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      1. Newbie To Bayside - Moreton Bay

        Hi all, is anyone willing to introduce me to Moreton Bay fishing spots? Ive just bought my first boat and would like some advice to get going, fishing and crabbing around the bay. Im based in Wynnum and have bought a cruise craft now rider.
      2. Guy at the Barra night at Logan River marine showed how to make twisted leaders with a reversing electric drill. I think his name was Matt Fraser but not certain. He was kind enough to give out a few of his jigs and I scored one. They are simple to make using a hole saw, a bit of dowell and some cup hooks. Afraid post will be a bit long as I have stuffed up my photobucket. [img size=500]
      3. The Tight Line

        As always a great read. Makes me wish i was younger,fitter and richer. Do not forget to click on the emag. What is new at Fish Head? The Tight Line Vol 8 Some of you may have noticed that the Tight Line E Mag hasn’t been around lately. We have resolved some software issues and it is all up and running again. Check out the new issue with stories about the infamous red bass, mighty PNG black bass, Northern NSW Murray Cod and for good measure, a pictorial from the Montebellos in WA. Click Here to view New gear at Fish Head An avalanche of new stock has arrived at Fish Head this month, headed by a giant shipment from FCL Labo! We have a bunch of new lures and new colours on old lures as well as some new jig, barra and swimbait casting Zenaq Rods are just about to arrive including the new Tobizo bluewater casting rods, Defi Muthos rock fishing rods and more of their fantastic Glanz Swimbait rods. We have also had Chug Norris poppers arrive from Nomad and next week another shipment of ASWB and Reefsedge lures are due to hit the store. The latest lure from FCL is the EbiSC 220. If you are not familiar with the myriad of FCL models, the Ebipop is a long blooping popper lure and one of the originals in the FCL range. SC stand for ‘shore cast’, meaning that these models are slightly narrower in the cup and more tail weighted than the larger heavy duty GT models. This new 220mm 100g version is the largest of the SC range and was built at our request for a long casting popper to suit kingfish, mackerel, tuna, big reef critters and naturally the odd GT too. The EbiSC 220 cast really easily, chugs, bloops and chops very nicely. The fast chugging retrieve is perfect for kings and mackerel in SE QLD and balances well with PE4-6 tackle. The SPP 140 lure has been a staple of our FCL range for a long time. We now have the SPP 140 slim in stock! This model has all of the action of the original, but has a more aggressive swimming action, swims a little deeper and has better hook exposure due to the slimmer design. This is perfect for GT and other large pelagics like big tuna, mackerel, wahoo and more! Many anglers are using the larger models of FCL lures, but we are also stocking some of the small FCL designs as well. The MOP50 and 2KR55 are a popper and fizzer designed for bass, bream, sooties, jacks and jungle perch. They have the same heavy duty resin construction as the larger lures, so the durability is top notch! Tight Lines, The Fish Head Team Call or Email us!! Phone: +617 5596 3444 Email: The Ebipop SC 220 is the perfect mid size popper choice for PE #5-6 when targeting Trevally, Kingfish, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Mackerel and Tuna. Buy Now The chiseled face on the CSP S220F helps the lure dig in and swim with a irresistible action. Long slow sweeps, fast twitches and rips all work great. It can also generate a skittering action when worked fast on the surface. Even on a straight retrieve the CSP will wobble seductively side to side enticing Kingfish and GT's to take a bite Buy Now The CSP55SP-F is easy to work across the surface with a walk the dog action but really comes alive when you twitch it under the surface with an erratic action. The flat sides generate plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design calling in fish from a distance. Buy Now The FCL TG 163 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is is very sucessful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in turbulent water and will not spook fish on calm days. Buy Now Cheers Ray
      4. First Time In Australia

        Hi from The Netherlands! I will be traveling from Sydney to Cairns in July and August this year. We are planning to go by van along the coast to the north. I am known with most angling techniques, freshwater mainly and some saltwater from the beach. I was hoping you guys could help me in the right direction on angling at the east-coast. I was thinking about the gear, bait, locations and of course the possible permits I might need. Some extra tips or hints are also very welcome of course! Thanks in advance! Dutch-angler
      5. Hey all. So the not-so-new-anymore Berkeley Nanofil line has been around for a while now. Time for a review. What do you all think of its performance? I've had a spool of 8lb nanofil which I use in combo with 6 lb/4 lb/2 lb leader and at the moment I would not recommend anyone to use this line to tie their partner to the bedpost. Not that I've tried it or anything, but simply because I think the line will break by the knot and your partner would be free = No fun. Every time I get snagged or if the line goes under some decent tension, the nanofil snaps near the leader knot. I'm sure this can be solved with a better leader knot. I use a double uni. Is anyone else having a similar problemm and what type of knots are you using? Other than that, this line casts a dime and I haven't had any spooling problems at all. Ahmedy
      6. Gold Coast Seaway

        Hi guys, has anybody fished the gold coast seaway / the spit and if so, what fish am I to find there? What is an all round good setup to use? Thanks, Danny
      7. What I've bought...

        Hi all, So... as the title says... what I've bought is what this is all about. I love the excitement of buying stuff and just love to share my joy with the missus... but she's getting a little sick of it So... this can be like an AA meeting... please feel free to join in. Hopefully we can keep this running and we can all ogle and ooh and ahh at everyone's purchases I'll start. Hi my name is Henry... and I've just bought a Lox (liquid Oxygen) Yoshi 2 piece, 1-3kg rod. Received today at work This is ontop of the Stella1000, spotters sunnies, box of hardbodies, pack of plastics and stradic 1000 in the last month.
      8. Hi All, On the weekend, my sharpshooter snapped off just above the top half join while casting. Wasn't too happy about it obviously. Been very happy with the rod so was hoping someone could direct me towards who I can talk to about getting a top half replacement for this rod? Thanks, Peter
      9. Ok a new concept for the Tackle section... We all love product reviews as they offer an incite into the new toys we may be able to play with in the near future... However product reviews in any off the shelf magazines are not much better than advertorials. Many magazines will not actually publish reviews unless they are specifically for the product of a paying customer. I 100% completely understand the reasoning for this, however it does lead to a relatively skewed view of what the product offers, and what other products are on offer! In short, I would like this sticky thread to consist of "real" anglers, first hand experience trying new products. This his will hopefully give members a true incite into what new products are out there, where they can get them for the best price and what they should expect... Sponsored/Afililated Anglers: In an effort to keep it real sponsored afilliated anglers are discouraged from reviewing their own goods but may review whatever else. For example, I will never review a Nordic Stage rod, but may review an Eco Gear lure or whatever. I thought a simple table would assist as a cut and paste but feel free to add more as some products will require different fields (rods over lures for example). The details I have given below are more for lures. Also, members feel free to counter review, offer cheaper options for purchase etc as this information may be critical in someones purchase. Product: Type: Plastic/Hardbody/Chrome/Spinnerbait etc. Colour Range: Limited/Medium/Expensive Preferred Colour Thus Far: Price: Quality: Action: Experience: A brief account. Pictures: Optional... Look forward to seeing some usage! Angus
      10. Shimano R4000 And Telescopic Rod Questions

        i purchased from aldi a 'shimano rod and reel combo' firstly asking about the reliability of the reel and what strength line comes spooled onto the reel. the line is a light green colour. also would you recommend this kind of rod for regular use.
      11. Gt Rod And Reel Combo

        Hi guys, after some knowledgable advice from those that are in the know. In 4 weeks off to Kiribati Island - lots of GT fishing. Have never popped (and some stickbaiting) for GT's before and need to get set up. Considering Shimano Stella 14,000 with PE80 teamed up with Ocea Offshore 792 stick-bait GT. Looking at14,000 as will give me more flexibility when I return to Sydney (kingfish) rather than something that sits I he cupboard until the next big trip. what are the issues with what I am considering and any other options you would consider? Appreciate any advice or help you can give. crispy
      12. Help Required For Overhead Combo

        I've always fished over reefs using a couple of good rods with alvey reels. I have been thinking of trying some different styles of fishing, trolling etc, but I'm looking for (if possible) an outfit that I can use for some light trolling, bottom bashing and maybe the occasional jigging. I am aware that they are all different styles, but as a beginner of these styles I would like one outfit to cover all to start and then if I like fishing like this I can purchase equipment to suit. It might be a big ask to cover all these types of fishing, but I would like some ideas on rod and reel combinations. I have been looking at tld's and penn's. I normally fish in waters from 20m to upwards of 80m
      13. Bcf Shimano Sienna Spin Pack & Kato Lures

        Hi Guys, Saw this deal at BCF and just wanted some feedback regarding the Shimano Sonic Pro graphite spin rod and Sienna 2500FE spin reel. I'm catching bream in the Pine River and have a birthday coming up so would love to hear if this gear would suit plus comments regarding this rod and reel. The pack is $99 and includes a set of Kato species specific lures. Thanks. Lex
      14. Baitcaster Custom Build...

        Loving this custom built BC rod (on a Nordic Stage Cheater blank). Now a reel for it... suggestions? Interesting features include the hand carved wooden grip and spiral wrap guides. Cheers Justin Dez ( @sunnydays) from J-Dez cutoms for the build. The spiral wrap guides is pretty wacky looking at first but the science backs it up. In fact I have heard we can expect off the shelf "Edge" BC rods (designed by Garry Loomis) to feature this guide system soon.
      15. Hi, first time on here. I'm in the market for new fishing reels and need some support as the more I read reviews the more I get confused on choice. I feel that a lot of the reviews are paid members supporting the brand's. So I hoping in this forum I will achieve the result I want, so here goes. I fish in rivers and I fish off a boat in say maximum 12Mt deep in the bay from geelong Victoria. I am looking for one reel as an allrounder. I have had my eye on the new Daiwa aired 4000 and the penn spinfisher v 4500. Understand there is a weight difference but I don't mind. There are good features in both. I like the feel in both but am looking for the product that will last the longest with minimum fuss. I hear the daiwa does not like salt water at all...Has anyone experienced either of the two? I must say I have had two penn spinning reels I purchased from kmart 10 years ago and are still as good as the day I got them. Now the question which of the two new reels will match that....?
      16. Wtb Saltiga 76 Game Spin Rod

        Has anyone got a Saltiga 76 Game they want to sell? Really like the one I bought off Damo and one of my sons is looking for one.
      17. Recommendations please?

        Hello, I'm hoping I can get some recommendations from you all - I've done some fishing here and there as a youngest and have some old broken fishing gear in the shed which is in need of updating - I'd like to be able to do general fishing when away camping whether it be river or ocean being able to put the gear in the back of the fourbie.. But everything seems a bit overwhelming to be honest. Have been looking at the following rods: N.S Black Hole Hurricane Bass 6'6" 2 piece spin rod 2-8lbs N.S Black Hole Hurricane Bass Micro 6'7" 2 piece spin rod 4-8lbs Paired up with these reels: Penn Conflict 2500 Abu Garcia Orra 2 SX 20 Daiwa Saltist Nero 4000 I'm just not sure if i'm totally off the mark or looking in the right place.. Should I open up the choices and look at bait casting reels? Any advice? I know these posts are always coming along and i'm sorry if this is like watching paint dry.. Bish
      18. Graphite Rod Blank Question

        I must have too many rods and reels!! …., dumber than dumb idea…. I`ve just discovered? a shimano raider 1 piece, 2-4 kg 7’ 2” finesse bream rod with a reel on it. I had not seen this rod and reel for about 2 +years and had assumed that I must have given them to one of my kids when they had been down home on holidays at one time. This combo has been cunningly hiding from me, between one of my fishing/tackle cupboards and the corner meeting place of 2 walls. It`s been leaning/resting almost vertically onto/into the corner of the walls. The rod now has an ever so slight bend starting about 15-16cm from the tip of the rod, in line with the spine of the rod ( the bend facing the side the reel sits on) Ok, my request is for someone`s actual knowledge, has this compromised the integrity of the graphite blank, at this 15-16 cm point on the rod. Do I still have a 7’ 2” rod or will I be turning it into a 6’ 8’’ and less than finesse, rod for the grandkids.
      19. I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice on setting up a new rod. This is the first rod Ive bought (rather than inheriting/acquiring) so I'm looking at "good" gear within a budget if there is such a place! I bought a 7ft Shakespeare Ugly Stik Platinum 6-10kg rated rod and am looking at reels. I had in mind the Pflueger President -there's a nice looking limited edition out at the moment which would match my rod. ( I am unsure of the size I would need, looking at the 25, 30 or 35. I've always used mono line around 9 or 10lbs so I will probably look at putting heavier line or braid and use a leader (which Ive never done before either). The rod was a split second decision and Ive never had problems with other Ugly Stiks Ive used. And I only chose Pflueger based on reviews and Ive used a Purist reel of similar size and it felt great. Other than that I've got no idea! It will only be used for rivers, lakes and dams and possibly a bit of off shore if I find myself near the coast. mostly lures and bait cos ive not ventured into plastics yet! What are some other opinions or gear you use for a similar use. Thanks Andrew
      20. Happy to announce a new stockist on the South Side of Brisbane. Some of you may know Ivan the owner from his previous business Ikan Fish. Ivan's new store is a massive expansion on this original venture and the racks are now stocked with a healthy range of Nordic Stage rods. You can find the store here: 2/48 Moss St, Slacks Creek QLD. One thing that shands out is the huge range of micro jigs which is pretty cool as a lot of guys have been using some of the new Nordic Stage ranges very successfully with micro jigs so it is a nice pairing. So check them out of you are local or on the way down the coast. Ivan is good for a chat and does not mind doing a good deal when a few things are purchased (my new IMA lures and micro jigs are a testimony to this )
      21. Since Nordic Stage's introduction to Australian shores we have focused largely on finesse gear. Now for whatever reason people have often chosen to push that gear to the limits which can be risky but cool. It was with this in mind the Cheater range was introduced, the name literally referring to these rods ability to cheat the odds. After pushing them to the limits in PNG some of the local crew have also been punishing them with great results. Despite being very light weight due to their low resin content they still have some serious back bone. Justin from the Sunshine Coast has recently been nailing a variety of pelagics on plastics with his Cheater 6-14lb rod... And SE QLD based angler Sam bagged this very solid Moreton Bay tuna on his in under 10 minutes on the 10-22lb model. All in all we are very happy with these rods and they will serve any angler whether they want a rod for barra and jacks, right through to pelagic speedsters like these. The Crew Nordic Stage Australia
      22. Hey AFO'ers... Obsession Fishing is giving away a Nordic Stage of the winning Applicants choice. The competition is a Facebook one and details can be viewed on our Facebook page: Cheers
      23. I always enjoy hearing of a new tackle store opening. "Bait Tackle Store" in located at Unit 2, 48 Moss Street, Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia 4127. Ivan the owner used to have Ikan fish so if the business model is anything similar expect to see some cool stuff you may not see elsewhere. I noticed for example they are Australian distributors for FEED LURES and IMA lures. Hopefully I will get down there soon to check it out. website does not seem to be working yet but there facebook page is: Cheers. Angus
      24. Hi everyone, This is probably going to sound quite silly but I need some assistance with using a threadline reel. Ever since I've been able to walk I've used sidecast reels with the occasional bout of a decent overhead rig for heavy gear. The only real limitation of the sidecast reels is retrieve rate on certain lures, so my wife decided to buy me an outfit for Christmas. Well, I've seen kids use them better than I can. I'm finding them awkward to cast without a bunch of line falling off, hard to set the hook and my finger gets in the way while doing so. And don't get me started on how to correctly set a drag (I'm used to the palm of my hand providing infinite drag settings!) Any tips for someone new to these?