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  1. Hi guys, I was fishing with a live poddy mullet down near Shorncliffe jetty today and something hit it around lunch time. Any guess on what might have taken the head off my mullet?
  2. I bought a squid light from an Aussie supplier in the hope the kids could use it from a kayak. Since my enthusiasm has been dampened for using the kayak in northern waters, could people chime in and let me know what kinds of waters would have squid and kayaks ?? I know the Sydney Harbour would work but I'm not going to go to Sydney for that ! I live in Toowoomba and it is freezing this time of year so we want to get warmer on the upcoming holidays and were hoping to go to Rockhampton area. Would the Clarence work ? (Iluka and Yamba) Cheers, Steve
  3. Drop Bear

    south queensland Want To Win A Boat?

    Want to win the Bluefin 4.2 Rogue or the Bluefin 3m Catfish? Both are insured, on registered trailers with motors. If it isn’t you 2 other lucky people are going home with brand new boats on Sunday. Today is the start of the OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic. Run by volunteers, there is not one pay check coming out. ALL money raised goes into putting more fish in the bay! The weather looks a bit mixed but fish bite better in the rain and the soft ones that don’t fish make it easier for you to win. Come down to George Clayton Park to sign in. You have to attend one before you go fishing to collect your unique item. There are 6 sign on times; Friday 4pm and 6pm (today) Satruday 7am and 9am Sunday 7am and 9am Please read the rules in advance to make it easy. You can find them here. If you just want to win the Rogue package you can buy a raffle ticket at Or come to the festival on Sunday also at the park. Cricketing Legend Matthew Hayden and Joan Peace will be handing out the prizes and drawing the raffles. Photo entry weigh in goes from 11am to 2pm with prizes awarded from 2.30pm. We have casting competitions, food, 4 bands, information stalls, jumping castles, cast net demonstrations and much more. Get on it!
  4. Hi - was wondering if anyone can confirm the fish in the attached photo is in fact a Spotted Bigeye? Been fishing around Redcliffe for 30 years or so and have never caught, read or even heard about this species, let alone caught one (two in the space of 5 minutes actually) last week only maybe 500-700m off the Scarborough foreshore. It definitely looks likes like the Spotted Bigeye I found via Google here - Can anyone confirm this species, and have you ever caught one in Moreton Bay? I can't hardly find any info on them online, especially in Qld waters and am very curious. I released both fish I caught - they were both about 33cm.
  5. Tightlinez

    south queensland Bait

    Just wondering if anybody knows any good lb places in scarborough to redcliffe to get some bait preferably pike and mullet but ill be happy with any bait and is there a better time to get some(high or low tide)
  6. straddiebrad

    south queensland Livies

    where is a good place to get live mullet from as i dont do too much bait fishing in the brissy river but next weekend i will be taking the grand kids in the comp and will be looking for live mullet.thanks brad
  7. Go to for all the information you need. 2 boats will be given away on Sunday. Heaps of prizes! Just check out the prize packs!
  8. matthew1978

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    Hello , im new to this forum , im going to head out saturday or sunday for my first trip using a boat , im staying close around just so i can gain confidence , i want to fish the albert / logan Junction , i know there are bullies there , but what other sort of fish can be caught around that area. TIA matt
  9. Headed up to 1770 on Wednesday with Lance got in to town just before dark and fuelled up then set up camp at a caravan park to get rested up before heading out early the next day. Thursday the wind was dropping off so we made the most of it and got going after picking up the ice needed for a big trip the plan was 3 days on the bunker group. As we got up amongst the reef systems the water smoothed right out and the wind was lucky to be 5 knots I say lucky because around midday there was no wind at all and getting hot. The fish bite was steady but not hectic I ended up with a nice trout and the tuskies were thick the odd red throat emperor was caught and slowly we grafted away and some quality fish. Some of the deeper reefs were not firing and we worked out to stay shallow to find some more good fish after sunset we anchored up behind the reef for a good sleep. Friday morning was calm and we headed out again we tried for Red emperor but again it was tough but Lance did hook 1 good red thumping away on the end of the rod after a short fight the hooks pulled. I had a hook up on another good red but got busted off and it went quiet from there. We moved around till we found them biting and I marked a couple of big arches on the furuno and Lance hooks up a nice Red we boated him and steamed back. Lance hooks up again with a nice cobia but a shark was trying to steal it lucky Lance got it to the boat before the hooks pulled bugger. The next drift I hook up and feel those big head thumps it was another Red for the box after that it went quiet so a move was on. More quality fish was found with some big red throat emperor turning on they always put up a good fight. That night it was another good anchorage in behind the reef and we rose on Saturday to another beautiful day. As the morning wore on it glassed out and was just magic seeing the bright colours of the reef and clear water. We found the fish again and I got another good coral trout before the call to head home and make good time over the calm conditions. The weather prediction was spot on for the whole trip and my boat preformed with out a hitch. This weekend I am getting another aluminium fuel tank made for under deck and will give me more room on deck this will make a big difference for these big trips. On Sunday Lance and I cleaned the fish while Julian, Brendan and Janelle joined us for drinks and a fresh feed of reefies. Top way to finish a great trip on the reef.
  10. Drop Bear

    south queensland Prize Packs

    Here are some photos of the prize packs for the OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic that starts next Friday.
  11. I tried putting this in environment & politics section and tagging it, but 'error 401?' kept coming up so here it is.... Taken from Dept Agriculture and Fisheries newsletter 7 December 2016 Biosecurity Queensland is continuing to destock and decontaminate ponds at two aquaculture farms south of Brisbane following last week’s confirmation of an outbreak of white spot disease (WSD) in prawns. WSD is a viral infection that affects crustaceans. Australia has previously been WSD free and this is the first confirmed case we have had in an aquaculture setting. This week, the infection has been confirmed in a pond in an adjoining aquaculture operation. This is not unexpected given the immediate proximity and business links. Surveillance has commenced on prawn farms in the vicinity and in nearby waterways to determine possible sources of the infection while also enabling early detection of disease should it occur on other prawn farms. Working with Queensland Boating and Fishing Patrol, recreational fishers in the vicinity are being asked to report unusual signs in prawns and crabs caught in the area. It is crucial that all aquaculture operators implement good biosecurity, observe their stock closely and report any concerns. Description Prawns with WSD may have a loose shell with numerous white spots (0.5-2.0 mm in diameter) on the inside surface of the shell and a pink to red discolouration.
  12. hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't. i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency. i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) thank you (im new to this forum)
  13. Got the boat back and the repair job looks awesome and heading OS next week so only tomorrow to fish...Sunday looks ordinary. So it looks like there are some Tuna still around (thanks to @Luvit's report ) but only have a short time tomorrow morning before getting ready for the boss's birthday. I should be launching Scarbs around 545 and plan to head either between Cape Moreton and Bribie starting around Yellow Patch, or do some Beacon bashing in the North or start at the Nautical mile and head north... Weather looks pretty bloody fantastic
  14. Hi guys new to site an just moved to north Brisbane looking to fish the pine with lures any help where to start would be thankful as iv never fish the pine. Thanks
  15. bulldogs195461

    south queensland Fish I'd Please

    G'day all Can anyone please I'd this fish, caught by my mate today in coombabah creek. Cheers
  16. Hi all, Went out early Saturday to fish the Pin with my brother in law and another mate to chase some flathead. Got to the Pin mouth by 6.15am and it was already chockers. All the boats were parked up on each other and as we didn't have an electric motor, we decided to fish the bank/ledge between the mouth and Kalinga Bank as we kept seeing schools of bait on the sounder with some decent archers through the school. In the first hour we were there, we landed 10 flathead. Mixed bag in the way of size but we managed 3 fish over the 65cm mark (2 at 65cm, 1 at 75cm) and all the others ranged from 40-55cm. One of the 65cm fish was caught right on the bank in less then a foot of water!! Ended up catching 20 flathead for the day and kept 4 (of the smaller ones) for a feed. All fish were caught on either Z-Man 3.5 inch Trick Swimz, or 7 inch jerkshads. The Pin is firing at the moment!
  17. Sitting down in the library Thursday morning, I noticed Wayne had thrown out a decky spot some 10 hours earlier and no-one had hit it. Having returned from our hit and run visit to the U.S. for another Burning Man. ( YouTube it you may see me...) I was still suffering get lag and a severe sinus infection, damn dust, but instantly felt much better. Going.Fishing.Yes! We were treated with beautiful conditions and steamed out to an area Wayne had done well with his boys earlier in the month. Only using Gobblers plastics and an assortment of micro jigs led to a clean day. For the first half an hour or so we fished plastics, giving them action to entice a bite. Nothing much happening and Wayne left his to dead stick while letting down a MJ. Not long after his plastics rod buckled over and he pulls up a high 40s squire to get off the mark. Seeing the dead sticking working ( beer drinking fishing ) I did the same. Working our MJ's for the occasional bump and brief hookup, my plastic gets hit by a 35cm maori cod. Then I land another squire of similar size on the plastic. This dead sticking plastics is too easy as Wayne brings up another fish, this time an undersize Kingy. Finally my MJ gets smashed and a fight to get this fish off the bottom begins. Usually my Gomoku rod is matched with one of my Stradic 5000 but today I chanced the 4000 Rarenium. The drag screamed as the fish went on a few runs and the heart was beating fast as it was a decent fish on the end of this toothpick setup. Up plopped an 85cm Mulloway which was a PB for me. The esky was looking good for a few meals. The bite stopped and we searched and sounded with no luck. The Markfish was doing its job and Wayne was happy. He made the call to go out to some Pearl Perch marks in 70-80m. On the way we came across some birds and fish working the surface and Wayne landed a fat MacToona and then continued to the marks. The wind had started to pick up as did the run and it was making vertical drops difficult even as we increased weight. Wayne managed an undersized Pearly in between two really good sized fish that were lost half way up much to his anguish. Then the visitors arrived. we had seen whales all day, in the distance.... These three were real close and one decided to come and say hello. Never have we been this close to whales that you could almost touch! He/She would lift its head out of the water, blow bubbles, swim under the boat and come up the other side and just hung around the Luvit like it was a toy. much to our amazement not once in its many passes so close did it even touch us. ( I'm sure Wayne wanted his lifejacket on at first.) This went on for about 15 minutes after a few times we thought they had gone when they went deep only to return just as close. After their last deep dive we decided to take off to try for some more Pearlies. With nothing going down well we made the call to head for the ramp, stopping for bust ups where Wayne managed another MT. I'm still to get my first Long Tail..... Another great day out on the water.
  18. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows how deep it is off the beach around queens beach. Looking at going fishing around there sometime soon thanks
  19. I’m going to squeeze in a quick trip off Bribie on Friday morning. I don’t think it will be my normal big day because l’ll have to get home wash the boat. Will be launching from Spinnaker sound ramp at 5.30am using lures chasing tuna and anything else l can find.
  20. Hi All, Fingers crossed I get my boat back by Friday cause the weather is looking pretty good. Apart from good hauls of winter whiting I haven’t landed any of my target species like long tail, Spaniards etc. Not wanting marks (although appreciated....just general area ... need to upgrade). Was planning on just staying between Bribie and the Cape - think I’ve found some rocky areas but the current is a shocker. Normally drift trying to find the bites and then anchor but the current is crazy.
  21. Had a lot of noise outside my place this morning. Two of my sons on left of picture and their mates off to Frazer for the week. They had a five 4x4 convoy, with the trucks weighed down with supplies ((wet ones) Dino
  22. I'm new fisher here and just bought some fishing equipment. Are there any spots around indooroopilly suggested? Thank you.
  23. I have interstate business on Monday so the call has been made to launch Friday night at Bribie Island and sleep on the boat with the boys. Early fathers day rather than Sunday. Going to anchor up in Pumistone passage to ride out the NNW 20-25kts winds forecast at 10pm. Hopefully the wind will drop as forecast by the morning 10-15kts Westerly and then will head out for some fishing. Not going to be a big fishing day, more to spend time with the kids and try about the new 'Markfish' I installed. Sunday the kids have a paid gardening job and I'll clean the boat for father day. Only 2 weekends before we head to the cape york, so this could be the last chance to take the boat out for a while. We'll be back just in time to hopefully go to Hervey Bay and chase some mini marlin.
  24. An experiment done yesterday. The only filter in the tank is the oysters and the time lapse less than an hour (the tube is an aerator to keep oysters alive). This on a massive scale is what we hope to restore to Moreton Bay where oyster population is at 2% of pre colonization levels... If you would like to support this project please consider entering the Wynnum Fishing Classic in OCT. If a fishing comp is not your thing but conservation/restoration is... Please consider a raffle ticket which may win you a sweet boat . Both can be purchased via this link: This is a not for profit event with ALL proceeds going straight back the bay.
  25. I had a great little trip offshore on Thursday last week. The plan was to meet @tugger ans @straddiebrad at wello and follow them out. I have some friends from Germany here at the moment and they were meeting me at the Amity Jetty at 5.30am. We had 15 knots from the south early. it made for a bumpy and wet crossing from Wello until we were tucked in behind Peal. I was following Tugger and at one point had to dodge a large glass boat that probably didn't see me. Lucky I saw it or it would have been the end of the Bear. I had a good jacket on so the splashy splash wasn't too bad and it wasn't too cold. The trip up the rainbow was lovely. The moon, stars and growing grey dawn reflected beautifully in the almost glassed out Water. The Rainbow Channel is an absolute gem of a water way. Protected from anything with any Easterly the shallow sand banks and weed beds are pristine and beautiful. My guests were waiting in the dark and easily jumped on board and we put on life jackets for the South Passage. It was a southerly swell so the bar was easy but that annoying wind persisted and had swung to the East. Probably why the Rainbow was so nice. We bashed our way to Shag rock which afforded us some protection where we deployed 2 Halco Lazer Pro in Red/white to see if there were any Spanish around. I have had a good session on Spanish at Shag Rock in the past but they were not there today. We towed lures around for a while with not much luck but picked up a Tuna at Boat Rock Tugger and Brad had pulled up. They had visited the bait grounds and found the Yakkers. We stopped trawling and used the electric to hold us in place next to Boat Rock. This was ok but the spot lock was playing up but I made it work manually. The wind had dropped out now and the swell was being much more kind. Joanna caught a great Moses almost right away and I thought we were onto them. But nothing much was home today. We caught a few of the red cod but even the Trevelly that can be prolific were not biting. Tugger and Brad got a few on the livies but they were struggling as well. The whales were everywhere and my German guests were probably more happy to see the whales and turtles than fish which was probably just as well. video-1535242517.mp4 We decided to do a bit more trolling and Chris picked up another Tooona fish. This wasn't working so we did a bit of whale watching before Tugga sugested we head out to another reef he has marked up. The caught a few nice fish to put in the box but we struggled to loose a bait. I didn't really fish much on this trip as the Germans needed a bit of a hand from time to time. Time to head back. Conditions were much nicer especially with the wind behind us. It was more like 5-10 knots now. I dropped the guests back to Amity and cleaned the Moses for them. They were so excited to be having fish for dinner that they had caught. They really had a great day. They sent me this photo. Looks delicious. Not much better than Moses. I sped home in the glassy waters. I did a bit of an explore around the 6 knot zone north east of Peal. Beautiful sea grasses and starfish all around the abandoned oyster leases. It was good to see a few leases are still being used. So a really nice day but not many fish to talk about. Sorry for the delay in getting this one up Its been a busy time with a conference in Ballina on Friday and Saturday for Fishers for Fish Habitat. I wish we had these in QLD. Oysters from Shucks bar Sunday. Oysters from @Old Scaley on Monday and GPS plotting for the oyster reefs Monday Afternoon... Fangs