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  1. Huffy26

    south queensland NPD

    Hey guys and gals, normally fish maroon dam but I would like to give north pine dam a go. Some friendly advice would be great. Is t a school style dam? Fish the edges?? Any advice would be great. Thank you! P.s have finally caught my first bass Am officially addicted also wanna know what permit is required please
  2. Well the weather was hot but cannot say the same about the bite, 7 bass 1 yella 1 silver that did not really count as we got it in a redclaw pot. Consolation prize was some redclaw. Cheers Ray ps percy and his mates all back at the ramp.
  3. Picked this up on Biosecurity Qld FB page. Red-eared slider turtles (REST) have recently been detected in the Burpengary area of Queensland. If you live in this area please be on the lookout. If you detect a REST please call us on 13 25 23. Biosecurity Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council are currently undertaking extensive surveillance in the area. REST are exotic turtles from the USA, have a distinctive red stripe behind the eye and can outcompete native species for food and space. Read more:
  4. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD In Qfm

    Article on NPD in feb QFM Cheers Ray
  5. rayke1938

    south queensland Npd 21/1/19

    Another good day. Bit warm Fish a bit slow LSWSA had a regatta day Ross put up a Christmas tree which seems to be working well 17 bass ( one was tagged) 3 tellas 1 forky Cheers Ray
  6. Dinodadog

    south queensland Toga Toga Toga

    Headed out to a mates property for some toga action.Whacked on a 1/4 oz spinnerbait, cast it out and slow rolled it back just under the surface. In come number one toga, not big but big enough. Few casts later in comes number two, slightly bigger, then a few casts later in come number three and slightly bigger again. Then missed four in a row before hooking a taildancer that put on a good show but finaly through the hooks.I think I will be inviting myself back . Dino
  7. This is a bit of a double report. I have to link to Rayke's post with some awesome photos. I hit Rayke up for a decky spot this week and was lucky enough to get a spot on his boat yesterday. My good mate Robbie was at my house and was telling me how much his son Max was loving his fishing. I asked Rayke if he could come along as well and the very generous man said yes. Rayke and Rick picked us up at Chandler at totally ridiculously stupidly numskully early o'clock and we enjoyed the cruse up to the Yellow Gate at NPD before gliding down to the boat ramp. I counted 85 pelicans. They were standing on the ramp but quickly swam out as we arrived. The ramp is feted with stinky poo covering every inch but they are such awesome birds. Just stinky ones. We headed off and pulled a few shrimp pots. Lots of small red claw in them and enough shrimp for the day. Then we got a stack of Red Claw to eat from the pots. I have a nice bag of tails in the freezer for dinner tonight. We tried a spot on the way for a few good bass then headed to the floats where we parked next to Ken who had caught a few. They were pretty good here. We caught some nice sized Bass and 2 nice Yellowbelly. For some reason most of the fish were coming in on the starboard side of the boat. Rick was killing it with about 6 cracking bass over 40cm. Finally Max Caught his fist ever Bass. It was not a huge fish that popped his cherry but hopefully a memorable one. He upgraded a few times during the day but I don't remember what his best ended up being. The soon went quiet so we went over to the far maker then the new area for not many at all. Back to the floats and they were here again. Not in huge numbers but kept us interested. I caught a very nice 48cm. My PB was 50. Rick said he had one at 59 and Rayke couldn't remember his biggest but something like 56 or 58. I really wanted to crack onto the +50s... The sun was really hot. Belting down on our heads now at about 11am. I was letting my line reach the bottom and counted up 7 winds. This was to try and have the bait where I thought the fish were and a vein attempt to avoid the worst of the snags. I was finding that the fish were being a little fickle with their takes. The line did some mild flicking, not too dissimilar to the shrimp flicking. I am more used to waiting through the bites for a pull down before lifting my rod but I lost a bait so tried to be a bit more aggressive. Next drop... flick flick... gentle lift and I was on. I caught 2 nice bass in the 30cm range but no +50. Drop again... flick flick... gentle lift and............ BOOOOMMMM... I was on! To a monster! I love to fish with my, probably silly, little Alvey reel. A nice old bakelight job my grandfather passed to me. I love the challenge, when you have a good fish on, to palm the spool and let it run. You do get some minor burns from the line if you don't get to the spool properly and it rubs on your hand but overall its a super fun way to fish. I like to think that it is an extremely skillful way to fish. The floats are a spot on the dam that mark a large group of underwater snags that have been very productive. I caught my PB Yella there 55cm and have caught lots of Bass there. The problem with fishing a large snagy structure is you often get bricked. I was fully aware of this when the rod buckled over and I had to let line peel off the Alvey. I put what I thought was maximum pressure on 10lb mono and trying very hard not to high stick (but failing miserably) fought to control what I now knew was a cracking fish. It ran off left before turning right. I had to very quickly grab a lot of line as it swam towards me then instantly switch back to palming as it did thumping run back down to the snags. I got a quick gimps before it again turned and ran. It was pretty special. A huge silver plated Australian Bass... It fought all the way to the net and Max helped me land it. We put it on the ruler and it went 52cm. YEW!!! You will have to go to Raykes thread for a photo that shows the whole fish. Max must have big fingers haha. We did get a few more nice fish but headed home soon after this. A Cracking day again. Thanks @rayke1938 for taking me out and Rick for driving. (sorry rick I keep forgetting your user name. Reply to this and I might remember?) Dinner was battered Bass. So Good. Like I said, tonight is yabby pasta. I hope to post some pics of it... hmmm perhaps a yabby curry... Mix it up a bit
  8. Dinodadog

    south queensland Left School Early

    Bass were hard to find early, got a few just legals from the weeds, then a couple trolling, jigging was a no show, so onto the bait.Wind up early, sun up earlier so left a school still biting their heads off. 53 bass,one forkie and one of the bass 50+. Dino
  9. Cory.l

    south queensland New To The Area

    Hey there. I'm new to gld and living in the scenic rim area. Looking to get some starting points for freshwater fishing in the area..... I know there will be no secret spots given. Lol but some good starting points would be very much appreciated.
  10. rayke1938

    south queensland Cuppla Photos

    Couple of photos from today . I have volunteered drop bear to do a post. Cheers Ray
  11. Dinodadog

    south queensland Barren Baroon

    Headed up to Baroon this morning, should of stayed home. I started off at the Maleny side ramp and travelled right around the dam looking for bass.They must of been sitting in the middle of the dam in over 100 ft of water, because they were no where near the edges.Managed to just find a couple of bass and wherever I went the spanglies were a pest, mustof caught 50 of them. Dino
  12. Picked up a few bass casting to the edges with my new Rodzilla rod I just perchased, before trolling down the dam to what used to be the fishing grounds. I say that as the schools have gone and its only a few scattered bass remaining. Finished up with a dozen on bait to make the numbers up to 40 bass, one tandan and one forkie. Then when the sun turned the heat up I scarpered home in time for morning tea. Dino
  13. rayke1938

    south queensland Npd 9/1/19

    It was quality over quantity today. Cheers Ray
  14. rayke1938

    south queensland Duh

    Got a bit conchie yesterday and decided to clean out the boat and put everything back in except my rods. Air was a bit blue at the gate at NPD when Mark said where are your rods. Back to basics handlining landing 2 bass and one smallish yella. Fishing was very slow with6 undersized bass and one yella off the float before exploring everywhere and then returning in desperation to the float where we quickly picked up some better bass before they disappeared after 15 minutes. Sounder shot is one of the new fads. Final tally one yella and 14 bass. Cheers Ray
  15. Dinodadog

    south queensland Time For A Toga

    Wife had the physio,massage and the cleaner comming so I decided I was outa there. Said to the wife I am going to go catch a toga,so she said OK off you go run along then. Arrived at the dam to pouring rain and was soaked before I got my raincoat on.Headed off casting to the bank and soon had my first bass, followed then by another half dozen, before hooking a nice 67cm toga,tagged and recorded and sent back for someone else to find. I then cast for another 2 hours for nothing. Dino
  16. Its been a few years since ive been on the forum and just came across it again. Over the last few days I hit up some skinny waters that I havent fished in years and got some good bass! I was able to smash my PB for that area 4 times, 3 days in a row. Previously a fish of 34cm was my record but I was able to achieve a 38, 40, 41 and 42cm Bass! They were taken on Tiemco soft shell cicadas and Savage Gear diving hardbodies. Very scenic areas with clear waters made for great hiking. Nothing beats walking skinny creeks and hunting Bass in pristine waters! Highlight of the trip was a double hookup where 2 Bass followed mine in and my brother was able to score one on a Pompador. It has been the best session on Bass I have had in a very long time.
  17. Dinodadog

    south queensland Quality Bass

    I was in a bit of trouble with the bass being a bit lure shy after trolling up a few, so changed over to bait, but that didnt help either. So I took off to other parts of the dam until I seen a couple on the sounder and it was fish on and and on. Managed to get one 50cm in amongst 61 bass and 2 recaptures. Dino
  18. Pulled 2 of my pots on the way down the dam and they had plenty of shrimp in them. So I decided to have a bait fish session, seeing as I have to give a talk on the subject in a couple weeks time.I have been getting plenty of bass on lures lately and havnt been bait fishing for awhile. Started off casting to the edges with spinnerbaits for a couple of undersize bass, then picked up a few trolling on way down the dam, brfore trying a few spots with bait. Found a couple of schools of good sized bass and managed to get 3 x 50cm models plus some close to 50cm out of a total of 63 bass and one tandan. Dino
  19. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD Fad Fish.

    Went for a pass over one lot of the new FADS at NPD this morning and saw a couple of fish holding there.Dropped live shrimp and Mark hooked up on a nice 40cm bass . We did not stay and moved on to try elsewhere.No big schools but good quality fish with 2 going 49 and lots over 45cm.Finished up with 39 bass and one yella and a few small tilapia that were in one of the redclaw pots. Cheers Ray
  20. Dinodadog

    south queensland Crazy Day

    Managed to rack up a small tally of small bass casting to the edges while it was overcast this morning, then had to rack up another tally trolling crazy deeps. Managed 62 bass. Dino
  21. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 23/12/18

    Back again this morning with Rick to hammer some more bass. Found a few schools and just to disprove the theory that hammering a school puts the fish down hit up the same spot where we caught them yesterday and last wednesday and previous sunday. Ended up with 96 bass caught from 3 different locations. Cheers Ray
  22. Hi everyone, My brother and i have decided we want to buy an old tinny and fix it up as a bass boat for North Pine Dam. Most of the time it will just have 2 people in it, but on occasions the whole family would come out. The 2 biggest questions i have is.... what size boat would be best and what size electric motor would be needed to push it along. In my mind, something around the 3.75-4m range would be comfortable enough. Just don't want it to be overly crowded if we had more than 2 people in the boat. But at the same time, he bigger the boat the more weight there is to push through the water. On a side note, does anyone know of or have a tinny and trailer for sale? we are looking around the $500-$1000 region to start with, then build it how we like it. Plenty on gumtree but they are all a tad small (around 10ft). Doesn't have to be flashy, just a solid hull that we can work on.
  23. Another good day down in the new access area. Despite the wind we managed 156 bass and 2 yellas in 2 hours this morning.They must have had a fair bit of a storm since we were there last as the eagles nest has disappeared. We tucked in behind the island and avoided the whitecaps but still plenty of wind as the island is quite low. Just hit the spotlock on top of a school and did not move. 3 tagged bass recaptured. Will go back tomorrow for another go as I still have a hundred or so shrimp left over. Cheers Ray
  24. Had a nice morning exploring the new public access area at NPD this morning on the kayak. Its a nice area until the wind shows its ugly face. Managed to land 43 bass with one 50cm and several close to it. I will be back for sure. I am keeping my lure choice a secret though. Dino
  25. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 30/12/18

    Fun day plenty of fish ,good company doesnt get much better. Cheers Ray