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Found 42 results

  1. AFO

    northern territory NT Barramundi Classic

    NT Barramundi Classic Darwin Game Fishing Club Daly River 7-13 of May 2018 (TBC). PH 0412 848 267 The NT Barramundi Classic is arguably Australia’s premier Barramundi fishing tournament, held on the unspoilt Daly River, located in the Northern Territory (250 kms south of Darwin). Held during the peak fishing times, barramundi are caught, measured, tagged and released by teams of three individuals and scores are accumulated on a length basis daily. Teams are permitted to fish a 52km stretch of the river from 7am to 5pm for five consecutive days. The outright winner is the team with the most accumulated points and receives the prestigious “Barra on a Stick”. This iconic tournament was was founded by the Darwin Game Fishing Club in 1982. From those humble beginnings the “Classic” has grown in stature every year to what you see today, a highly coordinated, state-of-the-art fishing tournament. The “Classic” is the flagship Barramundi fishing tournament worldwide and has a five-star National Accreditation. Competing teams descent on Darwin from all over Australia, as well as overseas to fish this week-long annual competition.
  2. AFO

    northern territory Reel Women Barra Classic

    Reel Women Barra Classic Finniss River 5-6 May (May Day Weekend) Contact
  3. AFO

    Territory Freshwater Flyfishing Open

    Darwin Flyrodders Territory Freshwater Flyfishing Open Corroboree Billabong 4th-6th May,
  4. until
    Big Horse Creek Barra Classic May Day Weekend 2018 Victoria River,Timber Creek Katherine Game Fishing Club PH 8972 1142
  5. Story from THE stars have aligned for a bumper run-off fishing season in the Territory. Weather permitting, eager anglers will flock to barra hot spots as flooded rivers and creeks recede over coming weeks. Although only “early days”, Roger Sinclair of Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge said the 2018 run-off season should not disappoint. “The lodge has only just opened up for fishing … initial reports are that it’s going mad up there,” he said. “It depends on whether or not we get another monsoon burst, but if we don’t you’d expect it to get even better from here on. “I don’t know when the penny will drop exactly … but it (the water) will get to the right level and things will just go crazy.” Typically running over March and April, the run-off season is one of the biggest annual drawcards of the Territory’s recreational fishing industry. At Daly River, a mecca for Australian barra fishing, locals are champing at the bit. “After the flood, the thing on everyone’s lips is fishing – the ‘run-off’,” said long-term Nauiyu resident Andy McTaggart. Stuart Brisbane, co-owner of Daly River Barra Resort, was bullish about the coming few weeks. “Last time we had good rain like this, the fishing was very good,” he said.“A few people have heard through the grapevine that it should be a good run-off this year. The flood plains are full, the river is still full, and everything is heading the right way.” But Mr Brisbane, who has operated fishing tours on the Daly River for more than a decade, said there were always “so many variables”. “If we get another monsoon trough, which is very possible, it brings the river back up again and the season will be even later,” he said. “But if we don’t get rain from now on, the run-off will be on for young and old in a week’s time.” Fishing expert and NT News columnist Alex Julius said the run-off would be one of the best the Top End’s had in several years after last year’s bumper Wet. “Last year there was a huge recruitment of juvenile barramundi and they will be nearly legal size, there will be plague proportions in some places,” he said.
  6. Binder

    northern territory Banana Karma

    Might have to stop hiding bananas in Rays boat for comps and on tagging days.......
  7. Name: Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT Category: Saltwater Fishing Date Added: 2017-08-15 Submitter: Fishflicks Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT, worth $10K. Flights, accomodation, meals and transfers all included. Sign up to Fishflicks in the month of August, get access to your favourite fishing, hunting, and 4WD content whenever you want, and automatically go into the draw to win the trip of a lifetime. Visit to sign up. Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT
  8. So I have finally caved into some girls at work who have been begging for a trip so Yellow Waters (Kakadu) here we come (I have my fingers crossed my reputation is on the line) its estrogen, V's testosterone. Wish me luck
  9. Joe Devereux

    Chasing Barra On The Daly

    Hi this might be a long shot Have any Northern Territory members fished the Daly recently heading up on the weekend, and staying at Woolianna. haven't fished it too much as, but wiht the rain we've had I hope they are on the chew and the Barra Nationals comp left a few behind. If you have any advice I would appreciate it. Southerners stay tuned for a update and pics
  10. Jimmybob2


    Gove... the landscape almost alien.. the water full of things that want to kill you... it's beautiful.. then there's where man turned it into a garbage pile.. it's sad.. the weather wasn't to kind to me most of my stay , and the heat and humidity actually made me ill lol.. i was lucky enough to go to sacred lands tho, saw amazing wildlife , fish that I'd only read about and probably the most beautiful coastline il ever see. I didn't see a Barra , I lost monster jacks and coral trout that still give me shivers. I didn't catch any world records, but I loved every minute of fishing in a new land.. these are some photos of last April.
  11. danny9

    northern territory Gove

    hey guys anyone fished around Gove before? i'm thinking of going out with Gove Fishing Safaris for a trip. Looks pretty good
  12. merry christmas to everyone in NT. thunderstorms and rain tomorrow
  13. Gad


    A million-dollar barramundi is the main lure in a Northern Territory Government campaign to attract tourists to the Top End during the low season. launched by NT Chief Minister Adam Giles, will see 76 barramundi tagged and released across fishing locations in the Top End, one of them carrying a $1 million prize tag and the remaining 75 carrying $10,000 cash prize tags. Full story: ADDED INFO The competition will run from 1 October 2015 to 29 February 2016, and participants must register online at to compete. Everyone who registers for the competition before 31 August will have the chance to win a holiday to the Northern Territory for four people valued at $20,000.
  14. I wonder what their accident rate is for boats compared to the rest of Australia. Be nice to save a few hundred on the Rego as well! or full article here />
  15. This bloke must be related to James - joined the 4 foot club on first fishing trip!
  16. Taken from Fishing Worlds email newsletter AFANT proposes better fishing access under Mary River management plan 09 Oct 2014 THE Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT) has lodged its submission to the NT's Mary River National Park Joint Management Plan. Mary River National Park is located 100 km east of Darwin, covers 112,000 hectares and is jointly managed by the Limilngan and Uwynmil Traditional Owners with the Parks and Wildlife Commission. A previous draft Joint Management Plan was tabled, then disallowed by the Legislative Assembly in February 2013. “The Mary River National Park and surrounding waterways contain one of the Territory’s most important recreational fisheries which offers the full diversity of landscapes and fishing experiences available in the Top End,†said AFANT President Warren de With. “In our submission AFANT has provided comments on a range of issues including weeds and pests, floodplain barrages, crocodile management and improving access. AFANT strongly supports the protecting and improving fishing access rights in the Mary River National Park. "AFANT says it has made it clear that the plan needs to provide increased and improved access to the park and its waterways. With increased population pressures around Darwin it is important that fishing pressure on popular fishing sites is well managed. "One way of achieving this is increasing access and spreading the recreational fishing effort in the NT as this adds to the fishing experience and opportunities. "We have specifically noted the opportunities that exist within the park for opening up new areas to fishing, particularly on the areas currently leased by Marrakai Station in the Mary River conservation reserve. As the lease will expire during the life of the plan we are strongly of the view that the licence to graze this area should not be re-issued without access arrangements for the important recreational fishing areas. "We welcome the acknowledgment on improving access in the draft plan particularly the proposal to upgrade the Point Stuart road access as well as identifying the need for a new boat ramp on the lower Mary River. Improving access to these areas would be welcomed as a real positive for recreational anglers and will significantly improve access to both Chambers and Finke Bays. "AFANT looks forward to working with traditional owners and parks management on the implementation of positive outcomes for recreational fishers.†AFANT President Warren de With said. More on the Draft Joint Management Plan available at:
  17. Here's a short vid I did of a charter I did out to the NT's Vernon Islands casting around drop offs for queenies, cod, trout etc about six months ago. We didn't have a great day out but there were a few reasonable fish landed... enough to keep us entertained anyway. These were some of the better fish of the day (best watched full screen in HD): [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]oQ91lHcmvHs
  18. Dean.Dudley

    Fishing trip to Arnhemland

    I am considering a fishing trip next April staying at the Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge. The fishing sounds fantastic with barra, jew and reef options available. Does anyone have experience of this place or similar? I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Their website is at Barralodge Website regards
  19. Angus

    Darwin On Light Line

    As some of you know Henry (DoStylz) and I headed to Darwin recently for a site fishing charter with Vision Sports Fishing Charters. I am not going to waffle and come across cheesy but I cant recommend this operation more highly. We arrived at the stupid hour of 2:30am (due to plane delays) for a 4:30am pick up. This was not super appealing but the aniticipation and a few red bulls got me through. The minute I saw the water anyway... BING. Eyes wide open. Getting the gear ready. PS... Damn comfortable ride. The concept of this trip was not typically what I have read about for NT trips, and this was what alrgely appealed to me. Instead of trolling big lures in dirty water or bait fsihing shallow reefs we would actually sighting our fish in the shallows and attempting to cast right to them. Now by shallow I mean shallow with many barra spotted in water that could barely contain them. Ben (from Vision) was an absolute guru at spotting these fish. After launching we were straight into the action with our new PAYO Bent Minnows proving themselves (and turning our the be hands down the lure of the trip). These PAYO bent minnows are similar to the OSP ones but a 3rd of the price and I cant fault their action! Soon after we were on again, and again and again. Then there was a triple hookup! Some more fish on the surface from the same location... Then it was time to ditch the "heavy stuff" (being 10lb ) and try out our 4lb set ups. So glad we did. Once again despite being told "your going to get your arse handed to you"... It didnt happen with some great fish being landed. In fact on the second day the fishing proved to be a lot tougher and it was the light stuff that shone as being superior. Dont get me wrong... These are not Meter + fish... But I would personally prefer a 60-70 on 4lb than a meter on a broomstick anyday Henry Casted a PAYO Bent Minnow deep into a snaggy drain and somehow managed to extract this fish on 4lb braid and 4lb leader... And again the light stuff on queenies. Bens a bit camera shy as the guide doesnt usually fish but we were having none of that! The afternoon of the first day resulted in a session throwing everything we had on light gear at a plethora of queenies, trevs and mackerel. While only a few queenies were "huge" on the gear we were using this was epic fun with over 50 fish caught in a couple of hours (if not more). At one point I was literally panting and sweating as it was one after the after casting small chrome into this massed school of pelagics... This session resulted in several more triple hook ups and event a quadruple as a plastic was left dangling in the water!! Last Barra of the trip caught on ultra light gear when the fishing got tough... Ben cruising us back to the ramp... Note the phone number This is what we were often looking for in the shallows... Not afraid to get us into the REALLY shallow stuff in search of fish. Some cool wildlife up there... Little Croc. Buffalo Land of extremes... All fish for the trip released unharmed. Cheers. Sorry for the long one! Angus
  20. rayke1938

    Not much happening in Darwin.

    Ship is in port today and this is the only fishing relate4d thing I could find in nthe local paper. I made the headelines. They must be really conservation minded. Well a frog is an amphibian. :sick: The poor thing was fried in a meter box wonder if they will call for all meter boxes to be banned. Cheers Ray
  21. ozlad

    From bream to barra..kinda

    It has been a while since I posted on here after the big move to Darwin, but I thought I would throw a few pictures up of my maiden voyage in the new boat. Relocating from Brisbane to Darwin, I have been chumping at the bit to get on the water. After finally finding a decent boat that wasn’t over-priced I let it sit in the shed for 7 weeks while I tripped around Europe… Toughest 7 weeks, not having the chance to test the new boat out. Scouring through the fish finder magazine and resisting the temptation to go to the big named river Mary, Daly & Adelaide I decided to run the boat in a little and get a feel for it in the habour (safer option). To my surprise the very heavily fished harbour was empty and I had a creek all to myself, great.. (really I was thinking I must be in the wrong spot). Placing the boat into a likely mud bank with a number of fish breaking the surface either side of the boat, I’m hit on my first cast.. barra.. nope! A huge bream on a 4†plastic. A fish is a fish and it was a good start, but I wasn’t exactly looking for bream. Four bream later… I got another bream like hit, but this time I leapt from the water at a rate of knots and at least 8 times in the next 5-10minutes (a little blurry). Fishing 15lb mainline and 10lb leader, it was heart in mouth stuff and to make matter worse alone without a landing net. After a few tense moments, I landed my fist NT barra going 78cm! The fish bit hard for 30minutes and I landed more bream and procceded to drop a load of threadfin… very hard to hook. All fish were caught in 50cm of water and most occasions I could see the fish take the lure. oh and a 18.9cm muddy to top it off all within 3km of the main boat ramp! Cheers, Ozlad
  22. muzz

    Argh the good old NT
  23. rayke1938

    Name, Photo and shame.

    They do things a little different in the Territory. You get nabbed and your photo gets published Great idea. Cheers Ray
  24. ellicat

    Safer Barra in NT