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Found 29 results

  1. Hi guys not sure if this is the right place to post, me and a mate went fishing on lake Macquarie today and caught ourselves one of these and was just wondering what kind of fish it was, it went hard as a rock when we got it out of the water
  2. Headed out at dawn with father in law and mate Joel. The bait fishos were struggling and despite giving the chrome a good go still no luck on the tailor. Went back to old reliable little plastics hard up against the rocks. This resulted in 4 bream pretty quickly with full light slowing things down. Anyway home early for fish and avocado sandwiches for breakfast Angus
  3. Hey there , just throwing it out there as it never hurts to ask, but I'm a Canadian backpacker travelling from Coffs Harbour to Sydney over the next two weeks and if anyone was keen for a fish on the way , I've become pretty obsessed with fishing in Australia ! Living 1000 km inland back in Canada I've been trying to take advantage of the coast as much as possible, and I've been lucky enough to get a few chances out on the boat , and have Had some awesome land based sessions as well. Love fishing for anything and everything haha . Anyways figured I'd throw it out there ! cheers tyler 0406431436 currently in Coffs at the moment , thinking of heading to port Macquarie area Monday heres a few photos to share from last couple months of trip when we had some good success in Queensland ! the girlfriend still outfished me and got the big queenie ...thanks guys
  4. have a day off tmrw so had to flip a coin between snapper at broughton is or murray cod NE area..cod won so hopefully have a report tmrw nite...rick
  5. Hi this is my first post here. I live near lake Macquarie and am hoping there are some others here that can give me some pointers. I have been only able to get out at night of late after the kids are asleep and have been trying to catch squid to use as live bait for jew, flatties, snapper. Any tips or advice for catching these fish or bait would be great. Thanks
  6. Not ideal in the wind but still took the light stuff down to the main beach in hope of a few fish. Was rewarded with a nice flatty that hit really close in. Literally saw it rise up out of a small hole and hit my plastic. Might try again at dusk and then dawn.
  7. My dad, my brothers and I all headed down to Iluka for the long weekend looking to get a jew. The first 2 days of fishing were windy and horrible. The last day the wind slowed down, allowing us to get our lures in the right places. Going along the wall i hook something and my dad and I both thought it was a little jew for sure but it turned out to be a 42 cm bream that weighed 1.23 kgs on a 7 inch BBQ gulp. We then caught about 10 other bream and about 8 flatties on bloodworm wrigglers. The pb bream definitely made the trip worth while.
  8. Facebook the downfall of many Richard Craniums Taken from FW email newsletter 11 May 2017 NSW DPI Fisheries and Police Rural Crime Squad are investigating two men who call themselves the “Cod Squad” after they allegedly caught and killed an illegal haul of Murray cod in the Macquarie River near Dubbo. The illegal catch first came to light last week after Dubbo-based Matthew Hansen shared the "Cod Squad's" post on Facebook. The original post, which has now been deleted, showed the men proudly displaying the dead cod. Hansen said it has galvanised the community and obviously the community cares and they have spoken, and as a whole does not accept it. "Ten years ago out here that sort of thing was accepted. It shows there's been a massive cultural shift in this community." Mr Hansen said "Part of that has been because of events like the Lake Burrendong Classic and catch & release. It's really starting to look up in Central West NSW." The post sparked outrage in the fishing community and has now been shared over 332 times. The viral post also caught the attention of NSW DPI Fisheries and a local media organisation, Win News, who broadcast the story. The legal requirements for Murray cod in NSW are two fish per day and four in possession. The size limits are 55-75cms.
  9. Finally got away with Luke to do some cod fishing.Stopped for a bite at a servo, bad mistake, ended up with food poisoning, arrived at camp grounds 10.30 pm, set up swags and off to bed. Managed 3 x 10 minute naps during the rest of the night, spent most of it on the toilet. Up in the morning for a cuppa and some french toast and off to the cod grounds. Fished for 5 hours for nothing, then back to camp, I had double vision on the way back, dont know if it was from the bad food or diabetes. After lunch took both vehicles with me with my yak and Luke with his canoe. I was about to pull Luke out of a bog when he said have a look ahead, 2 fisheries blokes heading towards us.The main bloke was amazed when I produced my gold card, he called the other bloke over and told him, if you see one of these they can fish anywhere. Finally got the yak and canoe in the water just as a storm was comming over, I got the double vision back again and said to Luke I cant even see where I am casting. As we agreed to pull the plug Luke hooked up to an over 65cm cod. This was to be the one and only.Later we found out why from one of the shop owners, they said that all the waters in the area had been flogged to bits over the last 2 long weekends,and the majority of fish caught were taken home to eat. Well thats the excuse this time.Second pic shows tractor washed up from previous floods. Dino
  10. Hi fishos ! Pretty new in Sydney , I'm planning a fishing trip on sunday off the kayak for bass fishing, I ve got a space in my car for a mate and his yak . I am thinking about going to the Nepean river , but it could change if you have any suggestions If anyone keen on , let me know ! Clement 0481 353 090
  11. Hi everyone, Made it to the Severn River over the weekend. It was still showing some signs from the floods but it was great to be out chasing Australian Natives in such a pristine area. No Yellas unfortunately but I did manage to catch a few Murray Cod. I'm glad that the size improved once I got the hang of the retrieve Hopefully next time I'll catch a legal sized one. I was on private property but the were 3 public fishing zones where you could access the river at anytime. A great place and worth a trip at some stage if you can Madmic
  12. Hi can anyone please tell me where I can find green weed for Luderick in the Tweed Heads area.
  13. I am considering a trip down to Clarrie Hall Dam soon. Has anyone fished for Bass here recently and what lures were working?
  14. Well not really a fishing weekend but had to have a punt. After an epic dawn exploring a new location (which I will be back to hit with the kayak in 2 weekends) I went to the point and managed a couple of bream. Good scouting for an hour or so.
  15. My brother arrived with his family this week and after some talking he said he wouldn't mind going for a cod fish. Quickly threw a couple of swags in and headed on to New England area. Found a spot where the river crossed a road and tried there for a few hours before dark. The water was low and the weed a real pain but never the less we found a couple of small holes with enough depth to hide a cod or two. Darrin was first to have a surface hit and lost the lure and the fish. He was spewing losing his first ever surface cod. Then I picked one up on a Gobbler 4" paddle tail. The night crept up very quickly so we devised a new plan. We headed off to another spot found on google maps and as s we crossed the river again we parked up and chucked out the swags ready for an early morning. As soon as light broke we were up and before the swags were packed up Darrin cast from the shore and caught a small cod off the surface. Quickly we got on the water and fished for another 5 hours and between us we caught 13 cod and lost a few. Great session and we had a ball. Caught them on Gobblers SP, Spinner Baits, hard bodies and surface walkers just it mix it up a bit.
  16. recently been looking at buying a boat and am really getting confused as on what would be a good purchase, on one hand i can see a variety of good boats for around $14000, and on the other hand i can see ones for $35000, would a boat like this be good enough to take offshore say 50k's out: or would i need to buy something more along the lines of these 2 to be safe:[Bar Crusher]%26(((SiloType%3DDealer used boats|SiloType%3DDealer new boats)|SiloType%3DPrivate used boats)|SiloType%3DDemo and near new boats))%26Service%3DBoatsales)&pso=0&pss=Premium[565 LANCER SP CUDDY])%26(((SiloType%3DDealer used boats|SiloType%3DDealer new boats)|SiloType%3DPrivate used boats)|SiloType%3DDemo and near new boats))%26Service%3DBoatsales)&pso=0&pss=Premium ive been out in my friends haines hunter signature plenty of times offshore and im sure it is only a 5.25-5.5m hull so its a bit contradicting reading lots of people saying 6m hull minimum. what are the basic guidelines of a good offshore rig. ive been trying to do my research on google but with so many mixed opinions im a bit stumped, honestly id rather spend the 14k mark and pickup something a little older but looked after even if it is only 5.25m hull as long as it will do the job .. i dont see why it wouldnt right ? surely it should do the job when the 530c bar crusher is a 5.30 hull and from what ive read there great for offshore so whats stopping the haines ? ... AAAARRRGGH CONFUSED ! id really like to take a look at the haines hunter 490 because its a good price for a well looked after boat which is well equipped for fishing, mainly be trying to get into micro-jigging rat kings inshore 30-40m, and hopefully a fair bit of light geared offshore jigging, maybe also some live baiting for snapper. thanks for the help guys.
  17. Hi,I'm teaching myself the ancient art of fishing and Iv got some questions.I mainly fish in estuaries for bream and the like.can someone tell me what lead line is for.Why not just put my tackle on the end of my main line?At the moment I fish with a swivel and about 30 cm of lead going down to my hook.Im trying to keep it light but I'm a bit confused about what the lead is for.Any help is appreciated.
  18. Decided at the last minute to do a dusk trip down to the break wall at the mouth of the tweed river. Loaded up some bait, rods, 1 x @ellicat and headed off about 3pm. Stopped off for fish n chips at chinderah. got there right on low tide about 430pm and there wasn't a lot of action. We chipped away and caught 2 nice dart including a stonker at 43cm and a couple of decent bream before the rays and shovelnose moved in. Put a bend in the rods and pulled some string so was good fun. I hooked something serious that peeled a heap of line under heavy drag, was a weird fight, unfortunately I never saw the fish, it ran me around the end of the breakwall and the line touched a rock... Game over. Suspect it was a big ray as it was really hugging the bttom but I guess it could have been a jew... I prefer to believe it was a ray though! it started to get crowded about 9pm so we packed up and headed back home. cheers for reading. benno <'><
  19. Hey guys new to sydney. i dont know any spots and im looking for advice for land based saltwater fishing
  20. Hi all, hope you all had a nice relaxing Christmas and have a great New Years! I'm currently down at Wooli NSW at the caravan/camping park along the water and was wondering if anyone had any land based spots they could suggest for me to try? Or anywhere for me to take my kayak out to. I've mainly been fishing the rockwall and so far have only predominantly hooked up sting rays...the big one that roams the rock wall area a few times, a little 30 odd cm one off the other side of the beach, a couple undersized bream and a 50 or so cm cobia off of the rockwall. I use live bait where possible, yabbies..bream pieces and frozen shop prawns, squid and off cuts of chicken from dinner. Also any decent places to pump yabbies apart from the usual beach spots? Thanks in advance, any fishing spots or yabbie pumping areas would be greatly appreciated as my girlfriend and I were hoping to catch something nice for dinner whilst we're down here, whether it be a snapper or flathead or a few whiting!
  21. hi, I caught this fish a couple of days ago on redheads beach, near swansea. I've shown it to a few people who aren't sure what it is... Can anyone shed some light? sorry the pic of the underside is out of focus. cheers christine
  22. Hi all, Chasing to catch my first kingy this xmas holidays, and perhaps some bonito (caught them previously) Im going to be staying at Hat Head which is near south west rocks, mainly doing rock fishing off Korogoro point (the hat) its pretty far out and ive got bonito there before. Im really keen on getting a kingy and ive heard people get them from that spot before. If anyone could offer tips on lures or baits to use or anything really i would appreciate it. Im ruining with a 7.6ft 10-15kg Okuma rod with abu garcia promax 60 reel. I have fireline 52lb braid and 20lb mono (not sure which i should spool up) Any help or advice would be awesome, im still fairly new fishing but im keen
  23. So it has been pretty tough down at Casurina. Big crowds in most places have killed the motivation a little bit. Caught literally 0 on lures with a few dart, whiting, bream and one flathead on yabbies. Might throw it in until after Christmas and hit Noosa and sorrounds hard.
  24. Hey team, My in laws have recently moved to Northern NSW and are really keen to get into bread and butter fishing down there. Thus far they have pumped a few yabbies in Cudgen Creek but the place cops a lot of pressure and it takes a few pumps to get even one. Anyway first world problem as that may be has anyone some spots between the Tweed River and the Brunswick they do not mind sharing. Any other tid bits welcome. I have a working knowledge of some the head lands there etc they are more after typical creek/river/surf kind of options. For example has anyone fished Mooball Creek? Looks pretty interesting but yet to learn it. Cheers. Angus
  25. A group of us from the Brisbane Fly Fishing Club went down to Ben's Falls Retreat last weekend. We saw a segment on it Creek To Coast a while back and looked great. This place is not great, but awesome. 4WD access only to the cabins, but you have the whole property to yourself. We covered about 7klms of Severn River over the three days. About 24 Cod caught amongst 7 blokes....all on fly. I only used my 5wt after the first day justto see how it would go. Caught five cod, all on Bass flies Biggest 66cm. Saturday night was a lovely cool -4C