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  1. Huge thanks to @Drop Bear for taking my wife and I out fishing yesterday! We had such a blast! After numerous wrong turns trying to figure out how to drive on the wrong side of the road we finally made it to Drop Bears place 40 minutes late, but once we got out on the water conditions seems great to us Canadians. Neither of us got seasick so that was also a bonus! When we got out to the spot we threw some eel down on hooks that were 100 times bigger than anything I have ever used, and let them sit in hopes of catching a shark. We decided that my wife should get the first shot at reeling one in because every time I take her fishing she catches the biggest fish. After about 45 minutes we had our first bite! And just as predicted it turned out to be a nice one! After another 45 minutes of fighting and some seriously tired arms, my wife managed to reel in a nice bull shark! We gave it a quick measure (1.8m) and released it to grow into a bigger one for the next time we are back in Australia! Once we returned to our spot and put our eel bait back down it didn't take long for us to get another bite! This time it was my turn! Mine was just over 1m and still put up more of a fight then most fish will in Canada. We were super excited to catch a smaller shark so we could take it home and try some fresh shark for the first time. To top off the day we had a bite that was an absolute zinger! All I could see was the line flying off the spool faster then I have ever seen! We were informed it was too fast to be a shark. Unfortunately it broke off and we never got to see what it was. All in all we had an amazing time fishing with Drop Bear yesterday and it will definitely be one of the highlights of our trip here to Australia! Thanks so much for taking us out!
  2. So I had a call from a mate yesterday. Unfortunately he had succumbed to a severe bout of industrial diarrhoea, and as we all know, the only cure for that is a day on the water chasing fish and crabs. As luck would have it, I was planning to take advantage of an all too rare (at the moment) break in the wind to do exactly that. Let’s call him the dentist, not because he is one, nor because he is always looking down in the mouth, but because he can’t show his face on the World Wide Web whilst undergoing this highly confidential treatment. The dentist has a few favourite spots down the Pin area so we head there with a yabbie pump, assorted rods, plastics, hard bodies, 8 crab pots, a bag of chicken frames, and high hopes for a successful recovery. We launch at 5.30 am and head to spot A to try for some flathead in a small drain on the low tide. The dentist was confident but the fish didn’t play the game so off we went to drop the pots in known mudcrab territory. Pots successfully deployed, we headed to the yabbie bank to gather our bait. Heaps of yabbies with a bucketful in no time. Then it was off to spot B to try for whiting. Not there long and the dentist nails a nice fat whiting of around 32cm. It was quiet on my side for a bit, but once I pulled in a small ray we knew it would be ok because @ellicat has this crazy theory that you won’t have a good whiting session until you land a ray. We landed a few more whiting which were all good size (biggest was a donkey at 36cm) before that spot went quiet and we headed to spot D which the dentist assured me was good for whiting, grunter and more rays. His prediction was correct and we ended up with 3 legal spotted grunter, a few more jumbo whiting and a shedload of small rays. The dentist saw a bull shark jump and next minute he was onto a good fish. We speculated about the odds of catching a bully on yabbies but dismissed that theory as the battle continued on light line. Eventually a juvenile GT popped up which was soon bled and tossed in the esky with the rest of the catch. Things went quiet on the tide change so we pulled the anchor and went to pick up the pots. Not a single crab in any pot which was both disappointing and surprising, but we couldn’t complain after a good session like we had just had. The dentist was well on the way to a full recovery by the time we pulled the boat out of the water at high noon. It was a good morning on the water with the final tally of 9 good whiting, 3 spotted grunter, one lonely bream (gut hooked) and a 42cm trevally. The dentist donated his share of the catch (all the good ones) to me, which has made Mrs Scaley very happy, but not as happy as if I had come home with muddies. Here is another of my woeful photos of dead fish. Thanks for reading.
  3. Okay still a bit early in the week but got pass out card for this weekend Saturday and maybe Sunday. Saturday not looking great for going wide unless the southerly blows through a bit earlier. Looking like it’s going to blow about 15-20kts...but I’ve got to take my mum and uncle out. Sunday looks like the pick but don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Will keep an eye out and keep the post going with the plan updates. Any ideas let me know
  4. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Drone Fishing Question

    Me and a mate have just bought a drone together for something a bit different and in all honesty I am just wondering what sort of rig set up do people use for it. For beach fishing when we go 4x4 when I feel like a bit of adventure instead of taking the boat out. Does anyone here use drones and if so what set up do you use?
  5. Anyone own one or been in one? 5000 or 5400SC. Just doing some research if I decide to finally get an open boat. I jumped in a bar crusher 560WR today and it was solid as. Cuts there the chop like a knife but might be a bit big for me.
  6. The boys and I headed over to Moreton Island late Saturday afternoon. First cast I hooked a nice mackerel on a SP but lost when my net boy took to long. We had a quick look around and set anchor for the night. We had some Tuna pasta before settling into a high stake UNO card game. A fairly ordinary nights sleep with Morons doing high speed doughnuts all over the beach and sand dunes at 2am in the morning in V8 Land cruisers. They will be the first to whinge and complain when they close beaches off because of the damage d'heads like this do. I let the kids sleep while I motored up towards the cape. Did a small troll with bibbed lures till the boys got up. No hits so we went in search of some fish to jig up. We weren't having much luck so we headed to Hutchies Reef and found a school of fish on the sounder out to our left. I said to James there were fish to our left and he could see a school of small Kingfish around 50cm, sweet! We quickly had a triple hook up on the Gobblers Sp's. It was Luke's first Kingfish and he was amazed at how such a small fish was fighting so hard. We didn't take any photos so we could release them asap. A few more hook ups before a shark joined the party and snaffled a few. We moved away and tried another spot I though may hold Kingfish at this time of the year. The sounder showed some bigger models on this mark and I should have been ready for them. I hadn't re-adjusted my drag form the smaller fish, so when a big model hit it quickly reefed me. My own fault that I was kicking myself for IT. I up sized to a 6 inch jerk shad to see if I could temp another. A quick retrieve and we had 4 hoodlums follow it to the boat all in the 1.2m to 1.5m mark. These were big fish and thick through the shoulders. We tried more drifts but cold not get another on to hook up. Some bigger then normal tuna swam by and followed the lures to the boat but no hits. After that kids wanted to go back in the bay to see if there were any more tuna around. We shot back in and had a brief look without any evidence of them being around we headed home for an early one since the kids were of on school camp Monday morning. A great half day and some prime opportunities missed. On a side note I have a new Gopro 7 black after drowning one of the Gopro 3+ models a few months back. Looking forward to doing some new videos.
  7. Hey Gang, Heading to Noosa at Christmas. I'm looking for recomendations for fun places to go for a fish. I am planning to do a fair bit of casting topwater to pontoons, little top water for bream and whiting and flicking plastics on the flats. Anyone got any great little spots they want to share with me? I can go bait fishing as well.
  8. straddiebrad

    south queensland New Reefs

    if anyone is wanting the gps marks for the new reef system off straddie that they put in just send you email and i will send them on dont know how to link them to here so, theere is 5 spots in all with 38 5 meter arties in place.brad
  9. Hi Everyone Recent trip to Ningi with my Grandson, he was very pleased with his legal spotted Javelin and his lizard, both caught on worms. MSB
  10. matthew1978

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    Hello , im new to this forum , im going to head out saturday or sunday for my first trip using a boat , im staying close around just so i can gain confidence , i want to fish the albert / logan Junction , i know there are bullies there , but what other sort of fish can be caught around that area. TIA matt
  11. Hi all, Im looking for some info on good spots to fish for barracuda in the Moreton Bay region. I'm looking for all species of Sphyraena, I.E the great barracuda, Yellowtail Barracuda, Pickhandle barracuda, etc. I've heard they can be found in Moreton Bay, but the specific locations aren't really clear. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers!
  12. Hi all, I recently purchased myself a new vessel - well, new for me, second hand for someone else. After a quick shakedown run to check all was working well last weekend and a vist to @Zim man to top up the lure supply, I loaded up with way more lures than I could possibly use and headed to Cabbage Tree Point on Saturday morning with dreams of crocodile sized flathead in my mind. I hit the water about 6:30am and peddled towards some spots I used to fish in my "real" boat, thankfully the extreme shallow draft and higher tide meant that some short cuts were available and within about 20 minutes I had two lures deployed and was trolling along a deserted stretch of a back channel. Things were a bit quiet at first, one small flathead took a liking to a pontoon 21 crackerjack and was promptly released. Unfortunately eel grass was a big problem and the lures were continually being fouled up, so I headed a bit further afield towards a generally cleaner bank I had had some success on in the past. Again a pint sized flathead took a liking to the crackerjack but things were quite slow so I stopped on a nearby sandbank to stretch the legs and back out a bit. The tide was dropping out fast and as more banks became exposed the fish started to come on the bite a bit. I had something a bit bigger hit a trolled lure, a 32cm bream appeared, not a regular lure capture for me at all. Just to prove it wasn't a fluke I repeated the process another 3 times in the same area, all were decent fish 29-32cm but they weren't what I was really after. The crackerjack did the damage on all. With the tide nearing low, I headed towards my favourite flathead spot and it wasn't long before I was into them. I landed 4 in quick succession on plastics, with the water quite murky bright colours were the order of the day. 2 in the high 40's were released into the esky, the other two were just legal and nicely lip hooked so were let go to fight again. One small flattie was dropped yakside, note to Santa - landing net please! After things went a bit quiet in that spot, I peddled quickly towards another spot, and made it there just before the turn of the tide. Two more flathead were landed, one more released into the esky. I also hooked up on a small bullie in about 18" of water, he played up a treat and jumped about all over the place but soon won his freedom - 12lb leader was never going to last and probably easier to deal with that way than on my lap. By now the bite had shut down, the tide was now running in, the NNW had kicked up to about 15-18kn, making a yucky wind vs tide short sharp chop to look forward to on the way back to the ramp. I took a slightly longer way out so I was running with the wind and chop but against the tide. It was a slow and steady trip back to the ramp but it never felt unsafe or unstable - and I was mostly dry as well. Several people at the ramp were bemoaning the lack of fish for the day which made me feel a little better that I hadn't been as successful as I'd hoped. I didn't get a lot of photos for the day given my lack of any sort of waterproof photo taking device, the waterproof case I got for my phone unfortunately ruins the camera function and I'm too chicken to take it out of the case on the water. According to google earth, I covered about 11km for the day. Thanks for reading. Benno <'><
  13. Fishaman

    south queensland Caloundra Flathead

    Hey you lot Been getting a few fish up my way. I'll let the vid tell the story. I'm pretty new to doing vids so go easy on me. I need to hold a few up to the camera from now on hahahahaaa
  14. Been a while since my last post...flat out with the rush to Xmas. Weather has been a bit ordinary as well especially this weekend! Anyways went out on my uncles brand spanking new Reflex Chianti 585 on Saturday. He asked me to drive it off the trailer...first time the boats been in the water!!!. Lot to be said for trust there but the new 130 yammy was a dream and the new trailer was a breeze it just slipped off. We did some wearing in of the motor before heading to the mile. Not much happening at all so then stopped in a Tangalooma before heading back to Scarbs. Great boat for the price with plenty for the fitout. Handle the chop pretty well but definitely trim sensitive for glass boat could be because it’s lighter than most at its size being a PUFF boat. Definitely worth taking a look if you are in the market. now what to do this weekend
  15. Old Scaley

    south queensland Crabzilla

    Had planned a trip out on Moreton Bay today with a mate looking for mackerel. Unfortunately he called it off last night due to work commitments. I just laughed, having almost forgotten what work means. Anyway I decided to have a solo trip and to use up the fish frames that have been cluttering up the freezer. I have had my eye on some very crabby looking territory but needed a high tide to get to it and enough water to get in and out. So I got there about 90 minutes before the high and dropped four pots. Then I went to amuse myself for a while throwing a soft vibe around some threadie country. Got 2 bumps but no hookups. The bumps could have been blue jellyfish because there was no shortage of them. Also tried drifting over a couple of banks throwing soft plastics around in the hope of a flathead or two. Nothing interested in my plastics at all so I head back to the pots, about an hour after the start of the runout. First 2 pots had nothing. The third pot felt a bit heavier and bingo - a nice healthy buck that was obviously legal so into the esky he goes. I was feeling pretty happy about that because Mrs Scaley loves muddies even more than I do so I know I will get a warm reception at home, if you catch my drift. Then onto the last pot. Definitely some weight in this one, and up comes crabzilla. Chocolate brown and sporting the Maltese cross. I love it when you don’t have to measure your crabs. Called it quits then and headed home to clean up and cook the crabs. Crabzilla went 1.7kg and his little brother was just under the kilo. I think I have found my new crabbing spot for this summer. Now I just need the prawns to start running and the fish to get hungry and it could be a very merry Christmas.
  16. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Sweet Or Salty

    I couldn't decide if I wanted to fish the fresh or the salt Sunday morning. The tides were looking good so salt it was. I usually fish half the time with hard bods and the other using plastics. All fish were taken on plastics with only one double clutch snagging a very large by double clutch ! Four OK sized flathead with the largest going 55cm and one little tacka. I was working a snag when a spash right behind me caught my attention. I simply lobbed the lure back over my head and something long and silver grabbed it instantly. It peeled drag fast then jumped, shaking it's head like mad, the lure was spat straight out. I have no idea what it was but I do know it was fun trying to fight a fish backwards. Back to the fresh next week to wash my lures off I think.
  17. jhedrick

    south queensland Tips And Spots

    Hey guys, I start my new roster this week and have basically Monday to Friday night off every week. It's sort of come to my attention that when I'm fishing I don't really target one species I just go for what ever I can catch. Which is great but I think that's why I always come back with not a great deal. Anyway I am going to try and target one specific fish each week so I can tick it off my list. First one on my list is a nice big flathead. Something that I have to throw back. I was wondering if there was any land based suggestions for this one as I am going to work on my boat this week. Basically I live in toowong and can travel almost anywhere from North Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Any suggestions for what spots and for what soft plastics or hard bodies I should use. I would probably just be having a flick and not using bait. But if you think I should go the bait option let me know. Thanks again guys. This group has been so helpful.
  18. SalvLax

    south queensland Tingalpa Creek

    Hey everyone Went out to Tingalpa Creek to check out the area and was hoping to try and catch some bream and flathead and ended up with a little Jewfish. This is my second jewfish ever and first on a plastic caught from a boardwalk near to the mouth of Tingalpa Creek right near the canoe club. Didn’t expect this fish, was not going for this species at all and it certainly put my new light rod to the test. Was only small for a Jewfish 58cm but with 8lb braid and 6lb leader I didn’t think the line would hold. Now I’m wondering if people regularly catch them in here or was I just lucky and if so how big can they get in this system ?
  19. Hey guys, Me and a couple of friends have recently been trying to target small shark in the Sunshine Coast area. I live in Caloundra and have tried the pumestone passage numerous times, as well as moorochy River, and Mooloolaba River. My set up is simple, 30lb braid, wire trace, circle hook. Bait we try to switch up, mullet trunks, eel and when we have time live bait (poddie mullet). Over the past 6 weekends of fishing we have only been successfull once, catching a small bull shark in moorochy river. So my questions are; Does anyone know of the best place in Caloundra for catching small shark? Does anyone know of the best bait to use? Does anyone know the best location to catch mullet using a cast net in Caloundra? I would appreciate any help, and I thank you in advance. Zak.
  20. Went on the annual trip to Hervey Bay to chase the longtails for a couple days. I'll let the video do the talking... Thanks Cam
  21. I’ll be in Melbourne from Wednesday till next Sunday night. So a quick 1 minute vid of our 1770 trip. I may do a longer version when l get time. It was a brilliant trip and is such a great place to visit.
  22. Bit the bullet and bought a new sounder...the Lowrance run out sale is just too good to say no too. Did pick up a Carbon HDS3 9 Inch with Total Scan minus maps for $1699, but decided to skimp a little and get the EliteTI9 with totalscan and maps for $999. It's being installed as we speak and I am ready hit the water ASAP. But the wind forecast this weekend is looking less than ideal with +15kt northerlies forecast from lunchtime this Saturday. Will share where I end up and some pictures from the sounder fish or not... Maybe nautical mile might be worth hitting up early again ... thoughts? Hit me up
  23. Hi Everyone, i am new here, just moved to Brisbane few months ago from Vic, I haven't been fishing for over a year. most of my time fishing in Vic. I wonder what should i be targeting for ? jewfish? bream? what bait should i use? (I wonder where can i catch mullet with bread n small hooks for livies ?) anyone can give some suggestions on this? Thank you in advance cheers
  24. I am watching the weather and if there is a chance I plan to head to Hervey Bay for the weekend. For 2 nights, weather it be Friday Saturday night or Saturday Sunday night yet to be decided. I’m waiting for a deckie to confirm on Wednesday. If anyone else wants to join us in their boats feel free. I’ll be keeping things flexible till the last minute. Plan will be to chase some Marlin and sleep on the boat up at Rooney’s Point. Launching at Urangan ramp. As the crow flies it’s 50km to Rooney’s and if you hug the inside of Frazer can add 10-20km to the trip. Just putting it it out there in case anyone was interested.
  25. Daryl McPhee

    south queensland Swains Trip October 2018

    I took Max out to the Swains in October on the Eastern Voyager. It is an excellent boat and a fantastic crew that maximised the time spent fishing and the diversity of fishing opportunities. At nine years of age I knew he was ready for the challenge. We got the chance to fish from the Mothership in about 100 metres of water for Goldband snapper, rosy jobfish, bar cod, and monster pearl perch. Max's best pearl perch was a beast of 67cm. We fished the shallows for the usual collection of coral trout, red throat emperor and tuskfish. Fishing was from dories as well as the mothership. Weather was pretty good for the duration and the sharks weren't too bad.