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      Found 355 results

      1. New Trailer Time

        Hey Guys, Sorry I have been quiet lately. All my time has been taken up with work (travelling between sydney and brisbane), house work or preparing for my June Stanage Bay trip. December last year I purchased a new second hand 2010, dual axle Redco Sportsman trailer. I got it for a good price, but it had two buggered crossmembers. At the time I bought this trailer, I didn't think there was anything fatal with my current one. Just didn't have faith it'd make it into Stanage in one piece. Fast forward to earlier in the year at a Wavebreak trip and I got the boat ready to go. As normal, I looked the trailer over before leaving to fuel up. I noticed, what looked like the paint cracking on the bend in the crossmember. Upon closer inspection I noticed 2 crossmembers had starter to split. Fatal! After the Wavebreak trip, I parked the boat up and began rebuilding the trailer I purchased. I bought it for the Stanage trip, which involves 100KMs of corrugation, so I modified it to suit this. Firstly slipper springs had to go. For a multitude of reasons, I'm not a fan. I replaced the slippers for a rocker/roller load-sharing setup rated to 3tonne. Next I took the rocker/roller kit, custom made hangers and trailer to a welder. I had the crossmembers replaced and suspension welded into position. Once home I took off all the hardware and painted the frame with a zinc based paint. The gal was still good at the front, but the rear needed some attention. My old trailer had grey wobblers. After a while they caught road grime and left streaks on the hull. I have just had 5 years worth of fishing damage fixed, so didn't want the streaks back. Based on the advice from a few trailer shops, I replaced all grey wobblers with red wobblers, which apparently are more resistant to the road grime. I also built a new keel roller bracket which stretches the full length of the trailer consisting of 13 rollers. Before changing trailers, I coated all the suspension parts in a mixture of tar/fish oil. Very happy with all this work, tows like a dream. In a week I'll have a bra made up for the bow to protect it from rocks for the trip. Cheers!
      2. New Trailer Time

        Long story short, time to replace my trailer. End of December I found what I was looking for. Bought a second hand Redco Sportsman which needed two new crossmembers. I got these replaced and upgraded the suspension from slipper to rocker load sharing. Let me introduce the Stanage slayer! If anyone is chasing an old trailer cheap, I'll be selling the Brooker (with new crossmembers) soon.
      3. Marine Mechanic

        SOUTHWEST MARINE The sun is out and summer is here!!!! Perfect time to get your boat out and start fishing!!!! We at SOUTHWEST MARINE are a small and friendly marine mechanic business providing excellence in marine and mower repairs and services. We are located in South Western Sydney, NSW, 2565.. contact us on (02) 9605 6559 For more information on us and our services, check out our website Kind regards, Southwest Marine
      4. Bodgie Trailer Repair.

        Boat was getting a bit hard to launch. Dont know why but maybe this had something to do with it. Foraged around in back of shed and found some u bolts some d clamps ,a flip flop roller bracket and scrounged a bit of 50 X 50 rhs from rick and back on the road again. Too much effort to take boat off trailer and fabricate and weld in a new cross member . Cheers Ray
      5. Secure Paid Parking

        Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. We spend a few days at a time on our boat and when we come to NSW will be looking at a secure storage facility where we can leave our vehicle and trailer that isn't too far from a marina. or decent boat ramp. At least a short taxi ride if possible. Looking at places - Bribie Island or Brisbane coastal areas, Gold Coast in Qld and in NSW - Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Brisbane Water, Brooklyn/Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Sydney Harbour. We have to be mindful of the route as our boat/trailer is over width on a tri axle... so the bigger easy to get to ramps with a jetty/pontoon are ideal. Are there any short term storage facilities where people leave their vehicles and trailers? Boat/ship yards that supply this service? What do others do that have large trailerable boats who go out on the water for a few days at a time? Quite happy to pay the going rate for secure parking.... just unsure if and where these facilities are located.
      6. 4x4 Boat Trailer Conversion

        I am considering converting my standard boat trailer to a 4x4 version. however I am concerned about the trailer being to high to launch. I am considering a "step down axel" to compensate for the rise in height, however it looks like this would be where the axle might bend. The reasons I want to convert my tailer is my 14" wheels are just not handling the roads as well as what I would like. Has anyone done this on there trailers and how did you compensate for the rise in height. My boat is 5.3 seajay and needs about ⅓ of the trailer in the water to launch and retrieve I have measured it and I can just fit some 17" hilux wheels on it and be legal.
      7. Anyone Like This?

        Ok I hope this isn't too annoying. I am on my quest to get a boat and not F#$% it up again like I did last time. And in my defense of putting up an annoying thread with no real content... the adds now appear on this page and drag me in... Stupid Gumtree and there clever targeted marketing!! But all of a sudden there seems to be a stack of boats that would suit me!
      8. Grease On The Tow Ball....

        Hi all, Instead of greasing your tow ball, just put a plastic shopping bag over it and hook your trailer on. Acts the same as a teflon skid plate used in road transport, saves greasy ball when unhooked getting greasy marks on the legs when around the back of vehcile. as in dual cabs putting stuff in the back. Be good Gary.
      9. Pet Project

        Well i've gone and done it now. I bought a 14 foot center console with an old 35 Black Anchor... and I love it. Now all there is to do is put some casting platforms in, a sounder and an electric motor move the helm fix the lighting... and I would love some advice. I got her for a bargain price of $2,300 and the engine runs like a dream and it sits well in the water on and off the plane. But there are a few problems... but one big one. The helm is way too far forward, it makes for a very rough ride and looks and feels very strange. When they pushed it forward (i am assuming they did it because the floor had rotten out (its fairly new and yes i know that the gal fixings must come out) and not to fix a weight distribution problem...??) it has meant that control cables are too short and they have mounted the throttle too low. I would like to move it back a bit and build a front casting platform for storage and a back one for bait tank, fuel storage and a kill tank. So first job I want to do is put on a sounder and an electric motor. The guy at Boating and RV in Tingalpa has sold me on a; Motor Guide Xi5-55W 60" 12v GPS ($2,349 inc.) and an Elite 7Ti Total Scan Navionics ($1,099 inc.) So my first question is; are they ok? Second question is how should I mount the Electric outboard? The prow is quite high. Can I build up some nylon cutting board type material and simply bolt it to the gunwale and the front anchor well cover? I don't really know how much strength it needs. Thanks oh and a little by note. I will be fishing from her over the new years period up at Noosa.
      10. Rear Main Seal Leak

        Hey team, last time my car was serviced, I had complained that there was a persistent oil leak, it was diagnosed with a rear main seal leak. I was told that in order to replace this cheap seal of about $50, the entire gear box had to be dropped out just to simply access it. So the estimated costs was at least $700 just due to the labour hours required to drop the gear box, replace the seal and bolt the gearbox back on. My car is a 2011 Triton GLXR My current finances don't exactly allow me to go blast a minimum of $700+ to have this fixed currently. I have read a bit about additives you can add to the oil to help seal this up to prevent the leak, but have also read that this is not healthy for the oil or the engine. My question is, has anyone had this problem before? and if so, did you simply pay to get it fixed, or have you used this oil additive to stop the oil leak. any advice would be very grateful!!
      11. Driving On Straddie

        hey guys, have only had a short drive on main beach at straddie before and heading back there next month. Question i have is can you get to the pin easy enough if you drive the length on main ? also is it worth the distance for a fish down that end ? cheers
      12. Give Away Trailer

        Hey everyone. I have a trailer to give away. Came with a boat I bought to turn into play equipment. Lights work. Ok condition. Pick up Camp Hill Brisbane. Please PM for details as pick up with have to be arranged between 9.30am and 2.00pm. I was thinking of turning this into a 4 kayak trailer or some such but just never got around to it...
      13. Trailer Brakes

        Might be a silly question but here goes, I went out this morning & a real scary noise started coming from the trailer & my mate & i decided it was the brake pads, when asking for the brake pads do they go by trailer brand or trailer size or do all trailers run the same pads etc ???. it's a 4.8m on a sea-link trailer. thanks
      14. Qld Pay Your Rego By Direct Debit.

        In qld you can now pay your car,trailer and boat rego via direct debit. took me about 15 min to set it up they give you a list of regos in your name and you can select which ones you wish to be paid via direct debit when they become due and you also have a choice between 3,6,or 12 monthly renewals. I reckon its a great idea especially for anyone traveling. Cheers Ray
      15. Hi all, been doing lots of maintenance work this week waiting for the wind to die. Hooked the trailer on this morning and one of the brake lights is not working. The unit is a submersible led set up that I put on about 4 years ago because I was sick of replacing bulbs in the bayonet version. Been working a treat ever since. All other lights, including tail lights are working fine. I am using a flat pin to round pin converter but this all looks fine. Gave all the connections a spray of inox, reinserted all connections a couple of times, but still no good. Is it likely that the LEDs in the brake light have died, or do you think it is a wiring problem. Pretty sure the both brake lights come off the one pin, so doubt it at the car end. Do you think I need to replace the whole unit? Any ideas welcome. Thanks, Steve.
      16. Fishing frustration

        So, like everyone, I have really been looking forward to the 10 day break between Christmas and New Years. I have definitely not done enough fishing in 2015 and 2016 looks like being a busy one so not hopeful that I will be spending much more time on the water next year. The plan was to do the family eating and drinking thing on Christmas Day, than agreed to drop one of my boys up to his inlaws near Woodford on Boxing Day, then get out early on Sunday to get some of these mackerel before samsteele cleans them out. Teed up my nephew to deckie with me ( he is a marine biologist so how could I miss, right?). Got home on Boxing Day to realise that my son, who doesn't live with us, had parked his car in the driveway between the boat and the road and didn't leave his keys as he promised he would. With no way around it, I had to spend yesterday staring at the very still trees and thinking how good it would have been on the water. He is not due back until Wednesday at the earliest. Today we went for a quick run to Burleigh for an early surf and brekkie and then home by noon. Thought it would be a good opportunity to do some safety maintenance before we head to Burrum Heads in January. Check and service the inflatable life jackets. Easy. Check and restock the first aid kit. Easy. Check the wheel bearings - should be easy. A little noisy, OK for short trips but if I am driving 350 k at speed in probably high temps maybe a repack of the bearings is a good idea. As usual, the wheel nuts are so tight I can't loosen them, even using a metre long pipe for leverage. So off the mechanic it will be, if they can fit me in that first week in January. In the meantime, I will be watching the wind forecast for the rest of this week hoping for something under 15 knots so I can get out at least once before I go back to work. Thanks for reading this long rambling "white whine" but I needed to vent to someone and my wife just doesn't understand. Keep up the posts, boys, I need to know what I am missing out on!
      17. DIY Soft roof rack dangers???

        Hey team, I have some rhino racks bars waiting to go on my car for when the funds (more so time) come available. In the mean time I have been looking at some soft roof racks (to transport my kayak) as I have used them before with no dramas. In my eyes, they are a lot of money for some foam and a strap with a big logo on it. I have read about some folk using 2 pool noodles with the straps running through it then attaching it under the windows and through the car the exact same way that soft roof racks work. Now there seems to be a lot of people voicing how terrible of an idea this is and how dangerous it is. Yet I fail to see how it is any different from the regular soft roof racks you buy from BCF Unless I’m missing something that someone can point out…? Now I know that softies just do not compare to regular roof racks in terms of being able to securely tie down the kayak, but for a quick 15mins trip down the road, I don’t see how the $5 pool noodle solution is that dangerous? Happy to be proven wrong lol Chris
      18. What 4x4 do you drive?

        G'day guys and girls, I do believe there was a thread like this at one point but I couldn't find it. Just seeing what everyone drives. I've made a list here you can cut and paste. Feel free to post pics. Make: Model: Year: Modifications: Notes: I'll go first. Make: Isuzu Model: D-Max SX Extra Cab Year: 2014 Modifications: ARB Sahara bull bar, ARB Dual Battery mount with redarc smart wiring with 2 12v outlets in the tray and an Anderson plug under the tray to connect solar, rear facing work lights, ARB underbonnet compressor (for lockers I don't have yet, but can inflate tires too), Hella LED Spotlights, UHF radio, factory colour coded steel tray with tie down points, safari snorkel. Notes: Great fuel economy, great on the beach, comfortable and I think at the time was the best value 4x4 Ute on the market. Still have quite a few plans before I'll be 100% happy. But for now, as a daily driver and beach car it has been just under 25,000km of trouble free driving over the past 12 months.
      19. Rare FX.

        Never heard of one. Cheers Ray
      20. Rust Protection Scam ?

        Been a bit on other forums. Cheers Ray
      21. VW

        Cheers Ray
      22. Subject: FX The National Museum of Australia holds the only surviving prototype of the three Holden sedans which were manufactured by hand in the United States and imported and tested in Australia in 1948. The Museum also holds in its collection the first 48-215 Holden that officially rolled off the General Motors-Holden assembly line at Fishermen’s Bend, Victoria, on 29 November 1948. This model was commonly known as the FX.
      23. max pwr Another Satisfied customer.

        Just been speaking to mate Graham who got Steve ( max pwr) to provide paint protection etc on his new colarado. Graham is ecstatic with the result and reckons it was well worth the drive from Sandstone Point and half the price that the dealership quoted him. Anyone wanting paint protection,window tinting ,fabric protection contact Steve for a great job and friendly old fashioned service. Cheers Ray
      24. Dodgy brothers at work.

        During the heavy rains a couple of weeks ago, I had to drive through a bit of water. A few days later the front wheels started to rumble - bugger water in the bearings, oh well, not unexpected, A Bit of looking around and I discovered that these new fangled setups, the entire hub is a sealed unit, (that's a very loose description, they have no seals to keep the water out at all that I could see!) and a throw away job. So after after a heart attack at what Ford wanted for replacement hubs, I got a pair of aftermarket ones delivered from Melbourne for under a hundred bucks delivered to my door. All good, started on the noisiest one, results not unexpected , looked to be the original hub, 300,000k on the old girl now, grease all dried out and the bearings rusty from their little encounter with the flood water. A Bit of drama caused by the inner seat shearing out of the sealed unit and staying stuck on the spindle , to hard for my chinese cold chisel requiring a visit to the local tool shop for a good quality one, which only proved the old seat was also to hard for the $30 cold chisel I bought :pinch: So the trusty grinder was brought in to delicate play and it was soon off and new hub fitted. Pulled the wheel off the other side, to find an aftermarket hub had already been fitted and didn't have much noise at all. A Bit strange I thought, why would you only do the bearings on one side? Anyway, I wasn't going to leave it on there, so I took it off. That's when I discovered dodgy brothers were alive and well! Someone had not only replaced just one original hub, but they had come back for another go, stuffing the aftermarket hub and then putting it back on. The spindle was quite marked from generous applications of a large hammer and cold chisel, and the sealed hub had obviously been broken apart, regreased and put back on, despite large chunks of the seats having been broken off and the seats being cracked right through. No idea how it didn't fail. Went a little cold at the thought I had driven 150,000k since I bought the car on this bearing in the condition it was in! A section of the seat was just gone on the outer side. On the inner side you can see the small area of fresh break from where I removed it, but cop a look at how much of it had been broken off, then just put back in to service!
      25. After reading Tybo's thread about needing to repair his trailer it got me thinking on what SHOULD be done to maintain a trailer on a regular/semi-regular basis. Mine is in need of a bit of an overhaul (not sure about the axle but definitely the springs and a few other minor things) and if I return it to it's former glory (it was already badly rusted when I got it as a family hand me down) I'd like to look after it and prevent/limit rust as much as possible. Currently all I do is give it a good hose down after fishing and we (well, Dad while I watched and 'learned' close to 2 years ago) changed the bearings when the wheel had a slight lean (which at the time I learnt is an indication that the bearings are on the way out. So ...... what do you do to maintain your trailer? How often do you change the bearings? Do you spray/coat the trailer with anything? My brother game me some sort of oil-cloth/wrap to put on the axle but I figured it would be best kept for a replacement one given the state to fhte current one. I know there are some very handy/clever members on here - oh, there's also Ellicat ....... - and I'd be interested to learn some tips.