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      Found 1,194 results

      1. wanted Jigheads

        any guys on here make jig heads?
      2. wanted Hollow Fluoro Dacron

        Hi all, I’m new here and have to admit I'm here for a little scrounging. I am a freshwater ‘trouty’ flyfisher and I’m hoping one of you may be able to assist with what might ordinarily be ‘left-overs’. I’m trying to access a couple of three (3) metre lengths of fluorescent yellow and/or orange/pink, hollow braided, Dacron of 20 or 30 lb breaking strain. Braided Dacron is thicker than some of the other braided materials and will suit my purpose admirably. I want to use them to make some in-line sighters/indicators in some Czech/Euro nymphing set-ups. To purchase a couple of 100 metre spools would be entirely uneconomical and rather crazy for what I am trying to do. If someone is able to put a few meters of this material in the mail for me, for your trouble and postage costs, I’d be more than happy to send a handful of dollars to a bank account. In anticipation, thank you, Ray 0434 034 729
      3. wanted Rod Holders Tingalpa

        Does anyone know where the place is near tingalpa that sells the plastic coated rod rolders?
      4. wanted 4000 Spin Reels For Sale ????

        WANTED TO BUY 4000 good quality spin reel something like a DIAWA Sol or SHIMANO Stradic Ci4.
      5. wanted Sounder For Kayak

        If anyone has a sounder suitable for a kayak they are looking to sell , please show me what you have
      6. wanted Builders Trailer

        Hi, I am after a builders trailer to put all my tools in. Does anyone have one for sale?
      7. Hey all, Having been shown the dark side by @rayke1938 I am now in the process of setting up a tinnie for fishing the lakes and dams. Lucky for me, I'm single as I'm pretty sure if I wasn't I soon would be after adding a second boat to the yard. I'm after a quick release bracket suitable for an xi5 Motorguide. I really only need the plate that fits to the bow, but will take the entire package if that's what's available. I can buy online, so not too worried, but thought I'd see if anyone here has one they want to get rid of. :-) Thanks, Jason
      8. Hi, after a set of back issue "small boat fishing" magazines at reasonable cost Happy to pay postage from Melb/Syd/ACT areas. Please message with total issues (up to 25) and asking price Cheers
      9. wanted Mobile Marine Mechanic

        I am needing a mobile marine mechanic in the Logan area to service my 40hp 2 stroke outboard
      10. wanted Starter Kayak

        Anyone selling a Fishing Kayak? Only want a little one 2.9m ish.
      11. Hey guys. I am chasing another 2500 size and thought I would throw this up. Looking at something like a Sustain or better but would look at Stradic etc if condition was good. Trying to save some dosh so hoping to find one someone was willing to trade for lures and or rods. Cheers. Angus
      12. Hello Australia Fishing Community, as you know I have a little Website with fishing knowledge tests and other stuff - my site is very popular in Germany. I need some Backlinks to improve my google rating - I think if some of you have a virus-free fishing website with legal content a link partnership would be a WIN-WIN-SITUATION for both. You can get some Infomation about my site at Contact me at if you are interested. Best regards, Steffen
      13. I just found out the 1 piece rod I had planned to take on a trip to Fiji will cost me a fortune in excess baggage if I choose to bring it along. I leave on Friday morning and I can't afford to pay the extra, so I am now urgently looking to find a 2 piece spin rod that will be suitable to match with a 4000 reel and 30lb braid. I will be on a kayak throwing lures and trolling between spots. This holiday is already a massive stretch financially, so I'm hoping someone on here has something that might be suitable for me. thanks guys
      14. sold WTB shimano t curve tournament

        also chasing this rod in 7ft 2-4kg josh 0433267628
      15. sold wtb nitro rod 6 foot 6

        chasing the above rod in 1-3kg josh 0433267628
      16. sold Duffrod

        7ft Duffrods kustom bream stick 1 - 4kg k guide and recoil guides custom made for my needs paired with Daiwa infeet 2004 with rcs knob and bearing and drag upgrade presents as new $450 onoText 0434415385 for picsBrisbane qld
      17. sold Wanted chest freezer

        Looking for a chest freezer for an up coming hunting trip, 50l -100l would ideal not after anything too big if you have something laying around or know someone even better, checked out gumtree and couldn't find anything suitable. cheers Fn
      18. sold Free fish tanks x2

        G,day AFOer's , i've got 2x fish tanks giveaway to good home 1. 360mmx260x260 2. 260x230x230 drop me a post if keen few accesories as well inc pump. If you feel you have to give me something for them I never say no to a free lure. Otherwise FREE Thanks EZY
      19. sold Need a sounder ASAP!

        My lowrance hds just died and I won't have it back in time for the maroon bass comp this weekend. Anyone have a sounder that they want to sell? After a colour preferably decent size sounder by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest! Cheers
      20. sold wanted gps fishfinder combo unit

        hi im after a gps fishfinder combo unit for under $500. anyone got one for sale?
      21. Hey guys, Chasing a 2nd hand or brand new (if there is such a thing) Calcutta 50B. Not liking my chances as I've literally tried everywhere.. but thought this would be worth a crack (: Cheers guys
      22. sold Need A Reel

        On the lookout for an older curado reel, as I lost mine yesterday. Looking for about a 10year old reel in good nick. Anyone got one they want to get rid of send me a PM, not looking for anything expensive. I just want it for trolling and baitfishing. Dino
      23. wanted Old Side Cast Fishing Reels

        Hi There, I am a collector/ historian on side cast fishing reels. Yes Alvey is what most people know of, however there are nearly 100 other brands that were made/used here in Australia. A large quantity were made in SE Qld and Northern NSW. I am always looking to find the very old ones or to learn about the history or add some vital details of existing history. If you have something I would certainly like to hear from you. David Email :
      24. I'm looking for some spools of Spiderwire Fusion Ghost Green 12lb. & 14lb. Test. If you have some please send me an email at Thanks!!!!!!
      25. Does anyone have a Minn Kota remote handset they want to sell like the one pictured below? It packed up on the weekend. PS I tried searching older posts Ray to see if I could find the guy you use down south but couldn't find his details. Would you mind posting again if you don't mind? thank you