – Darling Rivers from Mungindi to Tilpa,†Mr Baldwin said. “A 61 year old man was apprehended on the Barwon River near Mogil Mogil for using 38 set lines. He now faces multiple charges relating to the use and possession of set lines and for possessing fish that had been taken illegally. “In a separate incident another man aged 33 was issued penalty notices totalling $500 after he used nine set lines in the Barwon River. “Fisheries Officers working between Collarenebri and Walgett intercepted four men who were camped on the Barwon River and had used 36 set lines and two illegal drag nets. “One of the drag nets measured 15 metres in length and had been used to capture Bony bream, which is a native fish. “All four men now face charges relating to the use and possession of set lines, the unlawful use of drag nets and the possession of fish that had been illegally taken. “In another incident, fisheries officers patrolling the Barwon River upstream of Walgett intercepted a 62 year old lady and a 64 year old man who were using 15 set lines with another eight set lines in their boat. “Both these people have been issued penalty notices totalling $600 in addition to formal cautions.†The maximum penalty associated with the use and possession of illegal fishing gear including drag nets and the possession of fish that have been illegally taken is $22,000 or imprisonment for 6 months (or both) for a first offence. The maximum penalties specifically associated with the use of set lines, range from $5,500 to $11,000. Mr Baldwin said the continued use of set lines or "droppers" by a small minority of people in the north-west is concerning and will not be tolerated. “Set lining has been banned for many years to reduce the negative impact that it was having on our prized native fishes such as Murray cod and golden perch, as well as the unacceptable detrimental impact that it was having on protected wildlife such as turtles, pelicans and cormorants,†Mr Baldwin said. Anyone with any information about illegal fishing or suspected illegal fishing should contact the Fishers Watch hotline on 1800 043 536 which is a 24/7 automated service or online
  18. Taken from FW email newsletter 16 Jun 2014 THE NSW DPI is reminding the public that the use of illegal set lines is not permitted in the inland waterways of NSW, following a number of individuals being apprehended near Wagga Wagga, Condobolin and Moulamein. Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Supervising Fisheries Officer, Peter Tilbrook, said the use of destructive set lines has been prohibited in NSW for many years. “During May, fisheries officers received an anonymous tip off from the public notifying them of the illegal use of set lines in Old Man Creek, about 20km west of Wagga Wagga. “The illegal set lines were located by fisheries officers and with the assistance of NSW Police they intercepted a vehicle on the outskirts of the city later that night. “A man was interviewed and his vehicle was inspected, resulting in the seizure of 16 set lines each rigged with two hooks, and one large Murray cod. “The man will receive court attendance notices and faces charges of possession of illegal fishing gear, possession of fish illegally taken, use of live fin fish as bait and leave lines unattended. “Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of up to $22,000 and/or six months imprisonment.†Mr Tilbrook said set lines do not discriminate and can have devastating consequences for native fish including threatened species and other wildlife such as turtles and water birds that can be caught on the lines. “Set lines or unattended lines have been prohibited in NSW for many years in an effort to reduce the high level of impact on target and non-target species,†he said. “Most native fish caught using set lines, undergo prolonged stress, become easy prey for predators including other larger fish and often die on the line.†In another incident involving set lines, two men within a larger group were observed by fisheries officers checking and setting 12 set lines in the Lachlan River, near Condobolin. “The lines, baited with yabbies, were illegally set and left unattended,†Mr Tilbrook said. “When interviewed, the West Wyalong men were found in possession of a gaff, two golden perch and three Murray cod, two of which were prohibited size. “The equipment and fish were seized by fisheries officers, who also found one of the men had failed to pay the required Recreational Fishing Fee. “The two men were each issued penalty notices totalling $2,000.†In a third incident, two men from Rushworth in Victoria were found using eight set lines and in possession of two Murray cod which had been illegally taken from Billabong Creek near Moulamein. “The eight lines and two cod measuring 64cm and 75cm were seized from the men,†Mr Tilbrook said. “Both men have each received penalty notices totalling $1,000 for possession of illegal fishing gear and fish illegally taken by set lines.†A maximum of two attended lines are permitted in all non-tidal waters other than some trout waters. Attended lines must be within 50 metres and in the line of sight of the fisher using the lines. Hand lines are not permitted in trout waters or closed waters. Any spare lines must not be rigged or capable of taking fish. Recreational fishers are encouraged to use the NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Guide, available from DPI fisheries officers, most tackle shops or online at Anyone with any information about illegal fishing or suspected illegal fishing should contact the Fishers Watch phoneline on 1800 043 536 which is a 24/7 automated service or online
  19. fenelious

    New England Cod Autumn 2014

    I've been a bit slack getting this report up, but here it is a few weeks late. Last winter I put a pack on my back and walked for 3 days fishing for Cod in the gorges. I had such a good time I could only wait til this Autumn to do it again, this time in a different spot. The first evening I got this one: The next day this was the only fish I got: Day 3 was a lot better: And these on the last morning before the long hike back: I'm starting to experiment with taking a bit of video footage. I took a fair bit with a hand cam, most of it was garbage, but I did have one or two clips that might be worth a look. I couldn't seem to be able to attach the video to the report though so nothing.... -Steve. /> Yeah that works, thanks Ellicat. And another one: />
  20. What an adventure! Headed down to the Bass lodge with Henry and respective partners and within minutes I knew this would be the destination of an annual pilgrimage. The scenery was so incredible this was a genuine case from the get go of an awesome hike with any fish being a bonus. This was somewhat lucky as well, as due to some rain (which they were desperately needing in the region) a cold run off had shut the very very abundant fish down. This made fishing doable, but tough going. In saying that, a huge number of bass were sited, big bass as well well over 40cm being very common. It was just very difficult to encourage a strike... This was the sort of country we drove through to get there (around Dorrigo)... We slept a good night on arrival (long trip down visiting 5 tackle stores on the way and woke the next day. We were off the Chandler River river with the intention to hike up it all the way to the Styx entry point. Sleeping bags were packed in case the fishing was hot and we could not pull ourselves away... We were up in the high rages literally in the clouds. The picture here is just before our decent into the gorge... The gorge was just amazing with scenery like this everywhere you looked... I managed a bass first base but it was a long time between drinks after that. We did make some other friends though... Wild brumbies as well... We fished dozens of pools like this. As I said the water was clear. 20 feet in some and could make out pebbles on the bottom, not to mention site casting large bass. The highland fish had a really yellow colour to them... The next morning we fished a smaller stream called Georges Creek which runs into the McCleay. The water was murkier here and although the fish were smaller they were more active with quite a few coming in on the surface. In the evening we Canoed a fair way down the McCleay right in the depths of night. Can I say it is pretty exciting getting surface hits and hook ups in PITCH black conditions. There is no light pollution on this river! Pretty kick arse getting back to the lodge each day as well. Awesome kitchen and BBQ set ups saw us eat well and drink well. What a great lodge. If you want an awesome adventure I could not recommend the bass lodge more. (website: I would like to offer a personal thanks to Dave Thomson the owner for guiding us. It was a real eye opener into new places to explore and I am already looking through my calendar for another date. Cheers! Angus
  21. Taken from Fishing World email newsletter /> 14 Nov 2013 By Mick Fletoridis A NATIONAL bass fishing tournament series that will see competitors compete on rivers as well as stocked impoundments has angered some bass fishers and angling groups. Fisho was alerted to news this week that bass fishing tournament organisers B.A.S.S. Australia Nation is set to start up the new tournament circuit that will be associated with B.A.S.S. Nation in the US. Anglers Fisho spoke with have raised concerns about the potential added pressure on wild bass fish stocks and habitat as a result of the proposed tournaments. Drew McGrath of B.A.S.S. Australia Nation, the group behind the proposed tournament series, posted on “We have basically been working on this for approximately 12 months and received the affiliation last month, so we can run tournaments over here and send people over to fishing in the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship (in the states) where if they do well enough they can get invited to fish the Bassmaster Classic. “In my opinion this is one of the most exciting things to happen in tournament fishing in Australia for quite some time, as an individual can make a great living out of tournament fishing if they are successful. I really think we have the talent, work ethic and passion for fishing in this country to have a real crack if we support the anglers as much as we can,†McGrath wrote. While news of the tournament series received praise from some members of the Ausbass forum, the majority of comments posted were against competitive fishing on NSW bass rivers. “I will not support any competition ran on rivers there is enough pressure as it is. Shame on you for promoting this, I will raise this with fisheries,“ wrote Bass Whisperer. “I hope that tournament fishing for Bass NEVER happens in rivers.†- Big Al. “I too hope that the tournaments never get approval for river fishing, there is ample opportunity in the stocked dams. Leave the wild stock alone, they get enough pressure from the kill n grill brigade as is.†- Josh 84. Despite the opposition to the proposed events, McGrath says B.A.S.S. Australia Nation is “purely dedicated to bass fishing and creating awareness to the public about the positivity that bass fishing can bring to the community, not just to the anglersâ€. Alan Izzard, spokesman for Bass Sydney, an angling group dedicated to the conservation of the Australian bass and its habitat, told Fisho that “Bass Sydney is against professional style ‘Bass Tournaments’ being held on rivers which have enough pressure on them alreadyâ€. “We believe that there is ample opportunity for these type of events to be held on stocked impoundments,†Izzard said. It should be noted that Bass Sydney has for many years run the annual Bass Catch event on the Hawkesbury/Nepean river system. This event is not a bass “tournament†but a fishing event used to monitor catch data for assessing the true population of Australian bass in these waterways. Cameron Westaway, NSW DPI’s senior fisheries manager (Inland), told Fisho that his department did not regulate fishing competitions. As long as the organisers of such events adhere to “best practice†guidelines, Westaway said he did not see an issue with staging such events on NSW rivers. According to Westaway, Australian bass are “one of our least threatened†species and are not under a great deal of pressure from fishing, with habitat issues like fish passage being the major issues for the species. He says, to their great credit many bass groups are actively involved in dealing with these issues. He added that bass are protected in NSW via an annual closed season, conservative bag limits and are a recreational only species. While Westaway acknowledges the great passion of many bass fishers and understands their need to want to “protect†the fish, he said these concerns can be misguided when directed against other responsible anglers. While he acknowledges that there is a mortality rate associated with any form of catch & release fishing, Westaway said bass are resilient. He says their percentage rate of mortality after being caught & released is less than 5 per cent and with best practice closer to 1 per cent. "We want to encourage people to fish, it's our job to ensure that this is more than sustainable." Westaway told Fisho. "The small amount of fishing mortality from catch & release fishing is definitely not a sustainability issue for bass. People rightly love their bass and tend to say they are in trouble, this is not the case from fishing and populations are generally healthy." "Anglers can feel confident fishing for them if they abide by the rules," he concluded. Karl Schaerf, former secretary for the Central Acclimatisation Society (CAS) and a tireless advocate for inland fisheries in NSW, has strong views against tournament fishing and has many objections against staging events on more of the state’s bass rivers. Chief among the concerns Schaerf documented for Fisho were what he sees as a “further impact upon an already greatly impacted speciesâ€. Schaerf also predicts degradation of the bass's habitat caused “largely from the wash of the high-powered boats†commonly used in tournament fishing. He adds that competition bass fishing on more rivers will eventually lead to proposed re-stocking by competition organisers “to off-set any possible 'losses' as a result of [poor fish handling]. Restocking is only undertaken in impoundments and never should be allowed to be imposed upon the remaining, self-sustaining, river populationsâ€, Schaerf said. “The existing [bass] populations are already under more than enough threats, due to the all too frequent fish kills, particularly in the northern part of NSW.†While this issue is no doubt set to ignite a debate between supporters of competition fishing and those against, in Fisho’s view the real issue here is the long-term future of one of this country’s most iconic native fish. Should we put wild bass at risk simply to allow some so-called “tournament anglers†a chance at short-term financial gain and glory? What do Fishing World readers think – should bass fishing competitions be held on rivers? Let us know your thoughts. We will keep you updated on any further developments.
  22. various_kebabs

    Fishing Narrandera

    Hey Guys, Going out to Narrandera (west of Wagga) for a course and I'll be out there for one whole week. I wouldnt mind having a crack at the murrumbidgee River though I have never fished west of the range before. I have a variety of set ups that I could take but Im limited really to just the one that I can realistically take. I have a spin reels in 2000, 2500 and 4000 that I could match up to either 1-3, 2-4, or 3-6kg rods. Alternatively, I have one baitcaster loaded with 14lb line on a 4-8kg stick. Also, dont want to take my entire esky full off lures so what do you guys recommend taking with me? I assume Murray cod and yellow belly perch would be the targets.. Cheers, J.
  23. rayke1938

    mangrove jacks in Clarry Hall ?????

    Found this on Sweetwater. What do you think? /> cheers ray
  24. rayke1938

    NSW Bass fishing 100 years ago.

    Copied this from Sweetwater site. Here's a link to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about bass from a century ago - to the day! /> Thanks to sweetwater member Bolshy who put it up. Cheers Ray
  25. PlasticFantastic

    Tweed Bassing

    Headed out this morning with a few mates to fish the Tweed area for some early morning surface action and it didn't disappoint with the first fish coming on a popper that i was quietly casting around off the bank whilst the other guys were still setting up. Ended up with I think it was seventeen Bass between us for the morning most of which were on surface and the biggest going mid to low fourties on a spinnerbait. Even Andrew got in on the action landing a few and Mattie scored his first surface Bass also. Things shut down well and truly by eight but it doesn't matter when you're I such a beautiful part of the country side. Cheers Mark