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      1. south queensland Landbased Snapper

        Hi guys just wondering if anyones had any luck around redcliffe for snapper off land I went out today off a rockwall close to the jetty but had no luck alot of locals say night time is better but i couldnt cast far enough i had 2 rods out a baitrunner paired with a shimano triton 6-10kg rod and a strikerunner on a 12 ft rod both reels spooled with 20lb line and really long leaders roughly a metre-metre half to 2 snelled 4/0 baitholder hooks had a 4 sinker down to a swivel on the surf rod and the same rig on the 7ft just a lighter sink i had whole pillies and mullet slabs for bait just wondering if my leader was to long for casting or baits to heavy Apparently the location is very good at timea for a range of species but im looking to catch snapper,squire or sweet lip
      2. south queensland Borumba Camping

        Borumba camp grounds is open again. Under new management, 2 brothers with a lot of new ideas. SEQ water is going to upgrade abu block and trafic control. Now run by Ezy Adventures.
      3. south queensland Flexible

        Its hard to be flexible at my age when it comes to yaking, but I love it and will keep going while I am able. I visited lake K this morning and was nearly up to 40 bass when the wind got up and I had to head for home. Blades were the stand out lure when I found a school and at 2 dollars each they worked well. Dino
      4. south queensland NPD 20/11/17

        Three of us to NPD yesterday morning. We got heaps of shrimp in our pots so then started searching for some fish. We only had 10 fish on the counter when we arrived at the far marker at around 8.30 It was not a big school but the fish were coming on board consistently till 10.30 when the wind really got up and made things uncomfortable and we headed over unto the lee of the island where we spent an hour and a half for another 2 fish so we pulled the pin and arrived back at the ramp with a total of 62 bass on the counter. 4 tagged fish recaptured. Cheers Ray
      5. south queensland Rock Hopping

        Slept in as long as I could this morning, woke up and there was no rain, so I decided to go and cast a few blades for some bass from the bank.Managed a few smallies and tagged a couple of legals then after having nothing for the next 100 casts I was home for bacon and egg breakfast at 7am. Dino
      6. south queensland Lukes Day Out

        Luke has been working that hard I decided to give him a ring and invite him along for a fish. Well it wasnt cricket scores but we managed nearly 50 trolling jigging and a few on shrimp.I picked up a 52.5cm bass early then spent the rest of the morning trying to get Luke one, he caught plenty but missed out on a photo. Dino
      7. south queensland Deep Purple

        Blades were a bit slow this morning, but purple hardbodies were the gun lure. It started off a miserable morning and remained that way until I gave it away just after 10am. Managed over 50 bass on lures. With several double hookups trolling through the schools that had lockjaw for the knockjaw blades. Dino
      8. south queensland Grandsons Day Out

        Grandson had a few days off and asked could he stay overnight and go fishing with me in the morning. Glad to see one of my many grandchildren wishing to have a fish, oh and to spend a little time with poppy. Anyway as Ray said the bass were a bit shy, we would get a few and they were gone in a few minutes, so we had about 200 moves and repeated the same tactics again and again. Picked them up trolling, jigging and bait fishing. Managed 66 with grandson Jake getting 26 which made him very happy.Pics up next. Dino
      9. Any areas recommended to use Bassday Sugapen for summer whiting in the Victoria Point area. Thanks
      10. south queensland Nerang River

        We made it three weekends in a row with a good solid feed of quality fish. Plenty of whiting, some nice tarwhine and a really solid grunter bream. Live yabbies and live worms did the trick as usual.
      11. south queensland NPD Fail 15/11/17

        Started off on the wrong foot by leaving camera and I pilot remote at home. Fortunately I have a spare remote stashed in the boat. We tried everywhere and could only find a few scattered bass. I was going to claim dyslexia and reverse the catch score but seeing we only caught 22 bass I could not even do that. We still enjoyed ourselves and I gave my shoulder a rest for a change, Dino was there and did ok. Cheers Ray
      12. south queensland NPD 9/11/17

        I was dubious about going this morning but as today was the only day that Daz was available and he had not been fishing for 3 months we decided to give it a go with the plan being if it was too windy we would head upstream and try to find a sheltered spot where we could tie up to a tree. The wind was only a gentle breeze when we launched so we went downstream and did the shrimp traps. By the time we reached Andrews drop the wind had got up a bit and we only found average sized bass just over 30cm and the i pilot was working hard to stay on the edge of the drop off so we decided to get in the lee of the island and see what we could find. We found a school of good sized fish and they moved on when the counter reached around 70 bass. We then decided to move again and tried over near the hard hat and found another school in 60 feet of water with the fish holding between 15 and 20 feet. We ran out of bait with the counter reading 126 fish being 125 bass and one yella. Don had the " pleasure " of catching the only forky of the day. It was good to get some trophy sized fish again. Cheers Ray
      13. south queensland Spooled By An Idiot

        While trolling down the dam yesterday I hooked up to a fish and after releasing I cast the lure out, put the rod in the rod holder while the line was running out, then forgot about it, until I see the rod buckle around, thinking it had picked up some weed as a fair bit around at the moment, I reached forward and gave the line a yank, snapped the knot on the reel as it had all run out. So I turned around and trolled through the same area trying to pick up the line, failed on the first run, but picked it up on the second.Then I set about threading the line back down the guides and attaching it back on the baitcaster. As I was trying to do this a blxxdy bass decided he or she wanted the lure, well let me tell you its not easy trying to tie line to a baitcaster with a fish on the other end of the line. After a lot of swearing and cursing my self I eventually got there. Dino
      14. Does anyone know any good kayaking spots up the brekkie creek location; where to fish, what tide, what time Etc.
      15. south queensland Temp Down

        Arrived down at my sons place in the GC hinterland just in time for lunch and the sun was out and it was quite warm. By the time I finished lunch and started walking the creek banks the wind was up and the temp was dropping rapidly. Water was fairly clear and freezing cold. Enough of the excuses, I avoided a donut but only by a few. First bass was a good one for this creek, at 42cm it was one cm short of my PB for this creek. Had plenty of strikes well side slaps, but not a lot of hookups. This creek usually only fires up around xmas when the water temp is a little higher. Stayed for a nice barbie dinner while the GC traffic died down and then had a easy trip home. Dino
      16. Back again to NPD this morning with Mark and Graham. It was unlucky for the fish but we were ok. Things were slow first up after doing the shrimp traps. By 10 am we only had 20 bass on the counter when we found a school that we sat on till when we ran out of bait with 162 bass on the counter. The majority of the bass were in the high 30s to mid 40s. only a couple of photos as I was a bit busy. We ended up with 5 tagged fish. Triple hook ups were the norm with the bass hitting the shrimp on the way down. Cheers Ray
      17. south queensland Crazy Day

        Crazy deeps were the stand out lure again today. Managed over 50 again trolling,jigging blades and casting plastics. Having a bait day tomorrow with the grandson. Dino
      18. Just looking for any spots around Brissie to catch live bait quickly and easily
      19. south queensland One More Bite

        Had a quick bait session this morning. Wind was up so I didnt travel to far, last few I got was right at the ramp. 62 bass before 9am. Dino
      20. Does anyone know how much a wilson wasp surf rod would cost 1piece?
      21. After last weekend’s success, it was time to go fishing again. Our first spot was at Chevron Island. With the steep drop off and oyster covered rocks, it doesn’t really look like a go to spot for whiting, but it produces. It only took about 90 seconds for Eva to get the first whiting, a good fish of 30 cm. We got a few more whiting there and some legal bream and tarwhine to 30cm before we decided to head upstream to Mermaid Waters. Again, very quickly we got our first whiting before we got a couple of bream. One of the lines then took off out of the rod holder and started sliding down the beach, with a grunter bream of about 34 cm being the culprit. Things went quiet for awhile. Max started fishing for garfish and got a fan tail mullet of about 10 cm which I used for live bait, only to have it eaten by a pike eel. We then got a double hook up which turned out be another solid grunter and then a whiting. All in all, it was another fun day which produced a good feed of fish.
      22. Disclaimer: Lots of product placement but can't get around it as you would expect. I have been given some new micro jigs to try from Gobblers and since I haven't fished since 1770 trip many weeks ago, I was keen to get out Saturday morning. I wanted to try the out-riggers out, makes it look like a real boat. Warning: Do not have these things up if it's high tide they WILL collect the Bribie Island bridge. My son Luke joined me and we found some marks which looked promising. A few casts into it and I had 4 hits before I finally hooked a small but nice Kingfish. Bit of editing can make a world of difference to photos. Tried hard to get Luke onto one, but the hooks pulled on the one he hooked. Then it was time to drop a micro jig down. It was not a good move on 20lb leader and the Kingy took it near the surface before racing to the bottom to cut me off. Maybe if I had not been getting the SP in, I would have gone to work on it earlier and prevented the bust off. A surprise was a nice 65cm flathead which we released. Headed out wide to see how the outriggers went in the hope of scoring a dollie but no joy. After trolling I moved in Hutchies reef and found some more good marks and tried a few more micro jigs. I first tried with 30lb leader but couldn't get a bite. So I droped back to 20lb braid and leader only to be smashed another 2 times. I changed rods again to the heavier outfit and again no bites. Frustrating not being able to stop them on the lighter gear. Headed back home in the early afternoon to pick up the father in-law from the airport. A small vid of the couple of fish.
      23. south queensland Black Is Back

        Interesting session this morning, the bass decided they liked the black blades to start with and later on the white ones. Along with a few other colors in between and a bit of trolling, I managed to rack up 74 bass before heading home at 11am. Dino
      24. Being up from Melbourne at the start of the year I couldn’t have done my more fishing between feb-July, conditions were always good as was the fishing. Since spring rolled around I have barely been out. Seems to always be windy, have three days off this week and was hoping to get out at least one day, but the wind is already up and about early on and the forecast says the same for the next couple of days. Is this wind the norm this time of year? And when will stop?
      25. south queensland Fishing Guides Required

        Hi guys, I am after fishing guides for beach fishing with tourists for ongoing paid work on the Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Fraser Island. If that's you or you know of somebody, please contact us at This is not a full time job as the work will be sporadic to start with. I need a group of guides I can call on when required. Thanks Ange