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Found 36 results

  1. Angus

    Spearfishing: Time To Start?

    After seeing this I thought it might be time to give spear fishing a go!
  2. fifis101

    Close Shark Encounter!
  3. little

    New to spearing

    Hey guys I have decided to give spearing a crack went out with a mate yesterday just on the beach side of the seaway along the rocks but only found small brim.. Can any one help with places to try nothing to full on yet cheers
  4. efc

    Fitness Help

    Hi guys, im just starting out at spearing with a hand spear and snorkle. My lung capacity is pretty average to say the least and im after ways of improving. Im not really into running so any other tips? Would just swimming and spearing get my fitness level up quickly?
  5. heidii

    Spearfishing the Tweed :(

    I was down at the tweed today doing a boat test when I saw a guy spearfishing in the middle of the river underneath the bridge that goes to Kennedy drive. I was horrified when he pulled up a 40-50cm mangrove that even legal?????? My heart broke in two, such a beautiful fish treated so badly
  6. robin

    Spearfishing Charter

    Hey all, I have a mate coming up from Sydney, and needs to know of a spear fishing charter around gold coast, I have tried to google it and can not find any, or I might be blind, does anyone know of a good charter.
  7. He was shot with the projectile as he swam in a lake near his Miami area home on 8 June when his friend set off the trigger of a spear gun he was loading. :sick: />
  8. someone got bad aim down there lol
  9. J-DOG115

    Where can i go

    hey all am a bit of a keen/novice spearo and go up north every year at x-mas, but am keen to try somwhere down here.. so was just wondering if any body on here dosent mind a dive or spear and knows any spots round the bay or islands where it is A. legal and B. ok water vis cheers joel
  10. Shimanobwoie

    49.5kg cobia

    Not to sure the whole story but will find out more today. A commercial mate of mine took some spearos out for a quick spear yesterday. Around 12 they rang us on the water and said they just got a 55kg cobia at hutchies. They weighed it at the club yesterday and she tipped the scales at 49.5kg a new australian record and 3kgs off the world record. What a great captuure. I am yet to get a cobia but havent really had the chance to target them yet. I would be happy with just a cobia let alone something of that size
  11. matchu

    Spotlight spearing

    Hey all, just wondering if your allowed to spotlight n spear around redcliffe. Used to do it all the time in tassie. Unsure of rules here tho. Any advice would be great. Cheers.
  12. Lebby

    Spearfishing Sunshine coast

    Heyy I just got a hand spear a week ago and I have used one a couple times before in NSW. Im going to Straddie later this year and im going to give it a go while im there too, but I was just wondering if anybody knows some goods spots on the sunny coast that I could give a crack. Cheers
  13. battlescar

    Hand spears

    whats the law with using those elastic hand spears? r u allowed to use them anywhere or...
  14. chandler130

    new speargun

    Hey all spearo's!! Hi guys i am looking to upgrade my pneumatic speargun to a rail gun as i have found my gun lacking in power and range as im diving the deeper reefs. I am now living in north qld and most of my diving is done on reef. I have a few models of railguns in my sights and was interested to get any thought from other divers that have used rail guns b4. The models that are in my price range are,Cressi Gerinimo elete, Beauchat Marlin Carbon, and Rob allen Tuna. Im 5ft9' thinkin 110-120cm gun was hoping to get some pros and cons if anyone has experience with any of these guns and in wat situation do you use the reels on your gun? Also how do u load the rob allen without the gun but on the end of the handle. Thanks chandler
  15. christophagus

    Northside spearfishing and free diving

    Hey all, I'm really wanting to get into spearfishing but I'm really not sure of land based places to go on the northside. I've never spearfished before but I wanna just go for a dive to have a look to see of it's worth getting into. Would anyone be keen to maybe go on a bit of a exploration around redcliffe or Scarborough just to see what's out there?
  16. Al R

    Ribbon Reef Spear fishing.

    Here s a few pics from a trip out the Ribbon reefs off Cooktown last year.
  17. Fisherjoe

    shorebased spears

    i was wondering if anybody knew any half decent spearing spots that are landbased around brissy general area? as ive just started out playing around with a hand spear, until i choose to upgrade to a speargun. so just interested in some areas i can snorkel around in from the shore.
  18. keen_as

    Where to go and whats legal?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me out with some info. I'm a keen fisho as well as bow hunter, and was wondering if anyone here has been bow fishing? If so are the rules/law the same. Obviously I don't wanna just pull up at my local bridge and start plugging bull sharks, though I do know a great place, (don't think the locals would be to pleased.) Any info would be great. Cheers
  19. chandler130

    spearfishing clubs

    hey all just wondering if anyone knows the name or site for a local spearfishing club. begginer looking for freedive buddies?
  20. chandler130

    passage wreck

    hey guys with the weather being so amazing yesterday (sat)i decided to go for a spearfish and i thought the wreck in the passage/bar crossing between straddie and moreton would be a good spot. the water was so clean and inviting.first dive in went straight down and had a huge jack must have been 60cm abouts sitting right in front of me besides the wreck.side on askin to be dinner. but somehow i missed. the run was huge think we were a bit late had to work so hard to get to position was to tired to get good bottom time had a couple of shots at some parots but no luck.had lots of guns problems as i only have a second hand gun from my mate and the first time i used mate was goin on about missing jacks and when he finally come up with one i had to tell him he had been chasin mowong mother in law fish haaha and was amazed it took him so long to get one cos they are dumb dumb fish. all in all was a great experience and was a nice dive as the wreck is impressive with great fish life and bulk wobbygons everywhere.the speoro who left b4 us had some fish they looked to be quite experinced. but i think at the top of the tide with less run we could of got a fish too. anyone know if there is a tide time difference from bris tide to the passage there???went for a bottom fish at peel on the way home and got some little squire and moses and a toady ahaha:woohoo:
  21. chandler130

    anybody spearfishin this weekend?

    Hey guys was wondering if anybody is spearfishing this weekend and wouldn't mind me taggin along. i have rcently done a bit of spearin up north but have not done any in the SE yet. am keen to learn the area.
  22. chandler130


    hey guys wonder if anyone knows if it ok to spear peel mud and st helena islands?
  23. chandler130


    hey guys does anyone on this site dabble in spearfishing???or does anyone know of any spearfishin spots in the south east?
  24. Jords

    show on bris 31/QCTV NOW

    show called spearing the menu - they spearfish seafood then cook it