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  1. Going to chase some snapper etc offshore through south passage bar if you keen and would like to chip in for fuel and bait have 2 deckies spots on Tuesday heading out early and be will head in early arvo post up here.
  2. I fished the Toorbul Monthly Fishing Comp with 2 of my kids this morning. I had a bit of a sleep in and hit the water around 6:30. Fished around Hussey Ck in the Passage and really struggled to find fish. My son got 2 legal bream and 2 whiting and my daughter caught a mixed bag of undersize fish. The kids had enough at 9, so took them back to the ramp and headed out solo. First cast and i pick up a little bream. As i pulled him out of the mangroves he gets smashed by a brown shape which knocks him out of the water. It took me a few seconds to realise it was flatty. I stopped the retrieve and the flathead came back and smashed the bream again. It was a nervous few minutes as i tried to get the flathead who was only attached by the bream in its mouth to the boat. Somehow it didn't let go and I was able to net both of them. Picked up another legal bream and it was time to head to the weigh-in. Suprisingly not much was weighed in
  3. Headed west this morning out at NPD, havnt been upstream for ages. I quite enjoyed myself, with plenty of fish and all good quality, I never got any small bass. Change of scenery was like going on a holiday Dino
  4. Blxxdy hell, new computer, what a nightmare, went from windows 7 to windows 10. Wife has torn out all her hair and wont speak to me. Had to go to the doc first up yesterday, gave me a ok on the nose and an appointment in 4 weeks to have the bottom lip done ow ow ow. So had a late start to the fishing with the neighbour, fishing from 11am to 4.30 pm. Picked up a few trolling, then spent a lot of time jigging for a few more and finished up letting the neighbour do a bit of bait fishing, while I was casting and jigging back to the boat, I have found that the suspended bass like a sideway fast jig of the rod, which is a lot faster than just winding the reel fast. Dino
  5. The old man sent me these today. Jealous!! Biggest was 70cm and all above average.
  6. Hey all. I have been very quiet lately juggling work, baby and some pretty intensive study. Next weekend I have a 3 day break and looking to break the drought. Lately the wee man has been loving fish I would actually like to get him some feeds. With this in mind I thought winter whiting might be a good option. I have seen on some of the facebook pages massive numbers getting caught but O have no experience with them. I had heard rumour that they were just out of Manly harbor and to the south but basically looking for any tips. It seems a lot of people target them but not so much from this website. Anyway not looking for exact marks or anything but anyone jad some advice I would love to hear it. Rigs, rough locations, baits etc. Anything is more than I know now Angus
  7. I was lazy and the bass were lazy also, I had to move around quite a bit to stay on their tail.There was a few fatter bass around which put up a bit of a fight, which created a bit of fun.Trolling and jigging were the winners again on lures. I pulled 2 shrimp pots but never got a chance to use any.Boating permit time starts again soon (august ) and I have my $110 saved already. Such a awesome fishery in the suburbs of Brisbane. Dino
  8. Hey guys just been reading through the reports of brissy Jews. Having never caught one just after some info on where/how? I will be landbased and using plastics, not after monsters just want to tick it off the list, and will be using fairly light gear. If anyone has any secret spots if they could pm me if they don't wish to share on the thread. I will not reveal the spot. ( don't really know anyone from brissy that fishes anyway) cheers
  9. Looking for recommendations on types and colours of soft plastics for fishing the Pine River and Caboolture river /Burpengary creek
  10. I was ready to have a good morning in Glen's everything red boat yesterday, but the fish were not so willing, well not as much as they have been. It was raining heavy at the gate before we went in and stayed this way for about an hour, it was cold and I was starting to think I should of stayed in bed. It wasnt long before the action started on the troll down the dam, although small and not worth a pic it still was keeping us focused. We reached the main area and started jigging and was rewarded first drop, they were good quality bass and the tally quickly started to rise, but as quick as they come they would take off and we had to keep moving to keep in touch with the small schools. It was great when the sun finaly shone down upon us and helped dry out the wet ass and one could once again feel life in the fingers. Dino
  11. Went for a crack this arvo northern Broadwater , caught a few flathead and tailor on dark. Water allot clearer today, cheers
  12. Hey guys is there any where to get some trevally around brissy/gc.if so best time/tide/tackle.. cheers
  13. Taking The boys out on Sunday for a zip around the bay. Not an early one, just a casual start and Launching at Spinaker Sound. Anyone else going to be out?
  14. Took the neighbor out to NPD again yesterday to get him onto a few fish, and a few is what it was. We could find them but they were shut down,they were hard to talk into a lure, but we persisted for a few hours to get a reasonable tally. It was the most boats I have seen on the water for a friday for years, there was a decent line up at the gate early. Same old reason the fish were a bit quite, there was hardly any schools of baitfish. Dino
  15. Well I didn't get a chance to write up 2 reports from last week so I figured I should get onto that seeing as I had a few good trips. On Monday morning I took my girlfriend out for a fish at the dam for her first fish ever. She'd never caught a fish before so as long as we got a few it would be a successful day! I made sure we had a few shrimp for this trip and luckily my pots that I'd thrown in a few days earlier had enough shrimp for a few hours fishing. On the way down the dam we picked up a few little bass trolling with her first one being a quality bass. After arriving at the first spot we started cooking up some bacon, eggs and hash browns (elaborate I know haha) with a few fish coming in here and there. As I was concentrating on getting some rods into the water and cooking up some food I didn't even realise that the spot lock had been bumped off and we were now in the middle of the dam. Well this turned out to be the luckiest thing that happened all day with fish being stacked on the sounder right from the bottom to the top. I think it took me close to an hour to eat one sanga seeing as the fish were so thick! This shot isn't even close to how many there were This was her PB bass for the day and she also managed a tagged bass too. And this pretty much sums up our day We finished up with around 50 bass which wasn't a bad effort for someone who has never been fishing before! She's already said that she wants to come back out again so clearly she had a good first fish. On Wednesday I was back out again but this time for a solo session. The fishing initially didn't seem quite as good however I was picking them up here and there, both trolling and jigging. I was keen to try a few new methods seeing as I was by myself so after catching one trolling close to the bank I decided to stop and have a cast. I was using a "wiggle wart" that I got from the bass pro shops and on my first cast I got a nice bass near a dead tree. I ended up getting a few bass like this which was a lot of fun. After having some fun casting I went off trolling again looking for a few bass. At about 12pm I saw a couple of bass on the sounder so dropped down a Nories jig, and seconds after doing that I hooked up to a nice bass, with the sounder beginning to get covered in fish. This made for a fun hour or so and I finished the day with 84 bass and 3 tagged ones. All in all it was a fun few trips with plenty of fish coming aboard. James
  16. Was a chilly morning out at the dam yesterday, trolling was very slow and the jigging wasnt much better. I think the bass are getting used to the blades we are using as I would have heaps of fish on the sounder but they had lock jaw. I got up to 32 trolling and jigging from 6am til 10am, then I wanted to head for home so decided to put a shrimp down to see if they realy were not hungry and got 20 in a row, Just goes to show they are not silly, they know fresh is best. Dino
  17. Hello fellow fishers, Finally got the chance to go for a quick fish over the weekend with the misses. Nothing really exciting but managed alot of small squire, a tuskfish and some sort of ray. Still having trouble finding anything worth keeping out in the bay. Loved being out on the water thou and defently looking to get more active. In saying that if anyone is keen for a fish wednesday day/ afternoon or anytime thursday im not working and more then keen.( if the weathers looking good).Happy to be a decky and share costs or for someone to come out on my boat. Regards Chris
  18. oMy son Brock had the day off work and hit me up for a fish offshore so we headed out early through south passage bar the fishing was slow early on with zero current even fishing with pea sinkers in fairly deep water was not getting the runs on the board. We worked hard till we found a patch of snapper and a couple fo snaps over 50cm hit the deck Brock also was geting a few pearlies just under size but never found any bigger models. We moved down to the rock and found fish chewing and started to have some fun on good hard fighting fish we also scored some very coloufull fish like goat fish of all sorts of colours, coral cod and a chinaman fish. We both hooked some good snapper that fight so much harder in the shallows and started to really fill the box it took a while to find the right combination of rigs to and in to them we got. An old fishing mate told me a long time ago if your not catching fish change your rigs, sinker size and baits till you crack em and how true he has been all those years ago. We found the best bait for the day was fresh bonito followed closely by half pilchard, the trevally we in big schools and they kept us busy pulling hard inbetween the snapper bite, Brock also got a nice tusky that pulled hard another colour for the day. The best snapper went 65cm at the rock and i was surprised to see a good fish like that up close where I fish he gave me plenty of curry before I got him away from the bottom. There was also some moses perch mixed in and plenty of dart just harrasing our baits they were so aggressive today it was fun all morning then we called it quits when the bait ran out. The weather was awesome all day to make an excellent day out on the water with my boy we could do 40km/hr offshore with out a bump, the bay was like glass both ways and i didn't slow down for the bar it was non existant. Back home we filleted the catch while we downed a few cold brews Brock an fillet now very well i guess he must of watched me enough over the years i just get pissed when he outfishes me and rubs it in. Here is tally at the end
  19. Hatched a plan with two mates(Cheech & Chong) to join Cheech and Chong charters chasing Black Bream... However after seeing the weather forecast, plans where changed for an offshore trip aboard Mary K. There was a blow Saturday morning that was slowing down at noon. Plan was to fish spot x,y,z. Crossing Wide Bay Bar at low tide, 3pm, returning at 8/9amish the next day. Saturday morning at 7am I picked Cheech up and we made our way to Chongs place at Maryborough. MaryK in tow we headed for the ramp. We were at the bar by 3pm and headed out to spot x, 20ks from the bar. We anchored in 56mtrs of water and burley'd up when I remebered too... The afternoon session was pretty good, loosing lots of good fish and landing plenty of Snapper. Stand out was a 60+ Snapper I caught float lining. After the tide change things slowed, so we cruised to spot y. Scored(?) two MIL and again lost plenty to Sharks and other misfortunes. Sun was well down by this point, so we persisted at Spot Y for a few more hours. The whales... It was at this spot we herd our first whales breach at night. It is a truly different expereince. At times when they jumped their white bodies lit up under the full moon. We also saw a blue swimmer crab, swimming on the surface in 50+mtrs and over 20ks from shore. 8pm we decided to head to Spot Z. Spot Z was quiet at first and after re anchoring in 55mtrs a few times, we decided to drift. We had one of the best sessions from 11pm to 12:30pm with nearly every drop resulting in a fish. The Snapper were in plague legal proprtions and were quickly becoming annoying being already bagged. At 2am we made the call to head back to Spot Y for the morning bite. We fished this spot from 2am until 6amish. Chong then called in a mystery spot he had, Spot W. Here had promise, I got a big Spangled. Then we found the Pearlies. We caught at least 30 between the 3 of us. Only one was legal. Rest ranged from 30 - 34. A blowfly moved in on our drift line. We decided to play nice and just keep doing our drifts. We delayed our depature until 9am trying to pick up some legal Pearlies . Last drop with all bait nearly gone, we did a drop with two lines with all remaining bait on 8/0s. The super baits were deployed... First line got smashed, but it went straight into reef. Second line then got smashed. After a short fight Chong brought up a respectfully sized Tuskie. Crossed bar at 9 and stopped inside to log off with VMR Tincan Bay. Back to Chongs for a few coldies before the haul back to Brissy. Was a really enjoyable expereince being on Cheech and Chong charters. Will be back real soon.
  20. We fished Coochiemudlo Island for a couple of days. It is one of the few island in the bay up until then that I hadn't been on and fished or fished around. It is often a challenge to fish new territory as it really does take several years before you get to know the nuances of how to fish a location. Overall it was worth the trip. We got a few tailor and I am sure there were more there for the taking. It was Max's first legal tailor and he was stoked. A couple of flathead were released and a few bream appeared. A nice tiger squid off the Coochiemudlo Jetty rounded out the catch.
  21. took my brother and his wife out too day off straddie scraped together a few for a feeed most were caught east of the bar,great day on the water.
  22. Doing my neighbourly duty yesterday I took Bruce out for a fish.He hasnt been out with me for nearly 2 years. He managed to have himself a great morning fish wise, pitty about the weather. We saw the sun trying to force its way out of the clouds when we first started off and then it was rain rain rain until we got back to the ramp. We picked a few up trolling down the dam, then stopped for a quick bait fish where I picked up a nice 50cm model bass, a nice yellow and about 20 more bass,before being joined by Ray. Then we continued trolling down the dam picking a bass here and there, another bait fishing session for Bruce and finished up with me teaching Bruce the fine arts of jigging. By this time the wet had worked its way through the many layers of clothing to the back and crack and it got chilly, time to head home.Managed nearly 90 bass and one yella. Dino
  23. Left clontarf at 6.30, and headed to river reef, between clontaf and tanga. Bit rough early with that sw wind. Didnt know what i was going to find. Mate got bricked after 5 mins, then nothing more. Tried measured mile but nothing. So when u dont catch anything, cant go home without a fish. Headed to couple marks i have near compass adj bouy for a feed of winteries. Didnt let us down. Got 60 in about 90 mins. Headed back in glass conditions sitting on 4500 rpm doing a steady 50 kph., until i hit the otter rock beacon in bramble bay. Went from glass to at least 15 kn westerley, choppy , white water everywhere. Thought i had just gone through a time zone, it was unreal. Was going to chase a few flatties but just to rough. Home to clean boat and fillet fish. Took grandkids down to boat ramp with 60 frames and they fed the pelicans. They loved it. A top day cheers greg
  24. Just wondering where the best place online to buy fishing gear. After a new reel and seeing where might be the best place
  25. Took grandaughters out for fish yesterday. I was going to chase a few flatties but decided to let them have some fun with whiting. Headed over to old compass bouy area. Very hard to find, girls getting bored. Then the 6 yr old got her first fish by herself. Well her face lit up. We ended up with 35. They had a ball.