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Found 58 results

  1. m_p

    victoria King Parrot Trout

    I had a day trip up to king parrot a couple weeks ago, got one hit from a trout but that was it. I know there are good spots there and there are trout in the river, any tips on how to find them better.
  2. m_p

    victoria Blairgowrie

    Heading down to Blairgowrie next week for a holiday, where are some good land based spots to find flathead or whiting as well as what piers are best for squid. Thanks
  3. Hey guys I want to start doing some landbased squid fishing in frankston area, if you know of any spots that produce please let us know cheers
  4. Hi all , i'm only just getting into fishing i'm 16 years old and live near the coast in Melbourne. Even though i'm extremely new to the site i have already found huge amounts of help and guidance with choosing a rod etc from some some of the guys on here,big thanks to Angus,drop bear,old Scaley and fishinfox for your help and patience and i look forward to day when i can help out other begginer fisherman on the site in the coming years. Cheers Logan
  5. kingfisheroo

    victoria Inverloch Fishing Tips

    Hey guys Im heading down to Inverloch soon for a fish, i have been there multiple times with no real luck. Im thinking of going to the entrance of Andersons Inlet for Gummy at night or Mulloway. Any tips? Cheers Jorden
  6. Hey. Dropbear sister caught this today.... Stunning looking fish. This is the only photo I have... Whiting??? Caught near Vic NSW border. Fish was released... sadface it looks yummy haha
  7. Dinodadog

    victoria Fishermans Paradise

    Just returned from my holiday down south and I have to report that I have found fishermans paradise at Malacoota Inlet just below the NSW dorder into Victoria. We spent 3 days there and could of spent 3 weeks as the fishing was plentiful. Arrived late in the afternoon on the first day and managed 5 legal flatty and one small chopper tailor. Next AM I could not get past the chopper tailor. They alienated about 20 of my SP's. I called into a tackle shop and the chap told me to go up the inlet further to get away from the chopper tailor. I took his advice and landed in paradise. I was averaging a dozen good size flathead every 2 hour session. Most of them were caught on avocado coloured squidgee fish. If I could achieve this from the bank just imagine what it would be like in a boat. The inlet consists of an entrance from the sea followed by a large lake then you move into what they call the narrows (where I caught most of my fish) then it opens out into what they call top lake. At the top of this lake is the start of 2 rivers where they tell me estuary perch abound. Some of you may have noticed Malacoota on Starlo and Bushies DVD but if you ever get the opportunity it really is paradise and worth the trip. I am including some photos that just dont do it justice. Fish while you Can Dinodadog [img size=448]
  8. jorden

    victoria French Island

    Hey Lads My mate and i are going to french island for a weekend to do some gummy shark fishing, ive heard its pretty good there. Any tips or locations to catch them would be greatly appreciated
  9. A-Rod


    Hi guys, im heading to green patch at jervis bay for the next few days. I unfortunately don't have a boat other than a canoe. I have rigs set up for all different bread and butter species, but I would love to get onto something decent. It's my first trip with my gf and her parents are expecting some fillets brought back. Any knowledge would be fantastic.
  10. y0Brando

    Raby Bay Canals Fishing Video

    Hey chaps showed you guys my last video i made bass fishing the skinny water creeks got some positive feedback so decided to take my kayak ijnto the salwater for the first time i am useless at saltwater and would love some tips and tricks or if anyone calls raby bay there local would love to tag along sometime plan on making alot moe videos more like vlogs as long as the fish bite
  11. A mate of mine who has moved to Melbs is crook so I went down to see him last weekend. I clearly had to make the most of the crazy, start to school holidays, air fairs and took a rod and some free diving gear with me. My Brother and Sister both live in Melbs now. Brother Yuri is a wine maker and was able to wrestle the Sat night and Sunday off from vintage to come and have a flick and a flop. Saturday night we went to the river just near the West Gate Bridge on Bay Trail Way under the power lines where he said he had seen some XXL snapper caught. There is supposed to be hot water pumped out there from a power station that attracts the Snaps as the water starts to get cold. We flicked soft plastics for about an hour with not a touch. Tried 4inch up to 6inch mostly paddle tails but they were just not interested or simply not there. There seems to be a lot of fishing pressure at this spot as the grubs had left a stack of rubbish including a pile of butts behind so we cleaned up the worst of it and went home fishless. The next morning we headed to Williamstown in search of some Abalone and perhaps some Sea Urchin with Yuri and my Sister Sonya. I had purchased my fishing licence online the night before (they both have year ones) and checked the laws. There is a bag limit of 5 black lip Abalone per person and the black lips need to be at least 10cm in Port Philip Bay (its different all over the place including open seasons and size variations so please check local laws) and not from the inter tidal zone (must be more than 2m deep). Port Philip Bay is a no take zone for Green Lip Abalone but you can take up to 2 in other parts of Victoria (again please check local laws). I have never caught or eaten Abalone before. I have scrounged up a few Paua when Mrs Dropbear and I were in NZ a few years ago and they were great on the chew so was reallllly keen to get amongst it in Australia. Yuri had the drum on where to go. It is a pretty big place and I won't disclose his secret spot but he reckons anyone with a bit of experience snorkeling can find a spot if they put in a little bit of time and effort. We got there about 8am to find a solid 10-15 knot southerly punching us in the face. None of us had wet suits... There was a coffee shop down the road that sold great breakfasts so we went there instead... no we didn't. The air temp was about 11oC or so... There was a fire going back at my Sisters house so we went there instead... no we didn't... Melbourne markets sell delicious pastries and German sausages and we would be able to buy Abalone there so we went there instead... no we didn't... Those things are made for softer folk than us brave souls... (Mrs Dropbear wants me to replace brave with stupid...) With the wind spitting the frigid waters in our faces we stripped down to board shorts and sun shirts, donned the snorkeling gear and the borrowed Abalone knives. There is a small set of stairs where we went in (some hint of location here) and we pushed into the frigid Port Philip Bay water with no thought for our own comfort... That last part about the thought of our own comfort may or may not be true... The clarity wasn't too bad considering the chop. We swam out until it was about 3m deep. I could just make out the bottom in the haze but could see weather or not it was rocky or sandy. Yuri told me the trick was to look for good vertical rock faces and cracks, they would be hiding in there. There were sea urchins everywhere and we all got a few spines in our fingers. It was a surprisingly short amount of time before I found my fist Ab. A quick measure showed it was undersized so I left it on the rock but it was great to see we were in the right spot. After a few duck dives I saw a beauty in a deep crevice. It was guarded by a few Urchins. I did a quick measure and it was well and truly legal so whisked it off the rock. The trick is to be quick. Get under and flick and they come off quickly with no real fuss but If you touch them or muck around and then try to remove them you will have a tough time at it. Because it was quite choppy and I had already spent a bit of time mucking around with the Urchins, holding on to the rocks in the surge and measuring it I didn't have time to pick it up. It had fallen between 2 large rocks. I took a breath and went back down but it was way too far in to reach. Sad face emoticon. It would be a much more pleasurable experience had I remembered gloves and had a wet suit. But with a wet suit you need a weight belt and my bag was already heavy so boardie clad and gloveless I carried on. Yuri had one in the bag already. A beauty. I had to catch up now! I was spending too much time exploring under rocks and in the surge this was hard. I got pushed onto rocks (and urchins!) a few times. This made it hard to get much bottom time as I was worried about hanging on to the rocks too much. Yuri Lent me one of his gloves. I soon saw an easy one to grab. It was on the side of a long crack quite exposed. It measured about 11cm and came off easily. I had my first. It was pretty easy after that. I spent less time poking into holes and more time swimming along the rocks close to the bottom and got my bag limit. Yuri was cold, he isn't as... well insulated as I am... and had to swim in. His blue quivering lips and chattering teeth showed he wasn't being a sissy... It was cold. Sonya was safe and warm back on dry land. I grabbed 6 Sea Urchins on the way back in. There is a bag and possession limit of 20 and they cant be taken in the intertidal zone in Port Philip Bay, but 6 would be enough for us to make sushi and a sauce to have with the Abalone. The place is riddled with them and they are so easy to grab. I would be keen to go there just for the Sea Urchins. So lunch was sorted. We cooked them 3 different ways. Sorry I didn't take any pics of the finished product. Yuri did them in butter garlic onion and kaffier lime leaves and also in a thai green curry with black fungus. I cooked them more of a french way; Slice abs thinly. Yuri hit them once with a meat mallet but other people tenderize them differently. This worked. Saute garlic and spring onions in butter till soft Add abalone and fry hot for about 1 - 2 mins. Remove Abs and add a good amount of white wine and reduce until not much left. I added juice from 2 limes at this stage which was nice but you can skip this if you like. Then add a small bottle of cream and reduce again. When about half of the cream is reduced I added the roe from about half of the Urchins. The roe sort of breaks up and as you reduce it more, it becomes part of the sauce. It has such a fantastic flavor and add great richness to the sauce. Then when the sauce is quite thick chuck the abs back in and flick through sauce and serve on some rice and have a glass of Yarra Valley Riesling... if you haven't already . Man this was good. I will be back. I would love it if we got abalone in Brisvegus but its nice to have a place that you know you can get them on a trip. I will have to satisfy my selfish shellfish hungers with Quampies Cockles and Pippies. Thanks Robbie
  12. Hey all. Managed to get out again today All land based on soft plastics. Cracker of a day for the weather! Follow the link to the video .... is there a way to embed on here? So then it can be viewed straight from here? Hope everyone caught some today.
  13. Hey guys, Found another fishing forum, sweeet! I have been fishing down in ST KILDA area on the multiple peirs over the last few days and picked up flathead and pinkies on the soft plastic lures. Saturday and Sunday were good with flathead smashing left right and centre and yesterday managed a few pinkies. Anyways I thought everyone would like to see some fishing action from melbourne, Here are the links to the footage: (I am no pro at editing and its all done on my phone, but interesting anyway) Hope you enjoy guys,
  14. Dylan H.

    Fishing For Gummy Shark

    I am currently undergoing the research project in SA on gummy sharks and it would be appreciated if you could help by filling in one of my surveys. survey draft.docx
  15. Hey fellas, me and a few others are heading down to Harrietville over Aus day for a bit of fishing and camping so I'm chasing some local knowledge. Luckily I know someone who used to live there for years so I know a little bit, but things could have changed since then. I've been informed my chances of catching a cod are extremely slim however trout and yellas are a possibility. I've also learnt the river may be very low this time of year, will this significantly hurt anything? What lures have people had success with while chasing trout? I've got some tassie devils and a small spinner/ bottlecap lure I think its called. Any advice would be great. Think im sticking to worms for live bait but im open to suggestions. I've been told to check out the 'dredge hole' but other than that we're playing it by ear. Cheers guys
  16. Hello, I was fishing over the weekend at Lake Eildon and pick up a few small trout and Redfin on maggots and worms under a float. I also fished in the Pondage below the wall and brough out my R/c drone for the first time. I used it to take the rapala lure out about 220 metres from the bank and dropped it off the back of a hook I made for the drone. End up pulling and releasing one brown trout about 1.5kg or so. Here is the video of it.
  17. krisykatic

    St Leonard's Fishing

    hello everyone!Just want to know how the fishing is going over at St leonards, Victoria ?! Im probably going to head up there to visit and might go for a fish too. what size hook do u usually catch whiting and flat head on? I'm probably going to go off the pier over there. hope everyone is having a good holiday. hope to hear a reply soon thankyou
  18. ellicat

    Hand-caught Cod

    Would be nice, but still prefer rod and reel. BY COUNTRY NEWS ON JANUARY 03, 2017 SHARE SHARE SHARE EMAIL 0 COMMENTS Darren Jephcott with the Murray cod he caught by hand in the Murray River near Cobram. Darren Jephcott has scuba dived in other countries and loves off-shore fishing for big tuna, but he was unprepared for an encounter with a freshwater monster near Cobram last Friday. Mr Jephcott was swimming in the Murray River while camping with friends, when he was pushed by a 1.1m Murray cod. With the help of a friend he wrestled the cod until it was captured, and eventually released after the mandatory photos were taken. Friends on shore who heard him shouting initially thought something disastrous was happening and rushed down to help. The friends, including Mr Jephcott’s girlfriend from overseas, who was camping for the first time, were gobsmacked to see him handling the huge fish. Why the fish would approach him and make contact is a mystery, although Mr Jephcott believes the fish may have been annoyed that the visitors were interfering with its peace and quiet in the river hole where local people say he lives. Mr Jephcott, an excavation contractor from Greensborough, was spending three days camping at Smithies Beach on the NSW side of the Murray River. ‘‘We were fishing and camping out. I went out for a swim in the morning. I knew there was a big hole nearby,’’ he said. ‘‘I went out into the water until I couldn’t touch the bottom. I felt this thing hitting my legs, about near my ankles. ‘‘It was slimy, so I thought it was an eel. It happened about three times. I was dumbfounded. ‘‘The next time I could feel its weight pushing against me and I thought: ‘This is a big fish’. ‘‘I said to my mate: ‘There’s a big fish here’. He said: ‘It’s probably a carp’.’’ ‘‘Next minute up he came, between me and my mate.’’ Mr Jephcott got into a wrestling match with the river monster, grabbing it in the mouth and near the gills. He and his friends held it for about half-an-hour, holding it in the water so it could breathe, and bringing it out occasionally for photos. Then they let it go. It wasn’t hooked on the lines the fishermen had out, but word soon got out that the huge fish was living in the river. ‘‘Some people came along and tried to put some lines in over the hole, but we told them to leave him alone,’’ Mr Jephcott said. ‘‘One of the local guys from the Tocumwal Fishing Club came down and said he hadn’t been caught on a line because there was no scarring on his mouth. ‘‘Some of the locals said they’d heard about the cod living there but had never seen him. ‘‘I think this happened because he was p****d off. He lives at the bottom of the hole and just waits for other fish to come along. ‘‘We turned up and started stirring the mud up and interrupting him. BY COUNTRY NEWS ON JANUARY 03, 2017
  19. So i have been fishing for awhile now, but it is only recently that my father has bought a boat. I would like to go for the big reds with him but i do not want to always spend money on bulks of bait. I have heard that yellowtail scad are great bait and that they are in PPB, can anyone tell me if they are in the frankston area? And if anyone has any tips for catching the big reds in PPB please let me know! Cheers
  20. Luvit

    victoria Southern Blue Fin Tuna

    Well my brother has pulled another massive SBT from local Victorian waters. Last year he tried out from the entrance of Westernport bay see link. He thought he would try the same thing this year and was rewarded again with a 127kg SBT! caught in a 12" Pakula Lumo sprocket. It took one hour and 40 minutes to land on 24kg stand up tackle. A monumental effort possibly opening up a new serious fishery for Melbourne anglers without having to travel the Portland the home of big tuna.
  21. Taken from ABC By environment reporter Sara Phillips PHOTO: In some areas, European carp have become so dominant, they now make up 90 per cent of all fish in the river.(Supplied: Marc Ainsworth) An unlikely coalition of farmers, environmentalists, scientists and fishers has called for the Government to do more to protect Australia's largest river system from a plague of introduced fish. European carp have infested the waters of the Murray-Darling Basin in their millions. They churn up mud, making the water uninhabitable for native fish, insects and birds. In some areas they have become so dominant, they now make up 90 per cent of all fish in the river. For the past seven years, CSIRO scientists have been investigating the potential efficacy of an Indonesian strain of carp herpes as a way to control the fish. The virus could kill carp only, leaving other fish and animals unscathed. "We're getting toward the end of the scientific end of the work," lead researcher Ken McColl said. "The main thrust of our work at CSIRO has been to look for any untoward effects of this virus on other species. "We don't want the virus to affect anything other than carp. "Over quite a number of years we've looked at about 13 species of native fish ... and we've not been able to find any evidence of disease or virus multiplication in any of those species. "So we don't believe it does anything in any other species." Dr McColl said the scientists have also investigated the affect of the virus on yabbies, mice and chickens and have also researched cases where humans have come into contact with the disease. "We're fairly confident that it's not going to cause problems elsewhere," Dr McColl said. Farmers, environmentalists back release of carp virus Usually at opposite ends of Murray-Darling issues, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Irrigators Council have joined calls from the National Farmers Federation, the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, the Invasive Species Council and the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre for the virus to be approved for release. "People often focus on the difference in opinions between environmentalists and farmers, but we actually have a lot in common and healthy rivers is absolutely one of those matters," said Jonathan La Nauze, acting campaigns director for the Australian Conservation Foundation. "Getting on top of carp is essential if we want healthy rivers and that's why farmers, fishermen and environmentalists are all standing united behind this proposal. "It really would complement the work of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, the hard work that we've been going through in restoring environmental flows. "It's time our Government stepped up to the plate and funded this terrific work in releasing a biological control into the Murray-Darling Basin." Matthew Barwick from the NSW Department of Primary Industries has added his voice to the chorus. He said the approvals would take "a couple of years" to process, with hurdles in four separate pieces of Commonwealth legislation. "It would be one of the largest control initiatives in Australia," Mr Barwick said. Australia has a history of using viruses to control introduced animals. The myxoma and calici viruses were effective in knocking down rabbit numbers. And a feline parvovirus was used effectively to control feral cats on Marion Island.
  22. This has to make you wonder /> Iwas told by the same ppl who posted this vid that cichlids could not survive in Vic waters :woohoo: seen to be doing ok in that gippsland waterway :evil: Gaz tried to shed some light on noxious fish and got a very negative response :pinch:
  23. deye223

    Bream Have Awoken

    gday all well the bream have awoken in east Gippsland after the rain got these this arvo in a quick 45 min session , i think i will be on the river at lunch time instead of 16:30 like today . cheers D
  24. Gad

    Gone Fishing Day

    Taken from FW email newsletter 24 May 2016 VICTORIAN recreational anglers are being encouraged to wet a line with family and friends on Sunday 16 October, which is national Gone Fishing Day. Senior Project Officer with Fisheries Victoria, Alyce Parker, said escaping day to day tasks, getting in touch with nature and spending time with the people that matter were all reasons to get outdoors and enjoy a day's fishing. “Australia’s first Gone Fishing Day complements the State Government’s Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which aims to get more people fishing, more often and increase participation to one million anglers by 2020,” Parker said. “To support fishing events on Gone Fishing Day, we encourage angling clubs and community organisations to apply for funding of up to $5,000 from the recreational fishing Small Grants program, which re-invests revenue from the sale of fishing licences into worthwhile projects. Alternatively, angling clubs can apply for funding support through Target One Million’s Stronger Angling Clubs grants program for amounts up to $2,000,” she said. Both funding streams are online at Ms Parker said many of Victoria’s 838,000 recreational anglers would celebrate Gone Fishing Day out and about including fishing in wilderness estuaries in the far east for bream and flathead, lowland rivers for iconic Murray cod and peaceful trout streams in the High Country. “Our beautiful Port Phillip Bay will also attract thousands of anglers for snapper, King George whiting, calamari and flathead, all of which are delicious and all of which are now more available to recreational anglers following the removal of 33 (of 43) commercial netting licences in April. “Removing commercial net fishing from the bay altogether by 2020 is the plan and will leave more fish for recreational fishing families, whether they be beginners or experts. “Fisheries Victoria is encouraging new and existing anglers to grab the whole family, along with friends, and wet a line in a lake, river, estuary or bay on Sunday 16 October.”
  25. cool-josh18

    Starlo Fishing Rod

    Hi, I just bought a Starlo Jungle Stix Bream 732L Spin Line Wt 2-4kg Lure Wt 2-10kg. What other fish can I catch with this fishing rod besides Bream?