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Found 46 results

  1. Happy weekend everyone Trying to minimize the amount of gear I have as it’s just getting to the point of being overly cluttered. So instead of throwing out some gear, I figured I’d give it away for free. There must be a youngster out there or someone knows of a young fisher that would appreciate some gear. It’s not much, and not the greatest quality but I’d rather see it goes to use rather than go to waste. The lures need new trebles ive got a tackle box, a few small hard bodies and a few blades, rod, small overhead combo and a well used brag mat.
  2. Pierce Lim

    Daiwa Phantom Surf Rod

    Hi, I am new here. Are there anyone have any information on this Daiwa Phantom Surf Rod? So far I only manage to gather this information. Is this rod available in Australia? Thank you. SIZE 450-SD 15 Feet SIZE 480-SD 16 Feet X45 BRAIDING X HVF – HIGH VOLUME FIBER GRAPHITE BLANK FUJI O-RING GUIDE FUJI REEL SEAT SHRINK RUBBER BLANK PROTECTION PREVENTS SCRATCHING AND WEAR RING 7 CAST WT 150 – 250 g LINE 20 – 50 LB MADE IN VIETNAM
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has ever used or caught anything with something like this? Tempted to get one but Ye idk:/ Any input much appreciated Cheers
  4. Hi guys , Am interested to hear , if anyone here , has or still uses old fishing rods , the solid fibreglass type , and old side cast reels ,? There my favourite type of fishing rods , and the sort I grew up with and used on the Edward river , love to see what everyone has in the vintage type rods , or am I the only one who still thinks there great ,
  5. Frawlo

    Bulk Braid

    Can anyone recommend a good site to buy quality braid in bulk?
  6. I just received an email for a special on Stren braid. I’ve used Stren before and it’s been great. I haven’t used this type but for $3 l bought a couple of spools for bass fishing. from Fishing Tackle Shop
  7. straddiebrad

    New Bait Tank

    got the new tank today ready for the install ,and fill it up with livies
  8. Charles

    Snyder Blanks

    Hi guys, I’m in market for synder glass blanks or rods around 10 foot, 5-7/8 kg. Has anyone got any or this style around, if you can let me know I would be very interested in purchasing depending on costs please. Look forward to your reply. Charles
  9. Ozzy Fisho

    Pre-made Rigs

    Hi all. A friend of mine runs this website and makes all these rigs. It is an Australian Made and owned company and they work really well. Just thought I would share his site and try to help support an Australian company. He just runs a small hobby business so he only has limited stocks but my mate and I use them and they are pretty good for the price.
  10. BEN96

    Zman Slim Swimz

    Hello everybody just wondering what your favourite colour in the zman slim swimz are? thanks
  11. Afternoon fellas, first post on the page looking forward to getting more involved. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Saltist Popping rod ST802XH? Will be doing a few trips to Exmouth next year and want to give popping a go mostly from shore possibly a few trips on a boat. Don't want to spend bulk coin incase I find popping isn't the type of fishing for me. Was looking at the Saltist paired with a Penn Slammer 3, but also been looking at the Samurai Pop rods for a little bit more. Anyone got other rod recommendations or experience with either of those rods?
  12. BEN96

    Atc Rods

    I am just wondering if anybody knows much about ATC VALIENT rods. I have a 6:10 rod used for light soft plastics and hard body stuff. I can't find any information on these rods so just wondering if anybody knows much about them. thanks
  13. G'day guys, Forgive my ignorance but I was talking to an older bloke at Eildon pub after a long day on the dam last weekend and he said he uses "VEINS" or "VANES" to get his lures (Tassie Devils) down a bit deeper in the water. I've never seen or heard of these and have tried YouTubing them with no success. Apparently, they are a triangle shaped keel type thing used between the braid and mono leader that pulls non-bibbed lures down to a pre-set depth. Some are fixed depth while others are adjustable. Can anyone shed any light on them, where to buy them, if they can be made at home or ANYTHING.... I'm now hooked on this little unicorn!
  14. Hi all I have recently purchased a Atomic Arrow and loving it, but looking for something a little lighter with a new reel I was thinking about taking one of the MegaBass Racing Condition 2-8lb and pairing this up with the new Exceler 3000 LT or the 2500? Based on both of those i will be spending about $400 I want something which will last me a long time as my "easy pick up and go rod" (as much as the arrow is lovely) ANy thoughts would be appreciated ;) Thanks, Matt
  15. natang


    Hey lads, I got home from 5 weeks away in sydney went out to the she Saturday morning and realised all of the following was missing. See any of this for sale let me know its all been stolen from mum and dads shed at Karrabin 4306. Impact socket set imperial AEG multi tool skin $219 jigsaw attachment $89 90 degree drill $79 90 degree hammer drill attachment $89 recipricating saw attachment $89 corner sander attachments $89 AEG cordless saw $98 AEG cordless 300worbital sander $169 ARG cordless radio $159 AEG cordless blower $169 AEG 18v 3pce $299 AEG cordless angle grinder 125mmm $209 4x 18v batteries and charger AEG Drill and hammer drill 12v pack $169 Fiskar axe x25 x $119 Fiskar x7 xs tommahawk $69.95 Kincrome spanner set of metric and imperial Kincrome socket sets 1/4 drive 41 piece $69 1/2 drive 51 piece $179 3/8 drive $145 Set of Stanley 3/8 drive longreach sockets 1 Tackle box Two trays if lures $300 Two trays if hooks and sinkers $200 Knives $200 Fishing rods Two Daiwa laguna baitcaster rods with reels $300 2x daiwa spin rods 3-6kg and reels $300 2xDaiwa saltist PE 1-3 baitcaster rods $300 I Daiwa saltist baitcaster rod PE 4 $200 1x Daiwa saltist spin rod and Daiwa 3500reel $350 2x penn over head rods deep see $400 Silstar pistol grip baitcaster and reel $120 2 x Abu Garcia bait caster rods and reels $300 I ugly stick 6-12kg $140 I ammo box with Various reels abu garcia overhead baitcaster reels, daiwa spin reels and surf alvey reel $600 Home made rod rack. if anyone sees anything let me know..... Nathan
  16. bulldogs195461

    Sticking Braid

    While fishing today, I was trying to cast a hard body, when it went out all of a sudden it would drop, the cause being my braid seem to be sticking every few metres, it's actually been doing it awhile, I'll get it respooled asap, it's been on awhile. Just wondering what causes this to happen? It was a good quality braid and been good, so I'm not complaining, just intrigued. Cheers
  17. jdrock95

    Gary Howard Envy

    Hey guys and gals just on the hunt for a gary howard envy 1-3kg
  18. straddiebrad


    ok guys whats your best rating mono iam pretty much done with braid other then on my electrics so going back to mono iam thinking schinder line,what do you guys use if any?
  19. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my potential purchase! I'm totally new to fishing in general and I'm keen to try some beach surf fishing around Bribie Island. I have been looking at rod/reel combos and this one looked like good value. Apparently 5 bearings is good for this price point? I dead set know SFA about what I'm doing here.,-surf-combo/1102814 If I enjoy the fishing I will likely go all in and gear up with better gear but is this good enough for a casual/beginner to try out?
  20. Hey lads, I have been persevering with Braid on baitcasters as it is thinner etc however I have a higher rate of tangles. When I use Mono I never get tangles.... PErhaps the line isn’t loading onto reel tight enough IDK...... It’s driving me crazy! What do others use?? I mainly use Hard body lures or bait with them.... If I Use SP I just drop them over side of boat and if casting I use spin reel.....
  21. fishingnut

    Long Shot

    Any one on here happen to have to backing plate spare for 2 rod holders ? I seem to have misplaced mine and can’t for the life of me remember where they are !
  22. bulldogs195461

    Which Reel?

    G'day all I want to set up a second rod for soft plastics, hard bodies etc the reel I have and really like is the 2500 symetre on a raider rod, which suits me fine. It seems the symtere is not available anymore, can someone advise what it was replaced with, thanks in advance. John
  23. Alison133

    Rod Repairs

    G'day all just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a quality rod repairer? North side Brissy ( happy to travel a bit for quality workmanship).it's runner replacement not a snap! Would like it to look like new though! Thanks
  24. Benjamin gorge mchuges

    Barra Rod?

    I am looking for a decent rod for barra, jacks and that sort of thing to pair up with my shimano canean 150hg baitcaster (Keep in mind i have NEVER used a baitcaster before!!). I would like it to be 6' to 5'6foot around the 4-8kg 5-8kg 5-9kg 6-10kg mark. I am currently looking at the diawa laguna x 6-10kg 6foot for $80. The abu garcia max-s 5-8kg 5'8foot for $70, and the diawa aird x 6-10kg 6foot for $100. Any help will be appreciated and $100 is my budget!! Thank you for your time. Ben
  25. demarc

    New Reel Advice

    Hey! Looking for thoughts on a reel for reefs up to 30mtrs. Mainly for Trout, RTEs and the likes. I do bottom bashing and the odd plastic or slug. So far choice is either a Stradic FK 4000 series or Stradic Ci4+ 4000. BCF currently have the Ci on sale for $369. Cheers!