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  1. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Swains Trip October 2018

    I took Max out to the Swains in October on the Eastern Voyager. It is an excellent boat and a fantastic crew that maximised the time spent fishing and the diversity of fishing opportunities. At nine years of age I knew he was ready for the challenge. We got the chance to fish from the Mothership in about 100 metres of water for Goldband snapper, rosy jobfish, bar cod, and monster pearl perch. Max's best pearl perch was a beast of 67cm. We fished the shallows for the usual collection of coral trout, red throat emperor and tuskfish. Fishing was from dories as well as the mothership. Weather was pretty good for the duration and the sharks weren't too bad.
  2. Just a Quick report from last week. Headed out for my first go at trolling for the season hoping for a big wahoo. Weather was absolute crap and nothing like predictions and there was rainy storms about. Not much luck on the troll so grabbed some lives and headed for the bouy. We dropped heaps of fish but landed about five none of them were anything to write home about, all about this size decided to head back in coz some peanut who was out there had shut the school down by trolling lures back and forth hard up against the bouy. Had one more quick troll before heading in at lunch. Managed to hook two of these lost one landed one so not to bad for a short trip. ( photo is back in the bay weather was far worse outside)
  3. Bit the bullet and bought a new sounder...the Lowrance run out sale is just too good to say no too. Did pick up a Carbon HDS3 9 Inch with Total Scan minus maps for $1699, but decided to skimp a little and get the EliteTI9 with totalscan and maps for $999. It's being installed as we speak and I am ready hit the water ASAP. But the wind forecast this weekend is looking less than ideal with +15kt northerlies forecast from lunchtime this Saturday. Will share where I end up and some pictures from the sounder fish or not... Maybe nautical mile might be worth hitting up early again ... thoughts? Hit me up
  4. Hey guys. Went to colleges crossing and also to the kholo bridge. Used a handful of different lures. Range between diving and service lures and had zero luck. I want to try the kholo botanical gardens and out at Fernvale. Has anyone has luck land base fishing in these locations? I’m fishing between 4:30-6:30 In the afternoons. I won’t be throwing in the towel anytime soon just curious if anyone has had any luck. Cheers Daniel
  5. Trying to fish offshore gold coast can anyone give any tip on fishing here as im new to the area and not having much luck thanks
  6. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 14/11/18

    Went with Arthur today we tried just off the ramp with nothing doing so then moved to next spot and after moving back and forward around the drop off we found a school in 14 feet of water. Ended up with 41 bass by 7.30. The fish were only small with largest around 35cm and about half under 30cm. I decided to check our redclaw pots and then look for some larger fish. Got a feed of redclaw for Arthur but could not find another fish. There were too many redclaw for Arthur and as I did not want any we gave the rest away at the ramp. Sorry no photos. Cheers Ray
  7. I tried putting this in environment & politics section and tagging it, but 'error 401?' kept coming up so here it is.... Taken from Dept Agriculture and Fisheries newsletter 7 December 2016 Biosecurity Queensland is continuing to destock and decontaminate ponds at two aquaculture farms south of Brisbane following last week’s confirmation of an outbreak of white spot disease (WSD) in prawns. WSD is a viral infection that affects crustaceans. Australia has previously been WSD free and this is the first confirmed case we have had in an aquaculture setting. This week, the infection has been confirmed in a pond in an adjoining aquaculture operation. This is not unexpected given the immediate proximity and business links. Surveillance has commenced on prawn farms in the vicinity and in nearby waterways to determine possible sources of the infection while also enabling early detection of disease should it occur on other prawn farms. Working with Queensland Boating and Fishing Patrol, recreational fishers in the vicinity are being asked to report unusual signs in prawns and crabs caught in the area. It is crucial that all aquaculture operators implement good biosecurity, observe their stock closely and report any concerns. Description Prawns with WSD may have a loose shell with numerous white spots (0.5-2.0 mm in diameter) on the inside surface of the shell and a pink to red discolouration.
  8. Extract from latest Fishing world newsletter Home News How to Video Boats Gear WIN! Search Moreton Bay Shellfish Recycling Centre officially launched 11 November 2018 Comments 0 Comments OzFish Unlimted's Robbie Porter helping to restore fish habitat one shell at a time in QLD's Moreton Bay. Queensland's Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, Mark Furner, recently welcomed the efforts by fish habitat specialists OzFish Unlimited and their major partner BCF for creating better awareness and funds to help restore fish populations, and to improve the health of Australia's degraded waterways. Speaking at the official launch of the Moreton Bay Shellfish Recycling Centre, Minister Furner acknowledged the retail giant's new national "Give Back to Habitat" campaign; which has already generated over half a million dollars and helped fund dozens of fish habitat projects across the nation. “Healthy habitats mean healthy fish. It’s great to see OzFish and BCF partnering to promoting this message.” “The ‘Give Back to Habitat’ initiative is a fantastic way of getting the people who know our rivers and oceans better than most, recreational fishers, involved and contributing in a meaningful and positive manner.” OzFish Unlimited’s Founder and CEO Craig Copeland said the Recycling Centre, that was built on land donated by the Port of Brisbane, was a practical and productive way to rebuild shellfish reefs after decades of over-harvesting, but also critical in bringing back hectares of fish habitat. “This centre is where we accept oysters from local restaurants and seafood suppliers, which are then cleaned and treated for disease and pests and created into habitat that is deployed into the Bay; an initiative made possible by BCF, our partner organisations and dedicated volunteers.” “Better habitats mean better fishing and that also benefits the wider ecosystem too, but thanks to the increased awareness of our work and how it supports fishing through the “Give Back to Habitat” campaign in all BCF stores, we are helping empower Aussie anglers to get involved in projects like this one.” BCF Managing Director, Anthony Heraghty, underlined his company’s commitment to the important work being done by OzFish. “Australia possesses some of the world’s greatest outdoor spaces, and by encouraging people to restore and improve our waterways, we are helping to ensure it stays that way. Every cent which is donated to OzFish at a BCF store will play its part in habit restoration and boosting fish numbers across Australia.” The opening of the Moreton Bay Shellfish Recycling Centre was also supported by Healthy Land and Water, Caltex, Brisbane Airport Corporation and the Goodman Foundation. To find out more about OzFish and to volunteer at your local OzFish project, click HERE. The OzFish movement is helping recreational anglers create better habitat for better fishing. Newsletter Signup Sign-up to receive the twice-weekly email newsletter.
  9. After canning the trip away last weekend with the weather this weekend is looking good. So good that Thursday @Luke Landrunner and l are heading to 1770 for 3-4 days. If anyone else want to join us I there your most welcome. Always good to have a few boats up there.
  10. Hi All, I have recently returned to Brisbane after a 20 year absence. I plan to take my 5.4 Mtr boat with 140HP out to the top tip of Moreton on Wednesday. Seabreeze says 10 knot winds and 1.5 metre seas. That sounds like good weather (based on where I come from) but is that true? Does that make Wednesday a good day for that trip?
  11. Hi Everyone, i am new here, just moved to Brisbane few months ago from Vic, I haven't been fishing for over a year. most of my time fishing in Vic. I wonder what should i be targeting for ? jewfish? bream? what bait should i use? (I wonder where can i catch mullet with bread n small hooks for livies ?) anyone can give some suggestions on this? Thank you in advance cheers
  12. Hey guys, just joined the group yesterday. I’ve been doing lots of reading on google on the best ways/locations/lures to catch the amazing Australian bass. I’m located in camira and have to do all of my fishing from land. Looking to buy a kayak very soon. Any locations/pointers or just little tips to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Zero idea where to go looking for them.
  13. Up to 3 decky spots avail tomorrow 5.30 start meet end adsetts rd whiteside or redland bay 4.20am. Should get a feed of redclaw at least 0403072325 Cheers Ray
  14. Dinodadog

    south queensland Last For Awhile

    Had my last session for awhile this morning, as going to get a bit of skin off my thigh sewn onto my forehead on tuesday and wont be able to wear a hat till it heals a bit.I had to make it a quick session this morning as well as I couldnt get sunburnt. Stopped fishing at 10am with plenty of bass and a few yellas, casting, jigging and trolling, no bait today. Dino
  15. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 11/11/18

    Slow day for Benno and myself today. Found a few small bass but Benno ended up with 3/4 of a bucket of redclaw. Cheers Ray
  16. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Spooky Bass

    I had a very early start in a system I fish about once a year. Lot's of portage and paddling across crystal clear pools and under electric fences to reach some bass holding water. With the huge amount of weed around jig spinners swum just on top of the greenery got the attention of a good number of small bass. Further up the creek the weed settled down and I could concentrate on fishing the bases of trees disappearing into the water. This has to be the best way to clear your head.
  17. AFO would like to invite members, family and friends to the xmas party to be held at Lake Moogerah over the weekend of the 23rd to the 25th of November, on the Saturday of the 24th we will be having the Xmas party where we will have a competition running alongside of the party where we will have free entry for this competition for a chance to win some prizes for the best couple of Bass and Yellowbelly. This will be held at Lake Moogerah caravan park look for the gazebos flying the Ozfish flags and banners come for the day on Saturday or stay the whole weekend there are plenty of bass and yellowbelly to bend a fishing rod and if you are new to the area please don't be shy as many of us have plenty of local knowledge. Bring a fold up chair there will be plenty of shade under our gazebos and if your staying a night or 2 we will have the campfire going at night and plenty of friendly banter to see out 1 of the last socials for the year with xmas fast approaching. Feel free to join this post and discuss the weekend of the AFO Xmas party I hope to see plenty of old and new members come along and join our community for what should be a great event.
  18. Decky spots avail this sunday leaving Redland Bay 6am or meet at Gate Adsets Rd whiteside Leaving bit later than usual as I am going to local market first. Plenty of redclaw ATM bass have been a bit hit and miss there one day and gone the next. But should get some keepers to take home for a feed. Cheers Ray 0403072325
  19. hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't. i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency. i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) thank you (im new to this forum)
  20. 50 bass .2 yellas broke my egrell S1. Still kicking myself about the egrell as Eric Grell no longer building rods and it was my own stupidity apart from that it was a good day except when I arrived home and Judy said the washing machine cactus , We picked up some good bass and a nice yella just in front of the boat ramp and good sized bass wherever we tried Got a bit blustery just before we knocked off.
  21. I am watching the weather and if there is a chance I plan to head to Hervey Bay for the weekend. For 2 nights, weather it be Friday Saturday night or Saturday Sunday night yet to be decided. I’m waiting for a deckie to confirm on Wednesday. If anyone else wants to join us in their boats feel free. I’ll be keeping things flexible till the last minute. Plan will be to chase some Marlin and sleep on the boat up at Rooney’s Point. Launching at Urangan ramp. As the crow flies it’s 50km to Rooney’s and if you hug the inside of Frazer can add 10-20km to the trip. Just putting it it out there in case anyone was interested.
  22. Hey All, I just moved up from Sydney to Victoria Point and keen to unpack the gear and get back into fishing, back in Sydney I mostly fished fresh water but grew up fishing salt and wondering if anyone can give me any tips on local areas where i can start exploring all a meet up to tag along. I have only fished with lures over the years and been itching over the last 10 days to get back on the water as use to fish every day back in SYD. I have a kayak as well but no boat ATM. Thanks Bryce
  23. Dinodadog

    south queensland Any Lure Will Do

    Wasted my first 2 hours chasing toga, before I shot down the dam for some real fun. I was catching bass (and one yella ) jigging. I would change lures after every second fish and no matter what I dropped down it would get whacked. Dino
  24. Zim man

    south queensland Maroon On Fire

    just a quick report, first in some years i think. Camped at pointro, last friday, we had maybe two other boats on the dam besides Den and Khoi. Sweresy was my decky. The conditions were awesome and it is a great place to fish and camp especially with the family or quick over nighter with mates. Maroon is chock full of tilapia, everywhere you went there were schools of large fish and a heap more on the beds. Had a few chase out lures but no hook ups. The bass and yellas were on the chew and hit pretty much whatever we threw at them. here are a few pics from the friday and sat morning sessions Most pics from Khoi, Den and Kris Lures used with most success was a Fish Arrow Jig Spin with damiki armor shad paddle tail plastic. Hardbodies i used Pontoon 21 preference shad and cablista jerkbaits. Kris used a maria as well Khoi and den threw spinnerbaits, Fish Arrow J Grubs and Damiki Armor Shad paddle tails. Campfire is still closed and is an example of what not to do. I will let the pics do the talking cheers Rob
  25. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 7/11/18

    Rick and I had a better day today even though the fish were still a bit slow. We notched up a quick dozen at the usual drop off near Koala straight after finding them in 15 feet of water.Then a good feed of redclaw before resuming our search. for fish finally finding some more near the far marker. Cheers Ray