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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm about to head to Pambula for the school holidays with my partner and seven-year-old daughter. In my younger days I spent a lot of time fishing at Phillip Island (Victoria) as my parents had a holiday house there (Smiths Beach) and my late-Father was a very keen rock fisherman. When my parents (sadly) sold the house at Phillip Island I kept all the fishing gear which has been in storage for quite a while now! I have three rods - a surf rod, a boat rod and a light rod with a matching small spinning reel. I've also got a handline. Just wondering where people would recommend for fishing around Pambula/Merimbula for me (surf/rocks) and also for my young daughter (maybe a pier where she can use a handline). Any info appreciated - times, tides, spots, bait, etc. Cheers, Chris
  2. I'm going to Chowder Bay, Port Jackson and going to fish at the jetty in the early morning trying to get either kingfish, yellowtail or trevally. What setup should i use for these species?
  3. How cool is this 3d mapping of Sydney harbour. I never knew there was a 45 deep hole just near the harbour bridge. Sydney Ports have charted the harbour with colours representing the different depths. A 45-metre deep hole, just west of the Harbour bridge. Image of wrecks off Balls Head The Currajong Wreck off Bradley’s Head A sailing vessel in the deep Echo scan of car off Pier 1, Dawes Point
  4. Cheezy

    southern nsw St.georges Basin

    G'day all, Im going down to St.georges basin in 12 days and am unsure of some good spots to fish as i have not fished there before. Im fishing landbased and boat and will be using lures (soft and hard) and bait any input will be valuable, Cheers
  5. Court forfeits ‘borrowed’ boat used for illegal fishing 18 Oct 2017 “Fisheries officers searched the boat and found over 250kg of fish on board, much of it hidden in concealed compartments under the deck,”…….. obviously the boat`s owner is a model citizen too.
  6. Tylerfortin14

    Coffs To Sydney Area Looking To Fish

    Hey there , just throwing it out there as it never hurts to ask, but I'm a Canadian backpacker travelling from Coffs Harbour to Sydney over the next two weeks and if anyone was keen for a fish on the way , I've become pretty obsessed with fishing in Australia ! Living 1000 km inland back in Canada I've been trying to take advantage of the coast as much as possible, and I've been lucky enough to get a few chances out on the boat , and have Had some awesome land based sessions as well. Love fishing for anything and everything haha . Anyways figured I'd throw it out there ! cheers tyler 0406431436 currently in Coffs at the moment , thinking of heading to port Macquarie area Monday heres a few photos to share from last couple months of trip when we had some good success in Queensland ! the girlfriend still outfished me and got the big queenie ...thanks guys
  7. Phil94

    Currarong Kings

    Hi all. Was wondering if someone could please help me out. I'm thinking of chasing some land based kings in currarong/jervis Bay Area. I've caught many kings over the years however none have been land based. I will be using livies which I will get early on the morning I go. I've heard of heading that way but I'm not exactly sure where the spots are once you get into the town? I've looked it up online and found a few but I would rather hear off someone's who's fished from these spots before. Thank you
  8. AZZA 46

    Sydney Fishing Spots

  9. AZZA 46

    Ulladulla Fishing Spots

    hi guys looking for info for fishing spots around Ulladulla. thought I might try off the rocks/beaches also have a kayak and was going to try Burrill Lake. any specific info would be great. spots/bait/lures/fish caught ect.. thanks
  10. mick17565

    Fish Finder Combo Help!!!

    Hi, looking at updating my fishinder to a combo, I usually fish NSW south coast ocean fishing - Ulladulla at depths from 30' to 350' I have been looking online but still don't know what to get!! I have a 5 mtr tinny (Express Boat). any suggestions on what to look for, stuck on Lowrance hds of hook 7. Garmin scv, Simrad go7, Dragon fly 7pro ???? any advice would be great.. Looking at spending between $800 - $1200 Thanks Mick
  11. Dylan H.

    Fishing For Gummy Shark

    I am currently undergoing the research project in SA on gummy sharks and it would be appreciated if you could help by filling in one of my surveys. survey draft.docx
  12. Fishy4lyf

    Fish Id Pls

    I recently went fishing off the Tura Beach headland and kept on catching these little guys when we let it drift too close to the rocks, threw them back because had no clue what they were. Could not find any ID info online and have asked around but no-one has been able to ID. Any help greatly appreciated. Ty
  13. AZZA 46

    St Georges Basin

  14. hi, I caught this fish a couple of days ago on redheads beach, near swansea. I've shown it to a few people who aren't sure what it is... Can anyone shed some light? sorry the pic of the underside is out of focus. cheers christine
  15. Aquarian

    Beach Worms

    Hi, I use to be a member of fishnet although it appears to offline now, so hello to anyone I may have known via fishnet in the past and hello to new members here. topic is beach worms. I'm looking for some killer tips. I've been fishing for years but never gone worming until today. I worked an area of 7 mile beach on NSW south coast so hard, but only saw 3 rises. The buggers were so quick I couldn't get hold of them and they didn't reappear after coming up once. I was using a brown/skin coloured stocking with pilchards in it. I have worming pliers and watched a few vids but its the fine tuning/technique I am keen to know. thanks in advance
  16. riverhauler456

    Toadfish as bait

    Around the coast I tend to get a lot of toadfish on light gear I know they are toxic to humans but as bait for larger species would they work ?
  17. riverhauler456

    Wisemans Ferry Fishing

    at a school camp i was canoeing down a tributary of the hawkesbury river which is apparently brackish and gets bass and bream, but i saw 2 carp there 1 swimming around and another dead, do carp tolerate brackish or something because it isn't freshwater, there is a tidal effect and salinity greater than freshwater
  18. taken from FW email newsletter 27 January 2016 RFA plan to turn old commuter wharves into fishing platforms THE Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) of NSW is pursuing the possibility of re-purposing old commuter wharves in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. Whilst these wharves sit idle the RFA is pursuing the NSW Government and is willing to work with local councils to help refit and re-purpose these sturdy pontoons as dedicated fishing platforms. The RFA's position is that they are currently being wasted sitting idle when they could help alleviate the congestion in some of the iconic locations in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. They could also remove conflict on commuter wharves between fishers and non-fishers and slow what the RFA term “the erosion” of angler access to our foreshores. Anyone who wants more information or to help with this initiative can contact the RFA directly through their website:
  19. riverhauler456

    batemans bay small fish

    Around the rocks amongst the toadfish I catch these little 10 or so centimetre roundish dark on back fish that go for barnacle on small hook at first I thought they were young bream and then a guy said they were angelfish (which I searched up and seemed to look completely different I might have picture Tommorow thanks
  20. alaskanaturally

    southern nsw In Sydney

    Hi Folks, We'll be in Sydney from 3 Feb through 6 Feb. These old bodies will probably have to recover from the 23 hour flight all day on the 3rd. Then we'll be ready. Staying near Central Station. Any ideas where we can wet a line? No wheels, so we'd have to depend on public transportation or preferably our feet.
  21. Confused

    southern nsw Hawkesbury river

    well just got back from a week on the hawkesbury river and all i can say is i doubt very much you will find a better looking river system in australia, We got there late sunday morning and 2nd cast off the pier at the houseboat marina landed a medium flattie, So we are all thinking this is gonna be a awesome trip, Lauched the new boat (and all i can say is thankgod for company fuel) We tried everything to get some decent fish but it would seem that nothing was working, some locals said the river had alot of algae in it and the fishing has'nt been good for the last month. we managed to get several livies (yakkas and slimeys) and even fresh squid, I made a 300L live tank to keep the bait fresh, every night we threw over live bait but nothing. Offshore produced some good bait balls around on the sounder but just the usual small squire and unwanted's, We pumped 100's of yabbies and got several small whiting, flattie's, squire, bream and 3 or 4 small jewies. I even chased boil up's in the river on the punt and hooked up several times to tiny choppers and salmon. The boat we hired from Holidays Afloat was an absolute disaster shower was poor with terrible pressure, gas fridge leaked gas and was'nt turned on before we got there, beds were lumpy and extremely uncomfortable, The BBQ was a discrace and the auto ancor did'nt work in down cycle so you kinda had to manually release the winch. despite us calling them out twice to start the bitch cause the batteries were poor, the company was in a word crap and i would'nt recomend them! Wrapping up we all had a pretty good relaxing holiday and we all agreed we would go again on another boat in summer for sure.... [img size=500]