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      Found 2,229 results

      1. Announced 1 hour ago... Alvey Reels will continue with manufacturing based in Australia. TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS AND LOYAL ANGLERS “It’s not just a reel, it’s an Alvey!” For almost 100 years iconic fishing brand, Alvey Reels, have stood side by side with Aussie anglers, priding themselves on a reputation built firmly on quality, innovation and unique design. Many of their much-loved reels have earned their right as prized possessions, passionately passed from one generation of fishing fanatic to the next. Despite its' unsurpassed status, the ever changing face of the modern retail and economic environment saw Alvey Reels face severe financial hardship. With slow sales, increased charges and rising manufacturing costs the favoured family-owned company was pushed almost to the point of bail-out in July 2017. “A passion for quality and innovation by design” Thankfully Alvey Reels' lines run deep into the Australian angling community and along with an unprecedented and overwhelming display of public and retail support Alvey Reels are proud to announce their commitment to once again lure and maintain a shark-size chunk of the Australian and Global fishing retail market. Casting a watchful eye over the Alvey legacy, we welcome Con Athans who will join forces with descendants of the founding family, Bruce and Glenn Alvey, in a partnership that will drive the brand to a sustainable future. “To deliver the Alvey experience to the marine leisure sector” Hooked on fishing? Well so are we! Alvey are thrilled to be able to continue to delight and inspire anglers from all over the world, offering state of the art products for Surf, Estuary, Rock, and Ocean fishing. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience in quality and performance by streamlining our integral manufacturing and sales support teams. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Alvey family in a partnership devoted to the sport we love to devour. For further information please Contact Bruce Alvey. Bus Hrs 07 3271 2844
      2. First Time In Australia

        Hi from The Netherlands! I will be traveling from Sydney to Cairns in July and August this year. We are planning to go by van along the coast to the north. I am known with most angling techniques, freshwater mainly and some saltwater from the beach. I was hoping you guys could help me in the right direction on angling at the east-coast. I was thinking about the gear, bait, locations and of course the possible permits I might need. Some extra tips or hints are also very welcome of course! Thanks in advance! Dutch-angler
      3. Hi, I was talking to Sam from PNG trip and he told me he targets Bull Sharks in and around Vic Point and it got me thinking. Many of my friends from Melbourn catch and eat sharks and say they love them to eat. They are a large fish to catch, seem to be plentiful and if they eat well whats not to like? I was wondering; Why don't we eat more sharks? Where is the best place to catch them (we don't get many at Green Island)? What is the best bait? What works well as a rig and what line class? What sharks taste the best? I have had some gummy sharks that we got at Amity. One was delicious but the next one was really strongly metallic flavoured? Also are little ones better to eat? Male v Female? I will have a look at the restrictions on size and species before I go but am really keen to do this. Thanks Robbie
      4. Bcf Shimano Sienna Spin Pack & Kato Lures

        Hi Guys, Saw this deal at BCF and just wanted some feedback regarding the Shimano Sonic Pro graphite spin rod and Sienna 2500FE spin reel. I'm catching bream in the Pine River and have a birthday coming up so would love to hear if this gear would suit plus comments regarding this rod and reel. The pack is $99 and includes a set of Kato species specific lures. Thanks. Lex
      5. Gt Rod And Reel Combo

        Hi guys, after some knowledgable advice from those that are in the know. In 4 weeks off to Kiribati Island - lots of GT fishing. Have never popped (and some stickbaiting) for GT's before and need to get set up. Considering Shimano Stella 14,000 with PE80 teamed up with Ocea Offshore 792 stick-bait GT. Looking at14,000 as will give me more flexibility when I return to Sydney (kingfish) rather than something that sits I he cupboard until the next big trip. what are the issues with what I am considering and any other options you would consider? Appreciate any advice or help you can give. crispy
      6. Shimano R4000 And Telescopic Rod Questions

        i purchased from aldi a 'shimano rod and reel combo' firstly asking about the reliability of the reel and what strength line comes spooled onto the reel. the line is a light green colour. also would you recommend this kind of rod for regular use.
      7. Help Required For Overhead Combo

        I've always fished over reefs using a couple of good rods with alvey reels. I have been thinking of trying some different styles of fishing, trolling etc, but I'm looking for (if possible) an outfit that I can use for some light trolling, bottom bashing and maybe the occasional jigging. I am aware that they are all different styles, but as a beginner of these styles I would like one outfit to cover all to start and then if I like fishing like this I can purchase equipment to suit. It might be a big ask to cover all these types of fishing, but I would like some ideas on rod and reel combinations. I have been looking at tld's and penn's. I normally fish in waters from 20m to upwards of 80m
      8. Baitcaster Custom Build...

        Loving this custom built BC rod (on a Nordic Stage Cheater blank). Now a reel for it... suggestions? Interesting features include the hand carved wooden grip and spiral wrap guides. Cheers Justin Dez ( @sunnydays) from J-Dez cutoms for the build. The spiral wrap guides is pretty wacky looking at first but the science backs it up. In fact I have heard we can expect off the shelf "Edge" BC rods (designed by Garry Loomis) to feature this guide system soon.
      9. Hi, first time on here. I'm in the market for new fishing reels and need some support as the more I read reviews the more I get confused on choice. I feel that a lot of the reviews are paid members supporting the brand's. So I hoping in this forum I will achieve the result I want, so here goes. I fish in rivers and I fish off a boat in say maximum 12Mt deep in the bay from geelong Victoria. I am looking for one reel as an allrounder. I have had my eye on the new Daiwa aired 4000 and the penn spinfisher v 4500. Understand there is a weight difference but I don't mind. There are good features in both. I like the feel in both but am looking for the product that will last the longest with minimum fuss. I hear the daiwa does not like salt water at all...Has anyone experienced either of the two? I must say I have had two penn spinning reels I purchased from kmart 10 years ago and are still as good as the day I got them. Now the question which of the two new reels will match that....?
      10. Wtb Saltiga 76 Game Spin Rod

        Has anyone got a Saltiga 76 Game they want to sell? Really like the one I bought off Damo and one of my sons is looking for one.
      11. Graphite Rod Blank Question

        I must have too many rods and reels!! …., dumber than dumb idea…. I`ve just discovered? a shimano raider 1 piece, 2-4 kg 7’ 2” finesse bream rod with a reel on it. I had not seen this rod and reel for about 2 +years and had assumed that I must have given them to one of my kids when they had been down home on holidays at one time. This combo has been cunningly hiding from me, between one of my fishing/tackle cupboards and the corner meeting place of 2 walls. It`s been leaning/resting almost vertically onto/into the corner of the walls. The rod now has an ever so slight bend starting about 15-16cm from the tip of the rod, in line with the spine of the rod ( the bend facing the side the reel sits on) Ok, my request is for someone`s actual knowledge, has this compromised the integrity of the graphite blank, at this 15-16 cm point on the rod. Do I still have a 7’ 2” rod or will I be turning it into a 6’ 8’’ and less than finesse, rod for the grandkids.
      12. Recommendations please?

        Hello, I'm hoping I can get some recommendations from you all - I've done some fishing here and there as a youngest and have some old broken fishing gear in the shed which is in need of updating - I'd like to be able to do general fishing when away camping whether it be river or ocean being able to put the gear in the back of the fourbie.. But everything seems a bit overwhelming to be honest. Have been looking at the following rods: N.S Black Hole Hurricane Bass 6'6" 2 piece spin rod 2-8lbs N.S Black Hole Hurricane Bass Micro 6'7" 2 piece spin rod 4-8lbs Paired up with these reels: Penn Conflict 2500 Abu Garcia Orra 2 SX 20 Daiwa Saltist Nero 4000 I'm just not sure if i'm totally off the mark or looking in the right place.. Should I open up the choices and look at bait casting reels? Any advice? I know these posts are always coming along and i'm sorry if this is like watching paint dry.. Bish
      13. I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice on setting up a new rod. This is the first rod Ive bought (rather than inheriting/acquiring) so I'm looking at "good" gear within a budget if there is such a place! I bought a 7ft Shakespeare Ugly Stik Platinum 6-10kg rated rod and am looking at reels. I had in mind the Pflueger President -there's a nice looking limited edition out at the moment which would match my rod. ( I am unsure of the size I would need, looking at the 25, 30 or 35. I've always used mono line around 9 or 10lbs so I will probably look at putting heavier line or braid and use a leader (which Ive never done before either). The rod was a split second decision and Ive never had problems with other Ugly Stiks Ive used. And I only chose Pflueger based on reviews and Ive used a Purist reel of similar size and it felt great. Other than that I've got no idea! It will only be used for rivers, lakes and dams and possibly a bit of off shore if I find myself near the coast. mostly lures and bait cos ive not ventured into plastics yet! What are some other opinions or gear you use for a similar use. Thanks Andrew
      14. Happy to announce a new stockist on the South Side of Brisbane. Some of you may know Ivan the owner from his previous business Ikan Fish. Ivan's new store is a massive expansion on this original venture and the racks are now stocked with a healthy range of Nordic Stage rods. You can find the store here: 2/48 Moss St, Slacks Creek QLD. One thing that shands out is the huge range of micro jigs which is pretty cool as a lot of guys have been using some of the new Nordic Stage ranges very successfully with micro jigs so it is a nice pairing. So check them out of you are local or on the way down the coast. Ivan is good for a chat and does not mind doing a good deal when a few things are purchased (my new IMA lures and micro jigs are a testimony to this )
      15. Since Nordic Stage's introduction to Australian shores we have focused largely on finesse gear. Now for whatever reason people have often chosen to push that gear to the limits which can be risky but cool. It was with this in mind the Cheater range was introduced, the name literally referring to these rods ability to cheat the odds. After pushing them to the limits in PNG some of the local crew have also been punishing them with great results. Despite being very light weight due to their low resin content they still have some serious back bone. Justin from the Sunshine Coast has recently been nailing a variety of pelagics on plastics with his Cheater 6-14lb rod... And SE QLD based angler Sam bagged this very solid Moreton Bay tuna on his in under 10 minutes on the 10-22lb model. All in all we are very happy with these rods and they will serve any angler whether they want a rod for barra and jacks, right through to pelagic speedsters like these. The Crew Nordic Stage Australia
      16. I always enjoy hearing of a new tackle store opening. "Bait Tackle Store" in located at Unit 2, 48 Moss Street, Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia 4127. Ivan the owner used to have Ikan fish so if the business model is anything similar expect to see some cool stuff you may not see elsewhere. I noticed for example they are Australian distributors for FEED LURES and IMA lures. Hopefully I will get down there soon to check it out. website does not seem to be working yet but there facebook page is: Cheers. Angus
      17. Just a shout out to James from the site who has been making his own stick baits. He dropped a few off to me today and I am seriously impressed. The quality of the resin mold is awesome and the wiring looks very solid. Add to that custom paint jobs by request and I am one very happy customer. Cannot wait to give these a bash on some pelagics and maybe even a black bass later in the year.
      18. Hi everyone, This is probably going to sound quite silly but I need some assistance with using a threadline reel. Ever since I've been able to walk I've used sidecast reels with the occasional bout of a decent overhead rig for heavy gear. The only real limitation of the sidecast reels is retrieve rate on certain lures, so my wife decided to buy me an outfit for Christmas. Well, I've seen kids use them better than I can. I'm finding them awkward to cast without a bunch of line falling off, hard to set the hook and my finger gets in the way while doing so. And don't get me started on how to correctly set a drag (I'm used to the palm of my hand providing infinite drag settings!) Any tips for someone new to these?
      19. Hi all, I did a forum search and couldnt find a similar and recent post on the topic, so I decided to start a new one. Now that I work 8 till 6 everyday in front of a computer screen for the past few years, I have developed astigmatism with different levels in either eye. After having my 1 year old glass lense Spotters blow off my face into deep water one day going 50 knots into extreme winds, and recently breaking a pair of Makos I won in a bream comp, I am looking at getting a perscription pair of polarised sunnies made up for fishing. Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this, and can suggest a manufacturer/brand/supplier, and if it is actually worth getting a custom pair made up? Cheers!
      20. For the average rec fisho, when it comes to setting a reel`s drag, few stop and think about elementary geometry and physics` properties of matter and energy. Some set their drag by loosening off some of the tension they had previously put on the drag when they last washed ( if they actually did) the rod and reel under the hose, many screw in and out their drag until that ‘just feels right’ moment comes about with the keep jerking on the line system. A few of us (even if it is only at times when we feel a need) actually use a spring scale to set our drag at the ‘thereabouts’ 33-37.5% ratio of line/rod lb/kg ratings. Most then work on the ‘a little more or a little less’ system depending on the diminishing line on the spool and/or what we think is happening at the hook end of the battle. Anyway, school holidays are here and we get to enjoy and entertain the 3 lower primary school grandkids while their mum`s at work. Whilst I was hiding today I came across this video.
      21. Hey AFO'ers... Obsession Fishing is giving away a Nordic Stage of the winning Applicants choice. The competition is a Facebook one and details can be viewed on our Facebook page: Cheers
      22. Hi AFO team, Im sure a post like this has popped up in the past (the site is something like 9yrs old). But i think everyone gets some benefit from learning how everyone one else operates and what rig / setup the use. Plus we have spent so much money on them, if nothing else its just a post to put up a pic or two of your pride and joy. SO, what rig and setup to you have.
      23. shimano sedona FE?

        Hello I've got a rod which is a shimano fishquest 602 2kg - 4kg Spin Rod that doesn't have a reel on it currently and was looking to put a new reel on it loaded with light braid for whiting, dart, and bream. And was wondering if the Shimano Sedona FE 1000 is any good or is waste of money? I've looked at it in BCF (thru glass) and seems to have a good drag, nice handle, and is small and light and was going to put Berkley Nanofil 4LB Line on it. Any info or opinions would be much appreciated
      24. Spinning Reel Advice

        Hi, New to the forum. Intending to make a rare purchase of some new gear. safe to say I haven't shopped for a reel in over 10 years and have managed with my beat up old combos for too long. In saying that I feel like I need some advice on the best available gear out there, interested in best brands for performance and quality. Value for money. I am looking at a 2-5kg spinning reel - for fishing (QLD) rivers/estuaries, bays etc. both bait and lure fishing. Also if someone has a rod preference/recommendation for this type of combo that would be greatly appreciated. If I could get hold of something to last the next 5-10 years that would be fantastic.