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  1. Dinodadog

    south queensland Damp At The Ramp

    I was drenched at the ramp before I even got into the boat. I headed off downstream and when I reached the first corner I nearly got blown out of the boat. So I looked for a sheltered spot and put a few baits down. By the time I got to thirty, I had had enough, so headed back up the dam. I then noticed a few fish on the sounder so stopped for another hour bringing the tally up to 46 bass and 7 yellas and I was amazed at how yellow the yellas were Dino
  2. Dinodadog

    south queensland Had A Plan

    I recently purchased the new Shimano Curado DC, so the plan today was to get used to it.I put on a jackal squirel and had my first bass on it 50 meters from the ramp.New DC is supposed to stop over runs, well until you get used to it, be prepared to get a few. As the morning wore on I think I nailed it. One thing that stood out for me was my fat thumb hurt each time I released the thumb bar, in the end I had to just use the end of my thumb. On the fishing side I had a good morning on the lures casting and trolling, managed 71 bass. Some bass were sitting right on the bottom, see if you can see which ones. Dino
  3. 50 bass .2 yellas broke my egrell S1. Still kicking myself about the egrell as Eric Grell no longer building rods and it was my own stupidity apart from that it was a good day except when I arrived home and Judy said the washing machine cactus , We picked up some good bass and a nice yella just in front of the boat ramp and good sized bass wherever we tried Got a bit blustery just before we knocked off.
  4. Gday, went exploring a section of brisbane river i have not fished yet. I paddled for 6klms before starting to fish and did not take long before i was on. Bloody tilly lol not what i was expecting, next big snag i was onto a nice bass that had me in all sorts of trouble in the snag. Great battle and up popped a mid 40s bass, landed another 2 bass from edge snags before landing a chunky yella. I was hoping to find a yella in these snags, landed 1 more bass before making the journey back to the car. Well worth the paddle to explore!
  5. I have decided to start camping again after years away, I have a tent and all the other items to camp with. I don't have a 4wd just a falcon to carry supplies. the problem is where to go. I live in Jimboomba. I am looking for somewhere I can camp bank fish and red claw. I work a rotating shift so plan on camping during the week avoiding the weekend crowds. any suggestion would be helpful. Riverrat
  6. Dinodadog

    south queensland Before The Storm

    Wasted the first hour of my session yesterday, listened to voices in my head saying go west old man. Well west resulted in zero, so changed direction and found a couple of willing schools to the east. Picked up a real skinny nearly 50cm bass in amongst a lot of good healthy models and also picked up a nice big yella it was nearly 60cm,pic doesnt tell the story as it moved while I took the pic, it was a mossie **** off 60cm.Also picked up a few jigging and trolling as well as bait. Dino
  7. Wasnt going to be put off with a little rain this morning and thought I might be the only silly buggar out at the dam. But while I was at the gate, I found there was a lot of silly buggars turning up. On the fishing side I picked up over 30 bass at the first spot and over 30 at the second spot on shrimp, then had a few cast to the edges and got the tally up to 68 bass. While I was still dry on the inside, I thought I would head for home for some hot soup. Dino
  8. From SEQ water website. Lake Kurwongbah closed to all in water activity Date: 09/10/2018 Recent heavy rainfall in the Lake Kurwongbah catchment area has resulted in high inflow levels which require closure of the lake to in water activities including skiing. Rowing and paddling activities are not impacted by this closure. With further rainfall expected later in the week water quality sampling will be undertaken on Tuesday 16 October. The lake will be reopened when water quality results indicate it is safe to do so.
  9. Gday, Thought I would share a few bass caught over the last few weeks.
  10. A report I saw online today... Now I post this for humour but the number of times I have heard someone say they have caught a bully in the fresh and chucked it in there is actually quite high... Would have a lot of catties to eat.. "Public Shark Report: QLD - WIVENHOE DAMN. 19:51, 02 Jan 18, 1.5m, Bull, Sighting from water, Mike reported that the large shark was observed by his 30y/o daugher and her husband while fishing on the top side of the Wivenhoe Dam wall (Qld) from his 3.4m tinnie around midday. It came up beside the boat and then submerged. Thanks for the report Mike!"
  11. Dinodadog

    south queensland Shrimpin Session

    Shrimp have been plentiful lately, with each trap having heaps in them, so I decided to have a bait fishing day this morning and it was electric.I tried 4 spots and all were on fire,I didnt get a chance for to many pics as I was kept busy. Managed to get 100 on shrimp and then picked up 3 trolling home.Then when I got home I found a heap of dead shrimp in the fish tank, to many in it. Dino
  12. Dinodadog

    south queensland Crazydeep Session

    With the bass taking a few jigs last trip, I thought I would try the same today. Well I tried and tried but they were not interested, so I tried trolling and bingo they were hungry for the crazydeeps today. Had several double hookups and got to 78 bass. Dino
  13. Decky spots avail for wednesday. 5.30 start 0403072325 Plenty bass and redclaw Cheers Ray
  14. At NPD spring used to see a decline in bass numbers and an increase of yellas. Well the yellas arrived yesterday with 4 boated and the bass have forgotten to depart. We caught 14 bass and 2 yellas in the first half hour within 50m of the ramp. Finished up with 84 bass and the usual bucket of redclaw. Yellas were all taken home by Hai and Anthony as they were all good plate size of around 40cm. Cheers Ray
  15. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD Sunday 30/9/18

    For a change I was a decky and enjoyed sitting back giving cheek ( I called it advice) In case you did not notice it was wet and stormy on sunday. Tai did not like the lightening and thunder. We all found out how good our wet weather gear was at keeping the moisture in. We had to tie up to the float as Tais boat does not have a bowmount with spot lock and it was too windy to anchor up. Plenty of bass plus a feed of redclaw so it was worthwhile despite the testing conditions. Cheers Ray
  16. Had a late start yesterday, had to get a tooth put back on my plate, so I didnt get to launch until after 10am.Picked up 15 quickly at first spot on bait, then they stopped instantly for some reason.( might of caught each one at least once ) So headed off trolling picking up the odd one, before I found a small school. Managed some jigging and some on bait, Ray passed by for a chin wag on his way home. I then moved to another school and managed to get a few more jigging, no size amongst them just legal bass. All up 44 bass in a few hours.It was good to get them jigging again, this has been missing for quite awhile. Dino
  17. You do not even need a hook and line to catch a bass. It was a good day with 63 bass caught on bait and a bucket of redclaw. Cheers Ray
  18. Dinodadog

    south queensland Hungry Bass

    Overcast again this morning and the bass were hungry.Picked up plenty trolling and baitfishing, jigging was a no show this morning.Cleaned out the shrimp tank at home, so had plenty of shrimp. Left them biting when I reached 107. Dino
  19. Dinodadog

    south queensland Pesky Bass

    Those pesky bass would not leave me alone yesterday, I kept trying to get away from them but every where I went they followed.Bass finally decided to start taking jigs. I pulled a couple of my shrimp traps and couldnt believe the amount of shrimps in them, so decided it was going to be a bait day. After nearly 50 at the first spot, I got a bit bored and trolled off down the dam picking up plenty of bass on the crazydeeps.Next spot the bass were willing to take some jigs as well as shrimp and last spot found another school.Then picked up a few more trolling home. All up 114 bass,one yella and 3 tandans.I could probably go out tomorrow and be lucky to get 20,just got to be lucky on the day, I think the overcast conditions early helped a lot. Dino
  20. Droppy and the Landrunner Top-water Toga Party Heading to Lake Borumba for round 2 early on Thursday. Wind looks mint. I hope the rain stays off. Wish us luck. Report to follow... hopefully if I don't donut and drink too much rum for consolation that is
  21. Left camera at home Bucket of redclaw 71 bass 1 tandan Cheers Ray
  22. Dinodadog

    south queensland Gc Hinterland Magic

    Family gathering,grandsons 18th birthday. It was great to be where the rapids run and the rabbits run. Unlucky for eldest son the rabbits didnt run fast enough sat night. Anyway in amongst the festivities I managed to do some fishing.Found plenty of willing bass but no mary river cod this trip.Last bass I caught was a bit of magic,I made a cast to short, so next cast I put a bit of effort into it, result was it went up over some power lines and as the lure hit the water I gave it a twitch (teabagging ) and it was fish on. Lucky for me it was only a small bass as I had to get it up to the power lines and flick it over,it hit the water heavy and remained on. Dino
  23. Heading up to Moogerah Dam next weekend if you would like to join us for the day over the weekend or come for the whole weekend it will be good to catch up with everyone again I will bring a gazebo for the day camp and a bit of firewood for the evenings. We will do a cook up on the Saturday night with rotisseries and camp ovens over the hot coals if you want to be part of the dinner just bring something each to go towards the meal. On the fishing front you can get good bass and yellowbelly on the dam I have a few favourite spots that go alright and can show you in the right direction if your keen. These socials are a good way to brake the ice if you have not attended an event with the forum before it is quite casual and you can chat with the fishing gurus that come along most people are willing to pass on their knowledge. If your coming don't forget a folding chair for around the camp fire at night and I will have a few ski toys as well for the middle of the day.
  24. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 23/9/18

    Back again with Colin,Hai and Mark for a good day. Picked up 14 bass within 100m of the ramp before heading to Kens spot and we ended up with 40 fish on the counter by 7am before we headed off to check our pots.Found that someone else with my name had checked my pots and rebaited them so it was not a complete disaster . Only reason I knew was that the dog pellets were a different size and were fresh but at least they had rebaited them and closed them up again. Headed downstrem and had another fish to finish up with 70 bass and still a reasonable haul of redclaw. CHeers Ray
  25. Hi all. I am a keen bass fisho with lures. I have gotten my boating permit for North pine dam. In the coming year I am keen to chase the tilapia population as well. Can anyone suggest places and time of year to chase this pests. My goal is to catch them with lures. I was thinking of trout type spinners and the like. Bait fishing for them is also a plan. What baits are best? Any response would be gratefully appropriated. Chris