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      1. tasmania Salmon And Tailor Off The Rocks.

        Had fun chasing some local salmon off the rocks. hope you enjoy. Cheers Clinton.
      2. south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

        Hi guys, newbie to the forum here, really learnt a lot more about fishing from this fantastic platform. Been living in Brisbane for almost 2 years now, originally from Adelaide. Only been back to the fishing world for about 3 months now landbased. But I am struggling, not that I can’t catch any fish, but 95% of my catch are unfortunately, Catfish, the other 5% being Breams, Cod, Eels, river perch, a shovelnose and a bullshark. Tbh I was very excited to catch my first few catties as I have never caught them before in SA, but then the excitement wore out after catching them everywhere from Indooroopilly to Gateway, sizes from 20cm to almost 1m. At first I thought it’s because the majority of spots I fish are along the rivers. So I went to the ocean , Wynnum, Redcliffe, I still catch them there, and once in Wynnum, I caught 5 in a row, they almost hit every time on the drop. I changed bait from pillies to prawn, to live yabbies, to live mullets, but never managed to stop them from biting anything. Is there a special type of rigs Brisbane fellow fishos use to avoid catfish? Can someone teach me how not to catch catfish? Or do I have to go fishing in GC to not catch this pesty fish. I really had enough of them, I am now pretty discouraged by this coz I know whenever I go fishing in Brisbane, catfish will be waiting for me. Any advises will be greatly appreciated guys.
      3. Court forfeits ‘borrowed’ boat used for illegal fishing 18 Oct 2017 “Fisheries officers searched the boat and found over 250kg of fish on board, much of it hidden in concealed compartments under the deck,”…….. obviously the boat`s owner is a model citizen too.
      4. Hi all, Left home 4am Wednesday, 2hr drive to new boat ramp in Townsville, absolute dream to launch. Dropped 8 pots and went out the front of the new port area to do some fishing. Was looking for Whiting/Bream/ anything with fins. Using prawns/squid for bait ( frozen from trawler ) pretty fresh. Used half tank fuel , got a couple of nibbles, nothing to get exicted about. Moved south to the sand bars on the making high, never even gat a show, at least thought we'd get some whiting. Moved up the creek fished the rock walls and mangroves still nothing, yes did have lines in the water. Pulled pots late afternoon pushing low tide got one 100mm crab. Fished deep hole at mouth of sh@t creek and got 1 x 100mm bream. No worries, got to use new sounder and leccy motor. Pulled out late arvo and headed home to some nice cold rums. No pic's wasn't worth it. Good day anyhow. Cheers Gary.
      5. Hey AFO legends A mate is selling a Calcutta CT 400b baitcaster. I'm looking to put together a 40-50 lb braid rod/reel and wondered if the Calcutta have enough drag and line capacity. Is it the sort of thing that would be good for the 1770 trip? i have 30lb on a 5000 sustain and a TLD 25 at 60 lb but wanted something that has more stopping power than the sustain but more fish-ability than the heavy TLD. What cha recon?
      6. Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT, worth $10K. Flights, accomodation, meals and transfers all included. Sign up to Fishflicks in the month of August, get access to your favourite fishing, hunting, and 4WD content whenever you want, and automatically go into the draw to win the trip of a lifetime. Visit to sign up.
      7. Name: Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT Category: Saltwater Fishing Date Added: 2017-08-15 Submitter: Fishflicks Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT, worth $10K. Flights, accomodation, meals and transfers all included. Sign up to Fishflicks in the month of August, get access to your favourite fishing, hunting, and 4WD content whenever you want, and automatically go into the draw to win the trip of a lifetime. Visit to sign up. Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT
      8. Overhead Rods

        hey guy going to pick up 2 1200 wft electric reels on friday and was looking for good priced rods to go on them anyone got any thoughts on what to get dont what to pay over the moon prices ,thanks brad
      9. From Facebook.
      10. Hi, I'm new to this forum, so if I made some mistake please let me know. I have a Shimano TLD 20 reel which I bought recently along with a Daiwa Sensor Surf(11.6 ft). This is my first time using an overhead reel and casting a rod this large. I'm confident with casting a baitcaster, largest that I've used is a Corvalus, but I might have been relying too much on the brakes and spool tension knob, and it's not on this one. I've practised using what I know from my baitcaster experience by adjusting the drag knob so that the baits fall down slowly, but the best I can do goes as far as my usual baitcaster cast(around 10-15 m), along with a light birdsnest. I even tried releasing my thumb earlier during casting. Any looser and a birdsnest occur pretty quickly, killing the distance to only a few metres, even if I had my thumb lightly on the spool. If anyone can provide me with any tips I'll be really grateful. Also, I have a size 3 star sinker and a 6-7 cm x 5-6cm squid for the bait(spproximately), do I need more weight for my setup?
      11. Electric Reels

        would like to get 2 electric reels for the 1770 trip coming up ,whats your thoughts on witch ones to buy have been looking at the wft one they have fro sale at dinga fishing they look good and good price,thanks,brad
      12. East Coast Trip

        G'day everyone! Me and a few mates are planning an east coast fishing/surfing trip for the Christmas holidays and are looking for a few suggestions on good areas to fish. We're from the Mornington Peninsula, but will be starting from Noosa/Sunshine Coast and working our way back down over about 3 weeks. Looking mainly for estuaries/lakes/rivers to fish but we're keen on some close offshore spots to try out as well. Any suggestions/comments would be great to hear! Cheers
      13. Identify This Fish

        Hi guys, My brother caught this fish on a beach in South Australia yesterday. Is anyone able to help identify what it is? I've searched online and can't seem to find an answer. Cheers, Shane.
      14. Where To Fish After The Rains?

        Hi all Brisbane based angler here. Heard a lot of good things about fishing after rain, some bad things too. Thinking about doing some landbased fishing along the pine or the in the port. Is it better to go right to the mouth of rivers after rain or bit further up? Not targeting anything specific, some advice would be welcome. cheers
      15. What Fish Is This?

        I caught this fish over the weekend at Black Head in Gerroa, NSW. Do you know what fish is this?
      16. Almost Ready

        Ok guys so I know it's been a while since the "week 1" of working on the boat but here it is...unfortunately been unable to work on it as often as I thought due to the wife being in hospital but the only thing left is my electric motor and my fish finder to be installed (getting done professionally) please let me know if there is any ideas you would like to plant into my head. Thanks, Danny
      17. The Tight Line

        As always a great read. Makes me wish i was younger,fitter and richer. Do not forget to click on the emag. What is new at Fish Head? The Tight Line Vol 8 Some of you may have noticed that the Tight Line E Mag hasn’t been around lately. We have resolved some software issues and it is all up and running again. Check out the new issue with stories about the infamous red bass, mighty PNG black bass, Northern NSW Murray Cod and for good measure, a pictorial from the Montebellos in WA. Click Here to view New gear at Fish Head An avalanche of new stock has arrived at Fish Head this month, headed by a giant shipment from FCL Labo! We have a bunch of new lures and new colours on old lures as well as some new jig, barra and swimbait casting Zenaq Rods are just about to arrive including the new Tobizo bluewater casting rods, Defi Muthos rock fishing rods and more of their fantastic Glanz Swimbait rods. We have also had Chug Norris poppers arrive from Nomad and next week another shipment of ASWB and Reefsedge lures are due to hit the store. The latest lure from FCL is the EbiSC 220. If you are not familiar with the myriad of FCL models, the Ebipop is a long blooping popper lure and one of the originals in the FCL range. SC stand for ‘shore cast’, meaning that these models are slightly narrower in the cup and more tail weighted than the larger heavy duty GT models. This new 220mm 100g version is the largest of the SC range and was built at our request for a long casting popper to suit kingfish, mackerel, tuna, big reef critters and naturally the odd GT too. The EbiSC 220 cast really easily, chugs, bloops and chops very nicely. The fast chugging retrieve is perfect for kings and mackerel in SE QLD and balances well with PE4-6 tackle. The SPP 140 lure has been a staple of our FCL range for a long time. We now have the SPP 140 slim in stock! This model has all of the action of the original, but has a more aggressive swimming action, swims a little deeper and has better hook exposure due to the slimmer design. This is perfect for GT and other large pelagics like big tuna, mackerel, wahoo and more! Many anglers are using the larger models of FCL lures, but we are also stocking some of the small FCL designs as well. The MOP50 and 2KR55 are a popper and fizzer designed for bass, bream, sooties, jacks and jungle perch. They have the same heavy duty resin construction as the larger lures, so the durability is top notch! Tight Lines, The Fish Head Team Call or Email us!! Phone: +617 5596 3444 Email: The Ebipop SC 220 is the perfect mid size popper choice for PE #5-6 when targeting Trevally, Kingfish, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Mackerel and Tuna. Buy Now The chiseled face on the CSP S220F helps the lure dig in and swim with a irresistible action. Long slow sweeps, fast twitches and rips all work great. It can also generate a skittering action when worked fast on the surface. Even on a straight retrieve the CSP will wobble seductively side to side enticing Kingfish and GT's to take a bite Buy Now The CSP55SP-F is easy to work across the surface with a walk the dog action but really comes alive when you twitch it under the surface with an erratic action. The flat sides generate plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design calling in fish from a distance. Buy Now The FCL TG 163 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is is very sucessful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in turbulent water and will not spook fish on calm days. Buy Now Cheers Ray
      18. BRISBANE RIVER FISHO`S GIVEN ALL CLEAR Fishers have been given the green light to return to waters around Brisbane Airport after toxic firefighting foam spilled from a Qantas hangar in April. The latest results from the surrounding waters showed only eight of the 82 samples were at or above investigation trigger levels. Environment Minister Steven Miles said the water quality remained within recreational water use guidelines, and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries had given fishers the all clear. Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young said the health advice was that consumers should limit their consumption of seafood from the investigation area to two or three serves per week. "This means the recommended weekly intake is two to three serves of 75 grams for children up to six years and two to three serves of 150 grams for the rest of the population," Dr Young said. Mr Miles said Qantas would continue its tests as a safeguard following the government's month-long investigation. "Perfluorinated chemicals are commonly found in the environment at low levels due to widespread use in consumer products over many decades," he said. "The public is exposed to small amounts of PFAS in everyday life and they are found at very low levels in the blood of the general population around the world."
      19. Heads up for anyone looking for some new grear. I went to Jones tackle Gympie Rd Chemside today. They have a sale on and it ends tomorrow. I picked up another 10000 size Saragossa for $271 good value. 20% off there normal prices. They are not open on Sunday. Some will thank me for this post and others will curse me
      20. Daiwa Baitcaster

        Hey guys, I have two Laguna bait casters for fresh water and I have two saltist ones as well the saltist PE1-2 in 6'6 I love and is perfect up here in Innisfail for chasing Jacks, Estuary Cod small GT's that I have caught on it so far as well as numerous others. I also have the PE 4-6 which I use out at the reefs but I was looking the other day at the Gen Black V2 rods and was trying to work out what makes them so much better then the other rods.... I like the feel of them and they seem to flex a little more under load and are nice strong but still flimsy enough to let decent fish hook them selves. Any thoughts?? I use the millionaire 300 reels....
      21. New Worm Possession Limits

        Got this as a pdf file so had to snip it to copy. Cheers Ray
      22. Hey all, I'm from Cairns but living in Singapore right now. Coming to Bris tomorrow for a 2 week break (flights to Cairns too expensive), and wondering can anyone suggest any short breaks in the area that the Missus would enjoy, whilst I snuck off for a flick? Moreton Island or something? I'm packing a 3kg SP outfit by the way. Any suggestions for landbased too? Will have hire car and will be staying southside. Thanks in advance!
      23. Stradic Fk

        Looking at the 4000/5000 to go with Gomoku Kaiten jigging rod. $199 at a few places. Any opinions on this model compared to others in the same bracket ?
      24. This Is Commitment

        This bloke has some great vids. He's obviously just starting out but I can see big things for this young bloke. Some of the best fishing vids I've seen. What a legend.