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      1. south queensland Bit Busy Npd.

        Non stop action this morning until we ran out of bait at 9am. 129 bass 6 forkies And a big smile for Rick. Cheers Ray
      2. Had to drop down to my sponsors place ( my son ) yesterday arvo in the GC hinterland. There was a storm forming so I thought I had better get a few quick flicks in before it arrived. After a bit of scrub and paddock bashing and losing more blood, I was onto a hot bite, sadly the storm arrived to quickly and I was not going to get sapped with a rod in my hand. Just as I was about to call it quits a kayaker came around the bend. I said hello and said you are a gamer person than me. By the time I reached the D Max it bucketed down. Back to sons place for arvo tea then back down to the creek on his property for a few more. Tried again this morning and all I got was a lot more scratches from scrub bashing and not a single bass.
      3. south queensland Smashingem

        Morning started off poorly, I was trying for some weed dwellers, but I should of known better. As they like hot balmy mornings with cloud cover overhead. I had the hot right but it was dry heat not balmy and the sky was clear, which meant the fish were deeper in the weeds and staying there. So not to be out done I changed tactics and headed off trolling looking for schools. I managed to find a few and put them in the memory bank ( never to be thought of again ) and continued on till I found a very good school. Down went the fishfinders and it was just fish after fish. Managed 78 bass by 9.30am and got a bit bored with it, tried a few lures but they were not interested,still had some small shrimp left, which I wanted to keep for the bullrout my mate gave me. I think Ray must of had the binocks on me as he came scooting over and landed on top of a school of forkies, I think they got 20 in a row, anyhow I left them to it. Dino
      4. Barometer was 1005 so fishing was crook. Carpet of barnarbys on the bottom. Bass were around 15 feet but the Barnabys were also rising from the bottom so we couldnt avoid them. Cheers Ray
      5. Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on fishing when the barometer is low, as it will be this wknd. Is it worth getting out and putting the extra hours to try and find the fish, or is it a waste of time.
      6. south queensland Fishing

        hi all do they get much fish at Lake Moogerah and what is the best way to get there towing a caravan from southport cheers snap
      7. south queensland Moogerah

        hi alldo you catch redclaw and yella belly at atkinson dam
      8. south queensland Wassa

        Can anyone tell me where the yabby banks are around Lota Creek Thanks, Wassa
      9. 1 launched 5.30 2 Plenty of bass around 30 cm at Ians island Did shrimp pots. Tried upstream better sized fish in high 30s and low 40s. Both tied for tandan king Back to Ians island as Rick was determined to use up the last of his 50 tags. Cheers Ray
      10. south queensland Quick Crab Grab

        I love to go fishing with friends and family. We set alarms early to fish the high tide and headed to the Whyte Island Boat Ramp at fisherman's island. Mrs Drop Bear, Junior #2 Drop Bear and Howler. It was supposed to be a 2.1 or something meter high at 7am ish but was much lower than this. Did any one else experience this today? Does it go wrong quite often? You can see in the background of this next shot where the normal high tide is and although we were there a bit early it didn't get much higher than what you can see in this photo. The wind was a bit crappy with about 10-15 northerly so the bay was yucky in my 5m open tinny. The creeks were our option as it was really nice. We put the pots in about an hour before high in some skinny creeks I have found not far from home. Look how tidy my boat is when I go crabbing... not Do you recognize any pots there @Angus? thanks I had run out of floats and because we were only leaving them for about 2-3 hours made do with some properly marked milk bottles. These worked fine but would never use them if fishing for longer than that or if I was in an area where there was some fast tidal movement or choppy water. We then fished for gar with floats and a little bit of prawn. I have seen the gar thick here before but only the little ones turned up today. Hundreds of them ravenously ate all the burly that we chucked at them but really were too small to catch. Even if we were to have caught them they would not be big enough to eat. One cast net would have gotten some nice baits but I only had my big one and there were lots of snags. We finished the fishing and pulled in 9 of the 12 pots with only one nice bug ugly (but sadly 1 clawed) buck. No Jennies and no under sized crabs. As we tried to get the last 3 pots we realised that the water had gone out too far and couldn't get back to them. It was barely 2 hours past high and it surprised me at how low the water was. So we had to leave them for another day. I know where they are and will get them next trip. If anyone is keen to go grab them and take any crabs out of them I can PM you the location. Its not far from the ramp or hard to find but you would need a very small tinny and be not too worried about little dints in your prop... We had a 12 foot top pocket cast net with us and there were millions of small prawns skipping on the surface. We were only in about 2 or 3 foot of water so it was totally the wrong net but had a go any way. We watched hundreds of little prawns jump out through the net weave but quite a few got stuck enough to get them in. I love little prawns. Fried hot and hard in a combo of butter rice bran oil and garlic. yumm. I did nothing to them this time but they are even better if you dust them with seasoned and spiced corn flower or some similar flower. We put on lots of salt and white pepper then eat the whole thing. Crispy and good. They take about 1m to cook. You just have to watch the spike on the front of the head. I just break this off or crunch it first. I want to go and buy a cheap 8 foot bottom pocket net for this and have it ready in the boat for next time. Any tips on what one to buy? Is there a small weave version? It probably wouldn't matter as if you pulled them in fast enough they would stay in long enough. Will these prawns grow up to be big ones in March? Not telling where they were The live bait tank kept them fresh until we got back. After a few fruitless swipes with the aquarium net to try and get them out I realized I would have to drain it first. I was worried that they would get sucked out the bottom but put the net under the outflow pipe and all was good So a bit quieter than we had hoped but the muddy was as full as a QLD politicians wallet and made a great and delicious lunch of prawn and mud crab. Poor us poor us... Oh and sorry for no photo of the crab... perhaps we didn't catch it after all? POIDH? DB
      11. south queensland Bream On The Top

        I occasionally take my lures out for a swim in the rust water. This morning I went for a paddle along some mangroves and tossed poppers and walkers to the feisty bream who chased just about everything I threw at them, especially if it looked anything like a prawn. No huge bream were caught but I had fun chucking lures deep into the shady pockets of the mangroves and extracting these spiky little devils. I had a big fish splashing in front of me so I put a cast over it and jagged a great big longtom ! The thing took off straight into the mangroves and I bid fairwell to my nice sugar pen. For some reason the line went slack as it left the mangroves and headed to open water where some fellow fishos in a boat helped me retrieve my lure after the fish was worn down enough. All in all a very pleasant morning.
      12. south queensland Trevally Tips

        Gday guys, just after some info on where to find some trevally around the south east, sunny coast down to the Gold Coast, using lures. Tips on places and tactics would be great. Cheers
      13. There is a famous saying - there's three sides to any story, Steve's side, my side and the truth ....... As alluded to by @Old Scaley in his report, we went fishing together in the bay today under the guise of chasing mackerel, but I think he worked out quite quickly that the mackerel were not around and it was in fact a sneaky ploy by me to challenge him for his title of 'Grinner King'. I was confident early - I had two in the esky (I keep them for bait or crab bait) by the time he met me on the water and I picked up two more before we changed tack and headed off to Green Island to try our luck. I gave Steve two to use for fresh bait, we each anchored, tried our luck, then checked in with each other before heading back to the ramp, and low and behold the Grinner King had dragged himself up off the canvas and, as the current titleholder, retained his crown by drawing level with me on a total of 4. And wasn't he grinning ....... Til next time Grinner King - I'm going to have to go back to the drawing books and fine-tune my methods .....
      14. south queensland 86 Left Them Biting

        Great morning out at NPD, Willy weather got it wrong again and lucky we had some wind to cool things down as it got hot very early. Headed off to the weed edges where I found zilch, as the sun was up early the bass remained hidden in amongst the weed,I'll have to wait for an overcast day. Managed to pick quite a few up trolling down the dam that were sitting very deep. I then decided Ray cant have all the fun catching them on bait, so stopped at the first spot and managed 20 fairly quickly. I then set off trolling to the next spot, in amongst having a feed I noticed a good school on the sounder, so pulled up and sent a few fish finders down and it was full on for awhile. Good to see the numbers returning. Dino
      15. south queensland Spotted No School Macs

        So I got a bit interested in paravane fishing for school mackerel after reading @kmcrosby78s topic on the subject so last weekend I ordered a paravane from @aussie123‘s site along with a couple of spoons. They turned upTuesday (thanks Lance, great service as usual) so then I contacted Kelvin to see if I could tag along and extract his secret spots and the plan was hatched to meet up at Hope Bank early this morning. We put in at Wellington Point which is a first for me. I have never really fished that part of the bay - fished Green and Peel many times but never in between. Good ramp with lots of parking and easy access to both those islands. The weather was mint. Kelvin was on the water at stupid o’clock and I left the ramp a bit before 6. Kelvin sent me a text to say he had given up on Hope and was down near Peel. I motored out to where I thought Hope Bank was but ended up at Harries so decided to troll down towards Peel to find Kelvin. Long story short, I met up with Kelvin near Peel and we trolled around that area and then trolled back to Hope and around there for a while. Did not see a single bird all day except for a few shags. It was smiles all round for Kelvin as he picked up a few of our old mates the grinner. I landed a bonito which Kelvin later told me was a Watson’s Leaping Bonito. We finished up with a bit of a bait fish around Green and back at the ramp around 11.30 in time to catch some eye popping scenery which I won’t elaborate on in case @ellicat reads this and gets over excited. So, yet another day of underachieving but great to be out in such good conditions and trying a few different things and places. Here is the bonito if anyone is interested.
      16. Headed back for a lunch time flick with Joanne, @Tanya mother. As it happens she is a whiting fisher person who grew up at Bribie fishing for Whiting exclusively. Well it shows. 8 fish caught and 2 by me. Oh well a cracking dinner on the way.
      17. Going to western arm for a change on Monday Bait fishing for bass, Couple of seats avail. 0403072325 Cheers Ray
      18. Self explanatory... Got some bigger sessions planned ill put more effort into report then. Time for coffee and brownie pointa
      19. I saw before Christmas there was Work in progress at the south Manly ramp and it was closed. Any locals know whether the work is completed and the ramp is open now? thanks!
      20. I will be heading out tomorrow (Friday) night after work to launch at Bribie Island heading across to Moreton Island to sleep for the night. Early start Saturday to head offshore chasing Dollies, Marlin and Mackerel don't know return time, depends on how we are going. Share in fuel costs depending on km's traveled half share would be in the vicinity of $150 Must not get seasick or snore. If interested let me know.
      21. Went to NPD this morning and arrived a little later than normal. While we wait for opening time i normally remove the safetynet,plugin the rear leccy,screw in the bung,turn on the sounders then plug in the bow mount motor so all we have to do when re launch is remove the tie down strap. Because this did not happen the bung got overlooked. We launched and Rick held the boat while I parked the trailer and when I walked back to the boat thought gee the boat is sitting a bit low in the water. I hopped in and pushed off and the extra weight brought the Water up to the floorboards and plenty of cockroaches flushed out of the bilge. Turned on both bilge pumps and grabbed the bung and reached over the stern and screwed it in and off we went to do our traps.. When we launched there was no sign of rain and we both left our wet weather gear in the carbut by the time we ngot half way down the dam we could see a heavy shower and thought "O Bother " or something like that. We found some fish on the sounder and set up a couple of umbrellas to keep us dry. Fortunatly th drizle soon cleared and the fish kept us busy thii around 10am when they went off the chew. So another move and we found another school finishing off the day with 45 bass,one very pale tandan and 20 odd forkies. When we got back to the ramp there was a SEQ water mowing contractor parked on the ramp eating his lunch. He must have no sense of smell or taste the smell of all the pelican poo is enough to make you chuck. Cheers Ray
      22. south queensland Happy On Weed

        Had a quick session this morning fishing the weed, casting and slow rolling spinnerbaits over the top of the thick weed along the edges out at NPD. Managed 16 bass, most of which were small to medium size. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of casts and cleaning the weed off your lure time and time again. Its that strike that gets you in, when you are slow rolling your spinnerbait just above the weed in 2 to 3 metres of water, when all of a sudden you get whacked and its fish on. On my way home by 9.30am. Dino
      23. south queensland Relief From My Rod

        Conquered2 problems this morning, on my exercise walk, with new rod in hand. With the problem of getting older, and at the moment unable to get my sore leg wet, I bit the bullet and purchased a samiki zing 9foot 4 to 7 lb rod to see if it was easier to cast from the bank. I put on a 2500 twin power shimano reel to cover the amount of line used when casting 1/2 oz blades. I thought I would try it out at lake K before using it at NPD.I It worked well on 1/4 oz blades, I had to be careful I didnt hit the shallow water on the other side of the lake This fixed problem one, but created another problem, with upsizeing from 1000 reel to 2500 reel I had to really slow down my retrieve, as soon as I did I managed a couple of bass.A bell went off in the head then, I have been watching a few videos while laid up, and all the so called pros kept saying slow the retrieve right down and I realized they were all using 2500 and 3000 reels, where as I usually use 1000 reels. Like Ray I left the camera at home and now have to wait for wifey to get home from cards to show me how to get pics off i phone. Dino
      24. Hey AllThis years comp is on the 16-18th March based at the Bongaree Caravan Park.Also we have been super lucky in receiving a Quintrex Wanderer 320 package as our major lucky door prize from the awesome dudes at Brisbane Yamaha (our premium sponsor obviously).Lots of other prizes as usual on offer so watch this spaceNorm BTOF Promo 2018.pdf
      25. south queensland I'm Still Alive

        I've been a bit quiet for a good long while but I'm still waving my fishing fighting pole around. Here's some pics of the good ones over the last couple of seasons. That bass came out of knee deep water and wrapped itself around two submerged logs.