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      Found 56 results

      1. northern nsw Broughton Island

        Fished hard at the island yday srvo n this morn got 84cm red n 17kg longtail with mscktuna n small reds
      2. Hey everyone, We got back from our annual pilgrimage to the stunning waters at Wooli last week. Sorry that it has taken me a while to put up a report. There is lots going on in the Oyster Reef Project and Foot Project. Enough of that - on to the report Crabbing at Wooli - Easter Report 2018 Wooli is one of the quiet and remote coastal towns east from Grafton NSW and sits on the stunning Wooli Wooli river overlooking Yuraygir National Park. An absolute jewel of an area rich in wildlife and vegetation, very worth your while exploring. Check out this link to see walks and stay options. Each year we put in paintings for the Wooli Art Show at the pub. None of us are much good but it is fun and gives us a reason to pull out the paint with a deadline to finish stuff. All paintings go up for sale and all money made goes to the Protect Wooli cause. We have been lucky enough to see the dunes come back after many years of hard work planting and dune protection. Both my paintings sold! You may now refer to me as Drop Bear the professional artist haha This link shows you about the show if you ever want to enter. Wooli had received a LOT of rain in the weeks before we arrived. the run out tide was very dark tannin stained. The guy at the dive shop told me how many crabs had been caught recently and I was worried straight away. After heavy rain I find there is a nice window of good crabbing and after this they all climb back into the deep holes in the mangroves. But we were here and wanted to have a go anyhow. The kids had brought their keen crabbing friends along and we had 8 people that had 2 Crab Traps (NSW for Crab Pots) each. I'm glad to report that Quampie was a star. This was one of the things I bought her for. We had 9 people in her one day with no problem at all. The first day had 8 people 16 crab pots, a full tank of gas, all the extra life jackets and of course every one needed to bring their phone. Go the 5m tiller steer! So much room. The plan was to start closer to the mouth and hope that they had marched down from the traditional crabbing spots up stream from the caravan park. 8 of us got in the boat and set 2 pots each. Yes that is 16 pots. We had our work cut out for us I found it tricky to work out the actual rules for crabbing in NSW. Googling is very confusing as some older reports have it that you are only allowed to have 1 crab trap per person but the current rules are 2 crab traps and 3 dillies. We had no dillies. The first few days were over the Easter period. Despite checking the pots before dawn they had pretty much all been raided but many showed no sign of crabs touching the baits. We got 3 crabs in the first day 3 in the next 0 for the next 2 days then 1 large buck on the last day. We had 4 pots stolen... This buck was uge! He really wanted to eat me. I cant really blame him. I wanted to eat him. Seems fare. The crabs were mostly Jennies (remember we were in NSW - Don't hate me) and apart from the large one on the last day were mostly small to medium sizes with 2 just over legal size. These just legal ones are small crabs. NSW regulations state they must be over 8.5cm front to back. If we were going to boil the crabs I probably would not keep these small crabs and would have put the big green buck back as he would not be full. But we were planning Chili Crab so all legal crabs are good for the pot. To test how full a crab is simply squeese the shell near the back swim fin. If it is flexible it is probably not full. A good Rusty red colour on the under side of the crab pretty much means it is as full as an eski after a 1770 trip. Interestingly we pulled 8 legal Bream out of the pots as well as one very angry eel, one very large Ludric and a nice small Estuary Cod that we let go (could have kept but had enough fish). That was more fish than we caught angling for the entire trip! I am kicking myself that I didn't keep the eel for Shark baits now... Oh wait that means I can go fishing for eels soon! Winning. So a feast was planned. We fed 16 people chili mud crab!!!! It was a delicious meal and everyone agreed that the time and money spent on baits (about $100.00) was worth it. My daughter took the food photos and I had to screen shot them from her Instagram account. She is just setting up a food blog... yes we do need another food blogger... apparently... I don't mean that she is super good at all this stuff. If you do insta you could follow her if you like. The recipe for my chili crab is; Ingredients 8 crabs from Wooli - all sizes over legal 4 packets of rice noodles (you can use spaghetti or any noodle you like) Big knob of butter (how big is up to you but I use a lot) 6 large fresh tomatoes (tins work well too) 4 large red capsicum 2 large brown onions 2 bulbs of garlic (whole bulbs not cloves) (yes that is a lot of garlic so make sure your partner eats some too or they wont talk to you) A large stem of ginger 1 bottle of white wine, Pinot Gris is good if you are fussy but any white wine will do. Half a cup of Tomato Sauce Half a cup of Sweet chili sauce 2 large chilies. More or less depending on your taste About half a cup of brown sugar - Depends on how sweet you want it and how sweet the sweet chili sauce is. 2 table spoons of soy sauce Salt and pepper Flour for dusting 1 ltr hot frying oil (Rice bran or Peanut or what ever you like just not Olive oil etc.) 3 limes or lemons if you prefer Big sprig of coriander or parsley if you prefer. Method Noodle Bit Place rice noodles in a bowl and cover with cold water. Let sit for about an hour. Sauce bit Roughly chop tomatoes and capsicum into about $0.20c coin size chunks. Slice onion and chilies. Finley dice/grate/crush ginger and garlic. Put butter in a very large sauce pan on high heat. Add onion, tomato, ginger, capsicum and chopped chilies and fry until it gets soft and browns up a bit. Add white wine, tomato sauce, sweet chili sauce, garlic, soy, sugar, salt and pepper. Add all the bits out of the shell of the crab and all the crab juice. Reduce heat and slow simmer while you cook the crabs. Crab bit Place crabs in ice slurry until they no longer want to rip your face off. Remove back shell over a bowl to keep the liquid that comes out of them. Discard the gills but keep everything else including all the mustard. Jennies have a lot of fat and goodness in the main shell so scrape all of this out and put in the juice bowl. Take claws off and separate into 2 pieces. Crack these with the back of a knife. Keep all liquid that comes out. Split the body part in half then cut in half again so that each body part has 2 legs... (does that make sense?) You end up with 8 pieces per crab. 4 claw pieces and 4 body pieces. I discard the main body shell after taking out all the fat and good bits. Make sure you go through all this goopy stuff as there can be small bits of shell in the head and its best if you take this all out. You could keep the main shell and boil it for presentation if you like. Dust the pieces of crab in flour and fry in heaps of oil until most of the outside goes red and the flour gets a bit crispy then drain. This process is great as it lets the sauce coat the shell and is really yummy. The last bit Place the crab into the sauce and simmer for about 10 mins or until you think the crab is cooked. Add the noodles and stir through. You might need to add some water at this stage. The sauce needs to be thick but not gluggy. Make it so that it coats the crab but is not runny. We just put it all in a big bowl and let everyone fight over the biggest claws Grate the lime rind over the top then cut the limes in half and squeeze juice over or put to the side and let everyone do there own. Chuck the sprig of coriander on top. I suggest drinking a few bottles of cold climate riesling (Fave is Clare valley or Tamar valley) with this as they are high acid and it cuts nicely through the sweetness of the dish. For a free personal lesson for this recipe bring all ingredients to my house (including the wine) and we can cook together. Yay! Don't plan to drive home Thanks Dropped one Oh and dont forget to lick your fingers.
      3. northern nsw Wooli Morning Solo Flick

        Stunning morning on the Wooli Wooli river today. Flicked around the weed beds and oyster leases for an hour or 2. Bargain bin popper did the trick. I tried with the sugar pen but had no takers. Caught these little cuties and had swirls or bumps on most casts. Nothing to take home for breakfast but lots of fun. I will have another go tomorrow. Decky spot available
      4. northern nsw Pelagic Species Lures

        Hey guys Im heading up to Bateau bay again in a week or two and i thought i might go for some bonito, mack tuna(that kind of stuff). Just wondering what lures/jigs people find good for those type of fish? Cheers Jorden
      5. northern nsw Kingscliff

        Gday guys heading down to Kingscliff next week for a few days. Never been there, so after some info on where to fish, will be packing the light and heavy gear. The cudgen creek looks like an option with the light gear for some flatties and whiting. Any options for rock fishing around there? Cheers
      6. northern nsw Crabby And Quiet

        Well this is a bit of a brief followup to this report: Could not have been a more different trip. Not a single surface hit from anything. Was it the incoming tide? The rain last night? All I can say is different! At least there was a bit of action in the pots. 2 released 2 kept. Rebaited them so will try earlier tomorrow morning and see if that makes a difference. Anyone else fishing this weekend? 3m swell due to roll in this afternoon so will be giving the beach a miss. Angus
      7. Another fun and much better than expected session up a small Northern NSW creek today. The goal was actually some crabs. I am slowly tweaking the best way to paddle pots up skinny water. Some else had visited the spot before me this morning but as he was of the eucalypt eating variety I was not to phased. Although crabs were the goal of course a rod came. I had zero expectations as it was about 1pm in the afternoon and I am pretty committed to surface at the moment. So much literature suggests this is a terrible time to fish surface and it was bright and sunny to boot. Well my initial pessimism was wiped when on my 3rd cast, casting into some ripply flowing water caused by the outgoing bang, a nice chunky 32cm bream took my lure. This became the theme with each little eddy and rapid producing hits or a fish. It was a cracking session and easily my most productive from this creek despite the time. This makes me think ill work on tide logic for a while. As if the session was not good enough it was ended with a nice kicker. Casting a likely looking snag the water erupted after only 2 twitches. A drag screaming heart in mouth fight finally resulted in a solid 44cm nugget of a wild bass. Such awesome colours on this fish. Lure of the day was a berkley scum dog. Not an expensive lure at all but I have caught a lit of fish the last 2 weeks on this exact one. Other gear: Nordic stage areal sharpshooter Shimano stella 1000 6lb siglon braid and 6lb leader. Cheers for reading. Angus P.s. ill be heading back to check pots later and will report
      8. Great morning. Hit a Tweed coast tidal lake this morning hoping to get some whiting. Lots of yabby banks made things look promising but kicked off the morning with a green marlin... Hmm. Not to be put off kept going and managed a few mini bream. Finally on a nice sandy flat Joel pinned something better. After a good fight presto... Our target. Thay was about it for the morning. Slower than some but every dawn on the water is awesome. We got home to be regailed with how good the Whiting were in the surf. Tanya's dad had managed 6 in a quick pre breakfast session. Eating like kings this weekend. If only weekends were longer.
      9. Wicked dawn session today chasing bream and jacks on surface. Started scenic but slow with a half dozen little bream coming on board to say hi. Checked the pots soon after for one leg (luckily jennies are legal in NSW or it would have been a donut). After that a couple of legal bream. Man they fight dirty in this creek with snags and grass everywhere. Then it got interesting... Joel landed a cast right on a likely looking snag and CRACK CRACK two massive strikes with a solid jack getting out of the water. Sadly, but maybe lucky for Joel's 8lb leader and main line there was no hook up. Not 5 minutes later Joel dropped a donk of a bream as well. He was feeling a bit like things were not going to go his way when another cast at the same snag resulted in a big boof and hookup. A little fight later revealed Joel's first bass. To get your first bass on topwater and wild to boot... Happy. We paddled for a fair way after this with a few more little bream and suspected bass boof. On the way home I decided to have a cast at the bream bass snag and could not believe my luck when BOOF a big surface take and screaming drag. I was a bit worried as I was only running 6lb leader but after a hairy fight a smile lit my dial as this 44cm wild topwater bass was boated. After that things shut down with one more bream and a random crab that crawled into my pot despite having no bait. All in all an awesome morning and I am loving exploring this place. Angus
      10. Headed into the creek today to drop some crab pots in and rustle up some bream. Pots down and a few bream later it was time to head back... Back down the beach for one more dig at the Whiting for dinner (there are 9 people). Not a bad little crack and a good feast coming. Hopefully we can replicate tomorrow plus some crab Then little time with the boy before beer o'clock. 3 reports in one day... Not bad
      11. Well to see out the weekend we opted to try some brand new water once again. The creek had some potential with jelly prawns busting everywhere. Huge bit of excitement was had when a metery giant herring skimmed along the surface chasing said prawns. 2 free swimming muddies along the bottom ensures Ill head back here with pots as well. Anyway... the fishing... Lots of little bream caught but probably nothing that crossed the legal mark. Pictured is typical. Not many pictures sorry as it was so muggy my shirt was sweated right through and the phone was stowed in the hatch on mates kayak for most the trip. It was exciting enough though with hits being more common than not. Despite a lot of these failing to connect it is one of the best things about surface fishing in my opinion... the visuals that keep you focused and on game. At one point I had also cast towards a juicy looking snag when "boof"!!!! A large surface strike and drag peeling run and well... it was all over in seconds. I hate calling a fish I did not see but I strongly think it was a jack. My drag could barely be manually pulled off the spool and it was nothing like the bream. At the end of the day we will never know and if it was a bream it was a big one! AN ISSUE OF HOOK UPS Onto the next issue... Does anyone do anything to improve hook ups surface fishing? Finer gauge hooks? Better quality? Over the course of this weekend I feel the hit to hook up ratio has literally been 15:1 with a few dropped fish as well. This is using several lure types and brands so not to be blamed on dulled one off hooks. Or... is this the clumsiness of fish (particularly) bream on a surface strike and part of the game? (The whiting and suspected jack certainly did not miss). Cheers Angus
      12. Well what a fun session. Hit a new spot this morning with good results. Using exclusively topwater lures my mate Joel and I yakked the dawn chasing, well whatever would bite. It was a bit slow to start with a few pike coming over the side... Things were looking grim and took this snap so I could at least do a poor report. No long after the sun breached we came to a little drop off. The current was moving over the shallow weed beds and edying as it hit the deep water. This is were things improved. Every cast was a bream hit with over 20 landed in an hour. The most productive and entertaining session in ages. Stopped taking pictures as well, they all look the same after a while... As if I was not happy enough the last fish I hooked was my best for the day. After a solid no mucking around surface hit and a brilliant fight in less than 1m of water I caught site of a huge whiting. A measure confirmed what I had been hoping. A new PB at 43cm. A genuine elbow slapper Very happy with the session I was home to help with the kids by 8am. Great start to the day.
      13. northern nsw More Bay Reds

        Fished fri arvo at broughton island managed reds up to 78cm slept in boat couldnt find fish sat morning for two hrs an five spots current and wind opposite then got 3 more from 60 to 72cm then hit the kingie farms where there are hundreds of kings up to 75cm and as fat as pigs we got our ten then left after 45 mins there...rick
      14. northern nsw Casurina Report 2

        Another tricky day but some fun on plastics. Beach is stunning at the moment. But structureless. This makes finding fish hard and random. Found these two sitting in the shallowest of depressions ever I would hesitate to call a gutter. 2 casts 2 fish and then nothing. Plastic was a 2 inch z man slim swimz. Lots of little dart as well. Might try for a bass tomorrow. Angus
      15. northern nsw Nsw Road Trip For Xmas/NY

        Did a road trip to spend Xmas with my brother in Singleton (coal miner), stopping at a farmstay (sheep) at Deepwater (just north of Glenn Innes) on the way for a couple of nights (which was very cool - got to drive a tractor!). After Xmas we then spent 3 nights each at Shoal Bay (Port Stephens), Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. All of our accommodation except Coffs Harbour (because it was darned hard to get something we were happy with) was booked through Air BnB which I'd thoroughly recommend - so much better than staying in Motor Inns and a lot cheaper than booking at hotels, etc. With tight timeframes at each place and young kids to wear out (or is that the other way round ....?) I did what fishing I could (apart from with the kids, which was fun) early in the mornings. With no time (or energy in the middle of the day while they were asleep) to do recon missions, I resigned myself to the fact that I may not gain access to the spots I'd like to look of on Google Earth, and that at worst my fishing trips may end up just being bush walks/hikes with a fishing rod in my hand (and backpack on my back) ....... The morning after we arrived at Shoal Bay (which is beautiful - nice clear water and weed beds just off the shore that Liam and I took advantage of and snorkelled - well, sort of, we just had swimming goggles and no actual 'snorkel' - and checked out plenty of bream, large whiting (one of which was attacked by something else right in front of us a couple of times, still don't know what it was but a few minutes later we saw what must have been some sort of saltwater eel-tailed catfish so that may have been the culprit) I got up early and headed down to the beach and came up trumps with a 53cm flattie in amongst the weed (took a while to get into a rhythm and not get weed caught on my jighead EVERY single time!!) beds. I was using a 1/4oz 3/0 jighead with a 5 inch white/pearl Zman GrubZ. Happy with that, I decided the next morning it was time to turn my attention to rock fishing, which I have an affinity for. I was keen to explore Tomaree Headland and without a recon mission, couldn't decide whether to head clockwise around it from our unit, or go over to the surf beach and head anti-clockwise. I opted for the former, and sure enough reached a point where I couldn't/wouldn't get access to the water (I'm very cautious).
      16. im staying at tweed for the holidays and i was gonna try to get some fresh water yabbies for bait and eating, i have already pumped a few off pigery and caught 6 of the biggest whiting ive ever got. also hooked onto to a stingray and hooked a few flatties and bream
      17. northern nsw Kingfish

        Hi guys,Just wondering if any that targets Kingfish can tell me the best time of year and places to target them please? I live in Port Stephens, and I know they are about but not sure of the best time of day to target them or where. I hear they catch them on the break wall at Nelsons Bay and other places from time to time but If I was to target one say outside where would be the sort area I'd find them? And also do they always stay deep or spend most of their time feeding on the surface/middle of the water?Thanks heaps guysGeoff
      18. Hi all, (long time lurker, first time poster) Am from down in Victoria and most of my fishing has been primarily saltwater out of a boat. I have since fallen in love with freshwater fishing and often spend a lot of time exploring the Otways near my home, and do a lot of time up the Ovens/Murray region chasing cod now. Last year i lucked upon a rental car relocation ($4 a day) and drove from the Goldy to Sydney, spending 3days around the Glenn Innes/Deepwater area of the New England region. Safe to say I fell in love with the place, and was quite successful on a lot of cod in the 40-60cm mark of morn and dusk, and have dreamt about coming back since. I found access to waterways pretty limited due to predominately private property flanking the major rivers, and most of the farmers less accommodating up this way. (other than 1 who made my trip by allowing me access to his small waterhole, after numerous no's.) Is it true the property line extends to the middle of the river bed in NSW? I have done extensive recon in the lead up to my Dec 4-8 solo trip, and have managed to get myself onto another property for this trip prior to my departure, although it has taken significant searching, emails and phone calls. I am not sure how i will go, but plan on putting in some big days and hope to reap the rewards (to share here of course). I am also planning on making a big walk through one of the few nature reserves which flanks the Severn, and replied to a post on this topic on this forum where someone else asked about it. Anyhow thought i would introduce myself, and of course I would welcome any advice, or by any small stretch of a chance, hook ups, up that way (discretion can be exercised). thought i would include a few pics from my last trip.
      19. I took the kayak down over the border into NSW over the weekend to see if I could seek out some new wild Bass country. It was a successful trip, I landed 18 Bass, hooked up and lost another 5, and got a few hits and taps as well. Best fish were 42, 41, 40, 38cm. Average was about 35cm. Lures that I was using were soft plastic worm on a weighted worm hook, trolling a shallow chubby crank, surface popper, and a rubber bibless vibe. Hope you enjoy the video, it was a lot of work making it, but I'm getting better at editing... let me know if you have any tips on making it better. -Steve.
      20. I saw these little cuties in the Brunswick River last weekend. There were 3 of them chilling in about 1m of water only about 100m from the pub. They were only little but nice to see. It made me think that the Brunswick River must have a healthy Jack population. I also sat on a bank up the way and watched the tide come in... the only thing was that the water was dropping? I really checked that it was an incoming tide and we watched some rocks appear that were previously under water. Strange.
      21. northern nsw Tips For Rock Fishing Nsw

        Hi guys, im heading up to Bateau Bay soon for some rock fishing, any advice on what to go for and when would be greatly appreciated Cheers Jorden
      22. Hey guys, heading down to Coolangatta this weekend, just after any advice about the fishing in the are. Will only be fishing light with plastics, so any spots for flatties, bream, choppers? Is it worth targeting trevally toward the mouth this time of year? And I'm aware I'll need a license once I cross the border. Cheers
      23. Help Identifying A Fish

        Hi guys not sure if this is the right place to post, me and a mate went fishing on lake Macquarie today and caught ourselves one of these and was just wondering what kind of fish it was, it went hard as a rock when we got it out of the water
      24. Coffs To Sydney Area Looking To Fish

        Hey there , just throwing it out there as it never hurts to ask, but I'm a Canadian backpacker travelling from Coffs Harbour to Sydney over the next two weeks and if anyone was keen for a fish on the way , I've become pretty obsessed with fishing in Australia ! Living 1000 km inland back in Canada I've been trying to take advantage of the coast as much as possible, and I've been lucky enough to get a few chances out on the boat , and have Had some awesome land based sessions as well. Love fishing for anything and everything haha . Anyways figured I'd throw it out there ! cheers tyler 0406431436 currently in Coffs at the moment , thinking of heading to port Macquarie area Monday heres a few photos to share from last couple months of trip when we had some good success in Queensland ! the girlfriend still outfished me and got the big queenie ...thanks guys
      25. Breakfast Bream Kingscliff

        Headed out at dawn with father in law and mate Joel. The bait fishos were struggling and despite giving the chrome a good go still no luck on the tailor. Went back to old reliable little plastics hard up against the rocks. This resulted in 4 bream pretty quickly with full light slowing things down. Anyway home early for fish and avocado sandwiches for breakfast Angus