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      1. Beaus new PB+New PB

        Beau and I had a little ride up north yesterday to try our luck. Beau was very pleased that we did, because for a long time he has been stuck on 49cm bass as his PB. Well after a couple of bass he comes up with a new PB a nice fat 50cm bass and the smile was on his dial. Then buggar me dead a few fish later he had a new PB a nice big 55cm bass, well the smile then opened up his whole head. I was a bit stingy and only gave him a 54 for it but I can now see it was hanging over the end of the mat so I'll call it a 55cm. We managed quite a few bass finding most in water over 30ft, we got them trolling, casting blades and on ice jigs, as well as some on shrimp. Dino
      2. south queensland Micro Jigging

        Hey guys, I have recently become interested in the field of micro Jigging and have purchased a Storm Gomoku Kodachi rod. Before I head out and buy the wrong types and colours of jigs I thought I'd ask any of you who may have experience micro Jigging around the reefs along Sunshine Coast or just Jigging in general. My main question is the million dollar question. What type of jigs, weight and colour do you recommend for say Snapper, Tuna and mackerel and what technique do you apply to those jigs. My other question is just as out there. Where do you recommend I start my Jigging because we head out to reefs around Mooloolaba but not as far as Barwon banks. Do I sound around for schools of fish (hard enough for me as it it) or do I just burley up and jig as I have some baits down. Also would you jig while drifting and how high do you raise the jig?
      3. Tilapia Spots - North Brisbane

        Hi I have a question regarding tilapia is there any spots on the northside of brisbane that is loaded with them? I know i can get them in the kedron brook but there is very low numbers (which is great) so it is difficult to catch some. So could you please give me an idea for a brief area to target them, i am not looking for secret spots just somewhere to start looking. Thanks
      4. Hey happy fellow anglers. Damn I had a good day today..let me brag about it...finished work by about 11am:) finally found a tile match for a guy that I have really been having touble with:) went to BCF:) bought some hooks and stuff for the catching carp (hopefully), then went to tygum lake to see what it was like. I was shocked as it is bloody huge. with plenty of water. Yes there is a kiddies play area Feral.. it is small, slide swing play castle climbing thingy and thats about it. There are public toilets, covered seating, bbq's, and lots of parking. There are some timber decks set up around the lake for those that want to sit in style, now back to my story. Now it's 2.30 and I am home with a beer on desk meant to be doing tax stuff. But AFO is just a little more fun...ok a lot more fun..look forward to seeing you all on saturday. Peace. Bud.
      5. Lake K Disappointment

        Decided to see if the back could cope with a yak session this morning, well the back was ok but the knees are a bit shaky. Lake K was a big disappointment, only managed 3 tiny bass, I have never seen so much empty space on the sounder. When they cut a one meter gap in the wall I dont think they realised that after the last lot of rain the water was about 50cm over the wall, then when the water started going down it took a few days to get to the bottom of the big cut in the wall, result thousands of fish escaped through the gap. A lot of these fish died in the pool below the dam when the water flow stopped and the pool became stagnant. Its going to take a lot of stocking to make up the loss. Dino
      6. Help Please

        I am after help. I have been freshwater fishing for nearly 1 month now and I haven't had a single catch. I am using spinnerbaits and soft plastics. I am landbased but I am casting into snaggy areas. Am I dint something wrong?
      7. After Work Hinze Saratoga

        Hey Guys, Haven't been reporting too much lately because i can't seem to catch anything decent! The last 4 or 5 sessions at hinze all I seem to be able to catch are the small bass that got stocked a year or 2 ago, they are everywhere at the moment! Anyway, now is the time of year I start to struggle with bass as the water starts pushing past 26 and up towards 30 degrees. The good news when the water warms (going by last years results) the toga come out in force! I managed to land this nice model in about a metre of water burning a bassman spinnerbait through the flooded grass. Hopefully i'll be getting a few more over summer Cheers and tight lines, Glenn.
      8. Whopper Yella

        Back in my own boat this morning, trolling, casting and jigging. Managed 71 bass and 2 yellas. When I hit the big yella I thought I was snagged, then there was a bit of movement and I thought I was bringing up a branch and up popped a nice 60cm yella. First pic was looking across the street before I left home. Dino
      9. Back In The Red

        Back in the red boat today after a slow day at Borumba yesterday with Stan, we only managed about a dozen small bass and one small yella casting to the edges looking for saratogas, we seen a few but no hookups. Any this morning after getting a wet bum from an early shower Glen and I managed to have a great morning on the lures. Trolling was OK and jigging and casting was OK as well. Managed 87 bass and one yella and I won the booby prize for landing the first forkie for the summer on a blade. Dino
      10. Dispelled The Myth

        Had a morning out with Stan ( Predator ) yesterday, and what a morning it was. Plenty of bass and a couple of yellas. We had heaps of double hookups and for a change the jigging was OK as well. Half way through the session Stan produces a banana, I said to him if he had been in Rays boat he might of ended up in the water. Thats twice in the last month that a deckie has had a banana, did it affect the fishing, not one bit, so there is another myth down the drain. Dino
      11. Another Red Square Day (pic Heavy)

        Had another day in the little red boat as a deckie. It was good to just sit back and relax and let someone else search for the bass. We managed 84 trolling and jigging, with some bigger fish found away from the small schools. Dino
      12. Bass Time In The Pine

        As Ray said its good times out at NPD lately, I dont know why but the bass get in a certain area and stay there for a couple of days or anything up to a few months, then bingo and they are gone. So you have to make the best of it while they are on. Ray and I are fishing totally different areas at the moment but the bass seem to be content in these areas. I managed 89 bass and one yella yesterday all on lures, trolling was the winner. I had several double hookups, some double stuffups when the bass swam towards each other. Once again I would have a big school under the boat but the bass were not hungry enough to take any jigs, but troll through them and its double hookup. Longest part of catching the fish was the winding the lure in bit. As the fish are down deep you have to have a fair bit of line out to get the lure in their face. Next trip heading out with a secret weapon the Predator. Dino
      13. Hi guys, With these two dams being covered by SIP has there been any changes to the opening and closing times? I believe they should still be around 6am-6pm I know there were trialing opening later at Hinze.... thanks guys
      14. Is Bigger Better

        Arrived at a gloomy looking Baroon Dam this morning. I was looking for some big bass, well they were all under 50cm but what they lacked in length they made up for in width. These bass size for size would pull the NPD bass backwards. For years at Baroon you were lucky to get a bass over 25cm, then come the floods and thousands went over the wall, this made more tucker for the remaining bass. Size of the bass increased rapidly. Dino
      15. Trolling Great Jigging Poor

        Bass were very quite on the jigging side yesterday. Knowing that it was going to be a 34 deg day out at the dam and due to the fact that I had just been nuked all over I knew I had to be off the water early, so I made sure I was covered from head to toe and off I went. I lasted until 10am when the amount of clothes I had on was getting to hot. Anyway on the fishing side, the trolling was great but I couldnt take a trick on the jigging. I would find a small school and then go through just about the whole range of jig lures trying to entice the bass, but they said no to the lot. Even the gangbanger which got me over 25 a couple of days before, I am afraid there is going to be a couple of dead pelicans out there before much longer, they are getting smarter by the day, their lastest idea is to sit in line with your line that you are winding in, then when the bass gets close to the surface they dive for it. Its either that or you have 3 or 4 of them fighting around you, driving you crazy. Somebody started feeding them now we cant get rid of them, a few sinkers in the right direction might be the go.Its hard to have a peacefull days fishing out there now. Dino
      16. Purple Magic

        I was lucky enough to have a ride in the red boat this morning with mate Glen. Purple lure worked its magic once again while trolling thank goodness as the jigging was a disaster. Also once again as we were ready to do some jigging up comes the wind. Managed a few dozen bass with the biggest around 50cm. Dino
      17. Crazydeeps + Gangbangers + Maggots

        Not a nice sounding heading, but the bass didnt mind they loved them all.
      18. No Sounder No Worries

        Started off trolling down the dam after a late start ( wife told me to get lost for a few hours while she had the girls over for a MC party, well I didnt have to be told twice, although it was raining when I left home at 10am) when one of the rods buckled over, knew I had a good fish, then up comes a whopper yella. Turned around and trolled through the same area and was onto another solid, but it knew where there was a snag and bricked me, lure gone. I then got 2 bass and while releaseing the second I notice the sounder was blank. Switched it back on and battery reading was 5.9 before it went blank again. (investigate today) So what do you do, I had a heap of lures to try further downstream but couldnt risk losing them. So I had some pots nearby and decided it was time for a shrimp session. Long story short managed 84 bass and one yella and when the MC started I had a small radio on and the rain decided to bucket down, I was trying to keep radio dry, the race had started and I was interrupted by 2 mongrel forkies.yes summer is officially here.Best part was when I got home there was plenty of leftovers from the party yummmmy. Dino
      19. Borumba 29/10

        Back to borumba again on the water about 5 am straight to the start of yabba 5 minutes later young fella got a 40 cm bass and then I got one the same both on jackle strolled in timber. for the day we got 13 fish all up and droped a few young fella got his first tag fish c i pick up a Couple of yellas and a toga had a great day on the water with the boy I out fished him today for a change so do t have to listen to stirring today
      20. Experimentation Session

        Had some fun trialing some different single tail plastics out at NPD yesterday. Found out that the bass were not that fussy about them but as a true fisherman I kept at it until I got results. Found out that they like the grubs with the contrasting color tail. Next trip I will give the paddle tail grubs a good workout. I have had heaps of plastics hanging around for years, thought I had better get some use out of them. Managed 81 bass and one yellow, trolling jigging and finished up with a very short bait sessing, before the sun was starting to cook my brains ( whats left of them ). Dino
      21. Borumba Ramp Improvements.

        After a visit to Borumba dam 2 weeks ago I wrote to SEQ water and Gympie council about a couple of problems. I have just heard back from SEQ water and the offending sign beside the ramp is in the process of being removed. There is going to be a dedicated disabled parking bay provided in the lower car park and compliance officers will also closely monitor the use of the short term parking area. Good outcome thank you SEQ water for a quick response. Cheers Ray
      22. School Is In

        Had one of those great days out at NPD this morning when everything went right. Trolling was great, jigging was great and shrimping was great, result 138 bass and one yella. I have been doing well with plastics, working out how to use them to get a strike. I could of got a lot more fish but the thought of missing out on lunch scared me half to death. Dino
      23. Borumba Again

        Late start and early finish managed a few bass mainly small but one went 38 nice yella 45 a bit slow but some big toga starting smash the surface
      24. NPD Is On Fire

        There are great times out at NPD at the moment. I have just had a ripper double header, yesterday 91 and today 88 bass. Yesterday it was 2/3rds on bait and 1/3rd on lures and this morning 1/3rd on bait and 2/3rds on lures. Most lure fish yesterday came on crazydeeps and not much jigging and this morning most bass were on jigging. They are a fussy lot the bass at NPD their first choice is shrimp of course, but they like lures to as long as you mix it up a bit. Rest day sunday, sleeping in till 3 am. Dino
      25. Fatso's From This Morning

        A few of the fatso's from the 83 bass this morning. Plus what my thumb looks like after. Dino