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      1. north queensland Island Fishing At Its Finest!!

        This trip all stared when we checked the weather for the next few day realised the weather was perfect and the weekend was near, so we pack the boat stocked, up on a few lures and started our trip to the magical wonders on the sea. It was still pretty early so we decided to stop the boat and go for a vertical jigging session was not much to show but a greedy cod and 2 HUGE hook ups but both busted me off in seconds, after the drag stopped peeling and the jig bite slowed down we went to the island to setup camp for 2 night. As we finished setting everything up and i had some time to burn on the island i went for a flick with some zman 2.5 inch slim swimz on 6lb braid and as you can tell by the photo the Gt was pretty big, 43cm to be exact it was pelling drag and almost spooled me 3 times with 200 yards of line, the bite had been tough but this gt was hungry and followed my lure right to my feet and went Mental over my lure! After catching that GT i had a flick for another 30 mins and i decided to grab my dads setup with 6lb but this time i had a zman 2.5 inch grubz on, kayaked over to the reef and pulled out a solid 41cm stripey snapper on 8lb fluro! after 7 solid mins of this fella peeling drag and chasing him away from sharks i landed him and decided to feed the fam as he wasn't releasing to well. And just to top off the trip I managed to catch my first ever squid with a storm so-run 90mm with the bib broken because it hit a rock and that squid made the day by giving us 1.2kg of pure calamari!! Over all was a good trip and will defiantly be doing some more reports for you guys! Hope you enjoyed!
      2. A little edit from fishing Cape York’s westcoast in September.
      3. north queensland Molongle Creek

        Recently got back from a week up at a place call Molongle Creek about an hour and a half south of Townsville. tried it all while i was up there put down the crab pots, threw lures in the creek for barra and jacks, trolled for mackerel, plastics for trout, poppers for gt's had varying amounts of success but sure did have a good time. I made a small video of the trip something i have only done a few time. take a look and see what you think of the place. Cheers Stu
      4. Hey everyone!!! Long time since being on here, I've been flat out working setting my business up and catching bugger all every time I get out. Ive been fishing the Fitzroy for a few it's now it's been way to windy for my Little tinny and I have not caught anything decent. I knew that I had to persist and eventually I would get results, today I went down the Fitzroy with some friends we threw the net catching prawns for bait and when we had enough we move down to a spot where I had had very minimal success(dropped a very nice kingy netting it) and thought I'll give it a crack. The day started with all of us bringing catfish over this side then I hooked up and I knew it was something different from the fight and I got to the boat and to my shock it was my first ever king threadfin I was stoked I measured it it went 61 it was legal not by much but still I'm happy I little later again I got smashed this time Buy a blue salmon that went 52. I've never eaten any of these fish but I've read they are great fresh.anyway thanks for rating I'm hoping to get out fishing more and see success and hopefully have some more reports for you guys thanks a lot hope everyone is catching fish. Cameron Ps can anyone identify the third fish? Is it a juvenile black Jew
      5. Hi all, Reports a couple of weeks late, been having puter trouble couldn't load photo's. Anyhow we went crabbing earlier in the month, got these two keepers. Got about 6 others but were all couple of mills under so returned them for some other. time. Everything caught were bucks, only soaked for about 3 hrs as we had shopping to do and a 2 hour drive home. Got a few bream but all were undersized,returned for another day. Cheers Gary.
      6. Hey guys. A group of us are into Land Based Spinning with spoons, jigs, plugs etc and are looking to do a trip to North East QLD targeting GT / mackerel etc off the beach / rocks. We specifically dont want to do a charter of sorts and are more looking at a fishing adventure where we can explore a couple places by 4x4, move around a bit, while camping. Its a difficult question to ask, as a fishing spot is somewhat secret. We are more after an area where we can do this type of fishing, where we could possibly expect to catch and release any of those species. Really appreciated. Thanks.
      7. north queensland 1770 Thanks!

        Just want to do a big thank you to all the AFO folk that came to 1770 from the 1st to the 16th. This was by far my most enjoyable trip and it was the folks that came that made it. I got out 7 times, including 2, 3 day trips. Without my boats photgrapher, my second over nighter is lacking pics... To the blokes staying in my house, you left it in an awesome state with barely any cleaning needed before I left. Lots of memories from this trip! Few highlights: - Robbie on Gin - Hippo porn - Damo fish guts removal - Land sharks - Fish piggin - Depth messuring by Lance and Robbie - Wombat Lyoyd
      8. Hi all, Left home 4am Wednesday, 2hr drive to new boat ramp in Townsville, absolute dream to launch. Dropped 8 pots and went out the front of the new port area to do some fishing. Was looking for Whiting/Bream/ anything with fins. Using prawns/squid for bait ( frozen from trawler ) pretty fresh. Used half tank fuel , got a couple of nibbles, nothing to get exicted about. Moved south to the sand bars on the making high, never even gat a show, at least thought we'd get some whiting. Moved up the creek fished the rock walls and mangroves still nothing, yes did have lines in the water. Pulled pots late afternoon pushing low tide got one 100mm crab. Fished deep hole at mouth of sh@t creek and got 1 x 100mm bream. No worries, got to use new sounder and leccy motor. Pulled out late arvo and headed home to some nice cold rums. No pic's wasn't worth it. Good day anyhow. Cheers Gary.
      9. Just wondering if anyone has fished the Port Douglas area recently? I've been living here for the last few years and can't believe how bad the fishing is. They make it sound like it's the best fishing on the planet yet in reality it's pretty pathetic. I've fished all my life and have lived in great fishing locations but this is one of the worst. Every now an then you catch some good fish in the rivers but all in all it's pretty bad. I've spoken to a few long term locals and they've said that barra netters have fished it out which if true is sad to see. The inshore reefs are pretty flogged out as well which you would probably expect, but you'd think an area renowned for it's fishing that something would be done about it. I've even done a few charters and had no luck and they just give you the old you should have been here yesterday crap. All I can say if you're thinking of having a fishing holiday here to catch barra and stuff, don't waste your time.
      10. Only having one 15kg bag between us limited what gear I could take with me to the Whitsundays, so I opted for a 3-5kg travel rod matched to a Shimano Sahara 2500 loaded with 10lb braid and 16lb leader. Threw in a few bags of soft plastics, hard bodies and I was ready to fish. We flew into Proserpine then transferred to Airlie Beach for one night. Then we had a boat transfer to Long Island the next day departing from Shute Harbour. For anyone who has been to the Whitsundays, you will know how awesome of a place it really is. For those who haven’t been id highly recommend going! If not for the fishing then for the pure relaxed lifestyle they live up there. You can still see some cyclone damage, but they have done a great job to get back on their feet again. Second morning on the island, e managed a load of small tuskies on bait land based, then on the last afternoon we really had our hot fishing session. We had tried a few other times trolling some hard bodies behind a kayak for no luck, but on the last afternoon I tied on a ZMan 4inch Streakz in glow white…the poor lure got hammered time after time. We headed out the front of our resort in a two man kayak to try the edge of the reef area. For my fiancé, it was her first fish on a soft plastic which was pretty special catching a wire net cod. I managed another tuskie and a flounder before I nailed a new species… As I slowed hopped the SP over some coral clusters I felt a small tug, so I set the hook to find it was a small critter, but when it reached the top of the water…I was yahooing pretty loudly. My first ever coral trout…though it was only a baby, I was absolutely stoked. Few happy snaps then back in the drink. As then sun started to set, we made the call to head back in... but before we did I said to Lauren “just one more cast” lobbed it out, and started the retrieve. About 5 m from the yak it got hammered, the poor little 3-5 rogue BCF special travel rod loaded up and the fight was on. I knew that with only 16lb leader, I had to get it out of the coral fast. I cranked it off the bottom as fast as I could, I knew it was a decent size as I could feel its weight the whole fight to the surface…I couldn’t believe my eyes! She measured 39cm…my first LEGAL trout. If I thought I was happy before, now I was ecstatic! The only downer on the after was the fact that the measuring ruler I had didn’t have QLD coral trout size on it, so rather than potentially taking an undersized fish, I let it swim away to freedom (I know, it’s a cardinal sin to release a legal coral trout) but given I wasn’t sure of its size, I didn’t want to risk it. I was just happy to be fishing in such a beautiful location, catching such stunning fish. Just goes to show, that “one last cast” could potentially land your most prized fish to date, you just never know!! Oh yeah and the resort we stayed at (Palm Bay Resort at Long Island) was awesome. Secluded, quiet, picturesque and relaxing to say the least. It’s a fully self-catered resort (all food must be organised, prepped and cooked by ourselves) at a big communal kitchen. They did have a little store to buy food from at the resort, but we just loaded up with food from woollies at Airlie beach before we went there. This style of resort isn’t for everyone, but we loved every minute of it. Cracking sunsets, cabins on the beach, bush walks with breath taking views, whales, turtles, eagles, goannas and some amazing fish just to name some of the highlights. 10/10 holiday!
      11. Day On The Burdekin Dam..

        Hi all, Went redclawing on the dam, pretty rough the wind was blowing a bit, was pretty choppy going across the middle. Only got 11 for overnight soak, but good enough for a chew. Plenty of terrorists around, must of been up to 10 boats in the morning, hit something under the water, 40 feet deep, so assumed it was a floating log, damaged prop a bit. Anyhow it keeps one out of the pub, and it's always good out on the water. Cheers Gary. DECKIE SORTING POTS Burdekin dam from lookout Redclaw 19-2017
      12. Fishing Cape York

        G'day all, just sharing a little clip of our crew fishing Cape York. Cheers
      13. Shrimp Traps....

        Hi all, Just getting into fresh water fishing and would like to know what traps to use for shrimp, Also best bait in the trap. Also how to rig them, probably same as prawns I suppose, thru the tail. Some suggest a few per hook, is that the go. Just learning so like some advice. Thanks,, Probably do a trip to Burdekin dam next week. Cheers Gary.
      14. Hello Fishers, I have been heading out off eastern Bribie Island, around and past skirmish point and up the surf side a lot recently chasing snapper and sweetlip mainly. Lets just say almost every time I've ended up fishing for whiting instead because i cant seem to locate these fish. I know there are several decent coffee rock patches but i have no idea of their whereabouts and have spent hours looking. I am by no means asking for your exactly gps honey spots but perhaps just a guide of where to look? This Monday is looking promising in regards to weather so im hoping to get out and try my luck again if anyone has any information or even wants to meet up out there Im more than happy to do so. I have a 4.25m Sea Jay tinny with a 40 horse power Yamaha (seen in Profile Photo), 40 litres of fuel and a sounder so pretty much any locations in my range would be would be greatly appreciated. Regards Riley
      15. A Day At The Islands

        As I was heading north to go chasing jungle perch the weather was too good and I ended up making a detour out to fish some islands while the weather was good. After a 6am start and a slow morning boating nothing but undersized red emporer things started to pick up around 11 when I boated my first legal grassy. I ended up coming away with 6 legal grassy biggest going 50cm a 45cm trout and a couple of tuskies. Caught a few trout under and grassies I threw back and a slew of cod. Everything I caught using the mother in law for bait on handline as it was the first fish over the side on what little bait I had left. The wind and swell kicked right up and I had to make my way home at around 2. Not bad for a days work Fjtl
      16. Tully Jungle Perch

        Hey guys headed to Tully for a few days next week fishing and camping with a mate chasing jungle perch. Has anyone else been up there or have any tips to share?
      17. Mourilyan Harbour

        Hey guys, Been living in Innisfail the last 3 months and been doing loads of land based for not much luck except baby Jack's and what they call up here stripped grunter and other grunter variety. Close relation of the Bream family I believe. After the 30th croc sighting I bit the bullet and bought myself a 1997 Haines 470SF with a solid Yamaha 90Hp 2 stroke on the back. Be happy with her so far! Spent the last few weekends in Mourilyan harbour as the swell has been ridiculous and the winds are constantly 15-20knots so too rough to take to reef yet but hopefully soon. The last two weekends have been 4hr sessions each with my PB Mangrove Jack of 38cm which was so dam fat I couldn't believe the girth on it. Followed by a nice little estuary cod of 30cm. Mate I was with was getting hammered by grunter then we moved down to a nice 20m whole that was had a ledge at 15m so we anchored up and have caught 40cm Barracuda, sucker shark, baby fingermark, small red emperor, small trevally and squire. Loads of fun so far. Coming from mainly fishing bribe island passage and the dams for bass, Yellowbelly, flathead and tailor I have had to upgrade everything up here. Smallest hook up here is a 3/0 and smallest lures are all around 75-100mm. Had a 30b leader get snapped off after a big run and I turned it got back a bit of line then snap! Best guess is a shark of some sort.
      18. Burdekin Dam Redclaw,,,,,

        Hi all, Spent 2x half days at the dam, first time on the fresh since I was a kid. Didn't have dams up here in those days. Anyhow not knowing where to go we done a lot of running around getting the lay of the land so to speak, set 8 pots in some weedy places and went looking for places for next time. Probably go further up next time, went about 3/4 klm's from the wall but there is a lot of fishing pressure in the first couple of klm's. Set pots in 6 to 10 feet of water, bait used was cat bickies/ rock melon/ carrot potato. The best was bickies and melon but these were set the furtherest up stream so probably more claws up there. Got 7 but spent more time getting our bearings, got 2 eel tailed catfish, 30 cm. Dam stopped overflowing last night. Water was pretty stirred up but have another trip in the pipeline already. Lost one new pot and the sounder carcked it but was a good outing. Cheers Gary.
      19. Hi all, Well what a ( nearly ) donut. We went crabbing Wed/Thur Townsville. Got 30 crabs one keeper ( just) all were jenny's undersized bucks. Not very nice on the water, very cool&windy. Done a bit of fishing for bream/whiting/flatties, Nothing on the chew except undersized crabs. Spoke to 1/2 dozen other blokes and they didn't seem to do any good either, nobody seemed to get any legal ones and b@gger all fish. Didn't even take a pic. New lecci motor went real good. Will just have to put in some practice on it, should have had one years ago. Tha Burdekin dam is overflowing again.( we had 8 inches rain 2 weeks ago) so we'll go down there this coming week. Any how it was a couple of days on the water so can't complain. That's it for now so I don't bore you's to death. Cheers Gary.
      20. Hey Folks! I have just booked a house for 1770 from the 1st - 16th of September. The point of this thread is; I booked an extra week to give some people a chance to visit and I'm posting so early so holidays and such can be organised. The house is in an awesome location with a short tumble and roll from the pub and various backpacker establishments... 1st - 9th I can accommodate 4 - 7 people, and 3x 6m+ boats. Accommodation is not expensive and you'll be looking at roughly 85p/n if there is 6 blokes. I'm also open for people doing a few day stays at a time or the whole two weeks! 10th - 16th I can accommodate 4 people and 2x 6m+ boats. I will have some deckie spots going for the first week, so even if you're boat-less sing out. Also to note, you don't need a big boat at ALL to enjoyably fish 1770. There is lots of awesome ground out front of the bar and in the local creeks like Middle and Pancake. All my fishing will be at the outter reefs and on these trips I generally stick to only 2 days, however if the weather is awesome for a 4-day forecast, I might make the run to Sawins...
      21. Fishing Cape York

        The west coast of Cape York is turning it on. The inshore grounds are going nuts with tuna and other pelagics. Here is some of the footage from a recent trip. Cheers
      22. Fyi: Png 2018 Trip

        Just throwing it out there for any that may be interested... Heading over again and looking for maybe 2 or 3 more people depending on who confirms from the existing EOI's. Happy to answer any questions although cannot change anything I am only the convener to get my own arse over it is not business for me PNG2018.pdf
      23. Keppel Island Fish!

        Hey guys, check this video out and tell me what you think!
      24. Australian Salmon On Plastics

        Took a mate to cawarral creek today fishing, went right up the back of the creek flicking plastics and landed a couple of salmon they were fun to catch jumping all over the place. They were so hungry they were hitting the plastics when I dangled them in the water over the side of the boat. Another top day and another break done.. back to the mine tomorrow
      25. Raby Bay Canals Fishing Video

        Hey chaps showed you guys my last video i made bass fishing the skinny water creeks got some positive feedback so decided to take my kayak ijnto the salwater for the first time i am useless at saltwater and would love some tips and tricks or if anyone calls raby bay there local would love to tag along sometime plan on making alot moe videos more like vlogs as long as the fish bite