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Found 49 results

  1. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Beach Fishing For Trout

    Had a great time with my 'BFF' Best fishing friends, fishing a river we have never fished before. Lots of small fish but the beach fishing was spectacular. This will be my second last video I reckon. I have some other footage to piece together. Thanks for the support.
  2. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Bait Feeders

    Thanks for watching. Clint.
  3. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Leaping Trout

    Thanks for watching, Clint.
  4. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Nearly Drowned ?

    Just a quick clip lads. Thanks for the support.
  5. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Clearwater Fishing

    Tough clear conditions. Thanks for watching Clint.
  6. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Fishing Public Dams

    Fishing was a bit tough but we managed to find a few nice fish.Thanks for watching.Clint.
  7. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Opening Day. I'm Back.

    Have not posted for a couple of months. I explain why in the vid.Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy.
  8. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Rainbow Trout & Brown Trout

    Yes, I got carried away with the size of the rainbow. It was nudging three pounds not 4-5. I wouldn't be a fisherman if I didn't tell a few porkies. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  9. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Wild South West. Lake Pedder

    Visited Lake Pedder for the first time & stayed at Strathgordon. Rain really never stopped but was still great fun. What a wild place it is down there. Hope you enjoy. Clint
  10. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Lead Lining Great Lake.

    Caught up with Great Lake Guru Jamie for a lead core session. Fist time fishing this method and was a nice session. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  11. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Last Weekend Of Trout Season.

    It was the last weekend of the Trout season. We decided to explore a river I have never fished. We ended up catching 6 between us. All on the small side. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  12. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Wild Brook Trout.

    My first time targeting these fish. Enjoy. Clint.
  13. Spent a morning polaroiding some Western Lakes Trout. That was until the cloud come over and put pay to that. Still managed to find a couple of nice fish. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  14. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Snuck Out For A Fish.

    Snuck out for a fish while on a family Holiday. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  15. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Mixed Platter.

    Have not been fishing for the last couple of days. So went through some old footage and slap together a short vid. As you tell I'm great at calling what fish it is before I see it. Thanks for watching.
  16. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Swimming Snake & Plenty Of Trout

    Caught up with fishing buddy Adrian Webb for a hot morning session. We ended up with about 20 fish between us which was great. Hope you enjoy. Clint.
  17. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Salmon & Tailor.

    Had a fun session at my local chasing Salmon. Great fun on light gear. Enjoy and thanks for watching.
  18. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Crazy Trout Capture. Insane!!!

    Had a great time chasing some Trout in very shallow water. One insane capture you have to check out. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  19. AFO

    TCT Tuna Competition

    Tuna Club of Tasmania's Tuna Competition
  20. AFO

    2019 World Fly Fishing Championships

    The World Fly Fishing Championships to be staged in Tasmania in early December 2019
  21. rodreellurefish

    tasmania S-factor?

    Last time I had the boat out was in October. So it was good to get out again. Fished Bronte lagoon for five hours. It took us three and half hours to land our first fish. We ended up landing four in the next hour which saved us from blanking. First time I have used S-Factor on my hardbody lures and it won't be the last. Thanks for watching. Clint.
  22. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Aussie Salmon On Soft Plastics.

    Managed to get out for another fish during the week. Found a school of salmon held up in a deep channel. Thanks for watching everyone.
  23. rodreellurefish

    tasmania Trout 'n' About.

    Had a quick session on my local river. It was a bit tough but still managed a few. Enjoy. Clint.
  24. AFO

    Fishing Boat Tasmania

    Fishing Boat Tasmania
  25. AFO

    Tasmania Fish Watch

    Fishwatch - Report Illegal Fishing Ring Fishwatch on 0427 655 557. Fishwatch is a 24-hour hotline for the community to report information on illegal fishing activities. The following information will help the Marine Police combat illegal fishing: Time and location of offence. Fishing gear used with ID numbers. Car rego numbers and boat distinguishing marks. Boat descriptions. Name or description of person/s involved. Information provided to the Marine Police through Fishwatch may be: given anonymously; acted on immediately; used to assist with ongoing investigations; used for the planning of compliance operations in the future; or used in the assessment and planing of education programs. Funding for Fishwatch is provided by recreational licence fees. It is just one example of licences fees at work to keep Tasmania's fisheries sustainable. Buying or Selling Recreational Fish is Illegal You are not allowed to sell, buy, barter or raffle recreationally caught fish. Both the seller and the purchaser are liable for prosecution and heavy fines may apply. Offenders may face confiscation of boats and fishing gear and may be prevented from holding a fishing licence in the future. You are allowed to give away fish that you have caught but you must not receive any commercial gain for it. If you give fish away, make sure the receiver understand the possession limits for that species.