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Found 68 results

  1. This is a bit of a double report. I have to link to Rayke's post with some awesome photos. I hit Rayke up for a decky spot this week and was lucky enough to get a spot on his boat yesterday. My good mate Robbie was at my house and was telling me how much his son Max was loving his fishing. I asked Rayke if he could come along as well and the very generous man said yes. Rayke and Rick picked us up at Chandler at totally ridiculously stupidly numskully early o'clock and we enjoyed the cruse up to the Yellow Gate at NPD before gliding down to the boat ramp. I counted 85 pelicans. They were standing on the ramp but quickly swam out as we arrived. The ramp is feted with stinky poo covering every inch but they are such awesome birds. Just stinky ones. We headed off and pulled a few shrimp pots. Lots of small red claw in them and enough shrimp for the day. Then we got a stack of Red Claw to eat from the pots. I have a nice bag of tails in the freezer for dinner tonight. We tried a spot on the way for a few good bass then headed to the floats where we parked next to Ken who had caught a few. They were pretty good here. We caught some nice sized Bass and 2 nice Yellowbelly. For some reason most of the fish were coming in on the starboard side of the boat. Rick was killing it with about 6 cracking bass over 40cm. Finally Max Caught his fist ever Bass. It was not a huge fish that popped his cherry but hopefully a memorable one. He upgraded a few times during the day but I don't remember what his best ended up being. The soon went quiet so we went over to the far maker then the new area for not many at all. Back to the floats and they were here again. Not in huge numbers but kept us interested. I caught a very nice 48cm. My PB was 50. Rick said he had one at 59 and Rayke couldn't remember his biggest but something like 56 or 58. I really wanted to crack onto the +50s... The sun was really hot. Belting down on our heads now at about 11am. I was letting my line reach the bottom and counted up 7 winds. This was to try and have the bait where I thought the fish were and a vein attempt to avoid the worst of the snags. I was finding that the fish were being a little fickle with their takes. The line did some mild flicking, not too dissimilar to the shrimp flicking. I am more used to waiting through the bites for a pull down before lifting my rod but I lost a bait so tried to be a bit more aggressive. Next drop... flick flick... gentle lift and I was on. I caught 2 nice bass in the 30cm range but no +50. Drop again... flick flick... gentle lift and............ BOOOOMMMM... I was on! To a monster! I love to fish with my, probably silly, little Alvey reel. A nice old bakelight job my grandfather passed to me. I love the challenge, when you have a good fish on, to palm the spool and let it run. You do get some minor burns from the line if you don't get to the spool properly and it rubs on your hand but overall its a super fun way to fish. I like to think that it is an extremely skillful way to fish. The floats are a spot on the dam that mark a large group of underwater snags that have been very productive. I caught my PB Yella there 55cm and have caught lots of Bass there. The problem with fishing a large snagy structure is you often get bricked. I was fully aware of this when the rod buckled over and I had to let line peel off the Alvey. I put what I thought was maximum pressure on 10lb mono and trying very hard not to high stick (but failing miserably) fought to control what I now knew was a cracking fish. It ran off left before turning right. I had to very quickly grab a lot of line as it swam towards me then instantly switch back to palming as it did thumping run back down to the snags. I got a quick gimps before it again turned and ran. It was pretty special. A huge silver plated Australian Bass... It fought all the way to the net and Max helped me land it. We put it on the ruler and it went 52cm. YEW!!! You will have to go to Raykes thread for a photo that shows the whole fish. Max must have big fingers haha. We did get a few more nice fish but headed home soon after this. A Cracking day again. Thanks @rayke1938 for taking me out and Rick for driving. (sorry rick I keep forgetting your user name. Reply to this and I might remember?) Dinner was battered Bass. So Good. Like I said, tonight is yabby pasta. I hope to post some pics of it... hmmm perhaps a yabby curry... Mix it up a bit
  2. rayke1938

    south queensland Npd 9/1/19

    It was quality over quantity today. Cheers Ray
  3. Its been a few years since ive been on the forum and just came across it again. Over the last few days I hit up some skinny waters that I havent fished in years and got some good bass! I was able to smash my PB for that area 4 times, 3 days in a row. Previously a fish of 34cm was my record but I was able to achieve a 38, 40, 41 and 42cm Bass! They were taken on Tiemco soft shell cicadas and Savage Gear diving hardbodies. Very scenic areas with clear waters made for great hiking. Nothing beats walking skinny creeks and hunting Bass in pristine waters! Highlight of the trip was a double hookup where 2 Bass followed mine in and my brother was able to score one on a Pompador. It has been the best session on Bass I have had in a very long time.
  4. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD Fad Fish.

    Went for a pass over one lot of the new FADS at NPD this morning and saw a couple of fish holding there.Dropped live shrimp and Mark hooked up on a nice 40cm bass . We did not stay and moved on to try elsewhere.No big schools but good quality fish with 2 going 49 and lots over 45cm.Finished up with 39 bass and one yella and a few small tilapia that were in one of the redclaw pots. Cheers Ray
  5. rayke1938

    south queensland Npd 2/1/19

    Had to work a bit today. Picked up 19 off the float before deciding to check out the new area where we only caught 6isolated fish in nearly 2 hours before returning to the float where we increased the tally to41 bass and 2 yellas.Mark and Owen shared a couple of bass each and Rik took the yellas home for Joy to clean and fillet. Cheers Ray
  6. Little Grey Men

    south queensland The Eyes Have It.

    Check out the peepers on this lil takka !!! I reckon it could spot a floating cicada at 1000 metres.
  7. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Wet Behind The Ears

    With the apparent crazy weather this weekend, which wasn't that crazy after all, I decided to play it safe and slip on the wet boots and trudge the slippery banks of Lake Samsonvale. The dark grey conditions allowed me to work the edge bite all morning and most fish were taken in very close to shore on trusty old beetle spins. I did tie on a lipless crank for something different but it got very little love with only one bass , so back to the light stuff. It rained for a good part of the morning and after it stopped it decided to rain a bit more, after that lot stopped it decided to start raining again. Note to self, spray jackets are not rain coats, I was soaked through ! 19 bass posed for photos before I gave up and squelched back to the car.
  8. Huffy26

    south queensland Twin Bridges

    Has anyone been out at twin bridges at all recently? Heading out there tomorrow at 4am for a flick in the yak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  9. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Not That Windy

    I decided to walk the banks of North Pine dam due to the crazy wind the day before, I'm aching to hit the place in my kayak but getting blown across a large expanse of water doesn't thrill me. Of course the day was just perfect with very little wind...typical ! I got to see a lot of kayaks having fun and the bass and one beautifully coloured yella were certainly interested in taking lures. The stand out lure was a pumpkin curly tail grub on a beetlespin. Lot's of fish were playing in shallow and casting to rings on the surface were rewarded with fiesty bass. I found three odd looking eggs in the shallows which felt kind of rubbery. I'm guessing they were beyond their expiration date but I put them under some dry grass anyway. I really do love this place !
  10. rayke1938

    south queensland Npd 25/11/18

    Got a few this morning Perer was the tandan king. Cheers Ray
  11. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Spooky Bass

    I had a very early start in a system I fish about once a year. Lot's of portage and paddling across crystal clear pools and under electric fences to reach some bass holding water. With the huge amount of weed around jig spinners swum just on top of the greenery got the attention of a good number of small bass. Further up the creek the weed settled down and I could concentrate on fishing the bases of trees disappearing into the water. This has to be the best way to clear your head.
  12. Up to 3 decky spots avail tomorrow 5.30 start meet end adsetts rd whiteside or redland bay 4.20am. Should get a feed of redclaw at least 0403072325 Cheers Ray
  13. Headed out with mates for another fun day chasing bass. The temp was set at 39 and scorching , did not take long to find some bass. Glenn was first on the board with a cracker! He lead the way racking up a few in no time, Kain started to hit a few smaller ones and I was still on a donut lol A quick lure change and i hit a yella, I decided to put one of my lures on and it paid off instantly with a fat 50cm bass All up we landed 17 bass and 1 yella for the day, not bad considerin how hot it was.
  14. Little Grey Men

    south queensland A Cool Start

    The rain and wind around last night made for a cool start before the sun came up. Walking the banks of North Pine Dam tossing beetlespins, then heavy lures later on to search out a few more hiding deep. I reeled in six bass before getting hungry myself and sniffing around for a coffee shop.
  15. Zim man

    south queensland Maroon On Fire

    just a quick report, first in some years i think. Camped at pointro, last friday, we had maybe two other boats on the dam besides Den and Khoi. Sweresy was my decky. The conditions were awesome and it is a great place to fish and camp especially with the family or quick over nighter with mates. Maroon is chock full of tilapia, everywhere you went there were schools of large fish and a heap more on the beds. Had a few chase out lures but no hook ups. The bass and yellas were on the chew and hit pretty much whatever we threw at them. here are a few pics from the friday and sat morning sessions Most pics from Khoi, Den and Kris Lures used with most success was a Fish Arrow Jig Spin with damiki armor shad paddle tail plastic. Hardbodies i used Pontoon 21 preference shad and cablista jerkbaits. Kris used a maria as well Khoi and den threw spinnerbaits, Fish Arrow J Grubs and Damiki Armor Shad paddle tails. Campfire is still closed and is an example of what not to do. I will let the pics do the talking cheers Rob
  16. Bassnutter78

    northern nsw Toonumbar Dam

    Hi all I am planning a trip to toonumbar dam to chase some bass. I have never fished the place. I am wondering how itis fishing a swell as can I use my petrol outboard on the the dam or is it electric only? I also see u can camp near the dam. Can anyone tell me what the campsites are like? Regards Chris
  17. Left camera at home Bucket of redclaw 71 bass 1 tandan Cheers Ray
  18. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 23/9/18

    Back again with Colin,Hai and Mark for a good day. Picked up 14 bass within 100m of the ramp before heading to Kens spot and we ended up with 40 fish on the counter by 7am before we headed off to check our pots.Found that someone else with my name had checked my pots and rebaited them so it was not a complete disaster . Only reason I knew was that the dog pellets were a different size and were fresh but at least they had rebaited them and closed them up again. Headed downstrem and had another fish to finish up with 70 bass and still a reasonable haul of redclaw. CHeers Ray
  19. Three of us headed to the western arm this morning for the first time since May. We were very surprised to find that our shrimp traps were till there and what pots were still in the water had plenty of shrimp in them. Last time we were there the dam was at 100% and it has dropped to 92% ( About 6 feet) so some of the pots were on the bank and others were tangled in fallen trees . Broke 2 blades off the stern motor prop trying to get into the pots. Ended up with 36 bass with the largest at 42cm. The bass are a lot thinner than the fattys at NPD. Cheers Ray
  20. Still a bit cool first off but it soon warmed up and great to be in sun in shorts and shirt .After doing pots we headed downstream finding bass at most of the usual spots with the fish moving on after pulling around 6 from the school . We ended up near the tip of the island where the fish were a bit more consistent. Stew had a bit of fun managing 2 rods when he got a double hook up. Rick and myself were too buy laughing and giving advice to assist him. It was classed out all morning with just a slight breeze spring up at midday when we were heading back to the ramp. We ended up with 65 bass all well and truly legal size with plenty over 40cm. It was good to see quite a few new permit holders in their yaks having a go. Cheers Ray
  21. Luc53

    south queensland NPD Yesterday

    Went fishing on Friday for only 4 so in view of the windy weather and not much fishing time over the next week or so I decided to do another trip Saturday. Cleared the shrimp trap by 0830 (good haul of just over 30 ), cast lures for an hour or so without hits so headed down to the island. Picked up a couple on the way down and was trolling towards the big stump when the sounder lit up and had a double hookup. After releasing both bass, I put on the spot lock and proceeded to use up the shrimps. I also got a few on soft jigs dropping them down and just putting the rod in the holder. After the bait ran out got a few more on the troll before heading back. Running up Koala straight was slow going due to the wind and was off the water by 1430. Total for the day was 43 from palm sized to 49 cms.
  22. Luc53

    south queensland NPD 20180823

    Great day at NPD today. On the water and traps cleared by 0900 then trolling to the island. Picked up a few trolling down then found a good school near the island. Spot lock cetainly comes in handy Ended up with 52 (including 10 on the troll), no undersized most around 45 cms, all fat sassy and full of fight. Interestingly, after being hooked up, most headed towards the far marker. As we used up the last shrimps, the school dispersed and the bite died down. We had a quick troll towards the far marked and as we had no takers headed back towards the ramp picking up a few more on the troll and were homeward bound by 1540.
  23. Breeezzzing morning. Don't tell @rayke1938 but when he said that I should meet him at Chandler my brain thought the Boondall... I don't know why. Perhaps it was just that Boondall is on the way and Chandler isn't for me. Well whatever. So as soon as I realised my mistake I gave him a call and told him I'd meet him at the gate. This meant I was super early so instead of camping out in the cold at the loneliest place on the planet, the PRFMA gate, I did a bit of an explore around Bullocky Point. Its a great little picnic area. I think it would make a great day fishing from the bank and having a bbq. After a bit of a cruse around the lonely pre dawn picnic areas I made it back to the gate. The moon was up but small. It was cool but as there was no wind it was bear-able. Ray and Rick turned up and the tripple R crew prepped the boat and waited for the 6am kick off siren. There was a cute little Drop Bear in the tree waiting for us that we made out in the light mist that sat on the water. We picked up the Red Claw pots. They were all really full and we soon had a big bucket full of them. Rick is the master Red Claw machine. No sooner than they arrived in the boat they are dispatched and cleaned. He has this awesome technique where after killing them he pulls the middle tail fin out and the poop shoot comes with it. Very easy and clean. Cracking tip this one. It was cold. My hands didn't work properly and it made it really hard to do the cable ties up. We tried a few places and although the fishing was a little slow for Ray's usual standards the quality was great... well not for me... Ray and Rick pulled in crackers while I was catching a few small versions. Rick's rod doubled over with line screaming off. He expertly feathered the spool so the fish could not bust him off in the snags. Thumping runs Rick soon had the fish under control and he called for the net. A stonking 50cm Bass landed on the deck. A real beauty. We all got a few photos and let this beautiful silver armored fish slip back into the cool deep green waters. I love seeing good fish come on board no matter who catches them on the boat but... My PB Bass is 46cm and a 50cm is firmly placed on the Bucket List. So not to take anything away from Rick's cracker I wanted to have a little tantrum. We moved a few times and Ray caught a few nice fish but them he was onto a gooden. The played it without fuss but line was stripping off the reel. Rayke slipped the net under another 50cm Bass. Stunning with huge shoulders and a full belly. The familiar routine of a great fish we took some photos and off she went... A great fish... but where was mine! I really was being out fished today. I had probably caught about half the number of fish that Ray and Rick had caught. I had a similar rig, same bait so I had to put it down to luck... I was not going to admit skill... There was a fair bit of activity around the place today. They were burning off over the hill and a brave helicopter was checking out the high tension power lines. I was using my favourite 4" Alvie. It was my grandfathers reel. I had 8lb line on it. I love using Alvies for this sort of fishing. I caught a few 30+ cm bass and it is really fun to have the challenge of playing out line by hand. No drag and no one to blame for a lost fish than yourself. Old meats new. The rod is a nice Nordic stage. The last move was back to the floats across from the Eagle Tree. The tree has a huge nest in it but no sign of its occupants. It really is huge and must be a massive undertaking to have built it. The spot lock was playing up a bit and at the floats there are a lot of snags so we all lost a little gear to them. Something changed. Perhaps just how chance and luck works but I was smashing them here. No sooner did I drop the shrimp to the bottom than I fealt the tell tale flick flick of the shrimp trying to run before a bump and pull. Quick lift to set the hook and on. This was great fun. I battled good 40cm+ fish playing out line by palming the spool. I think I caught 6 or so fish in quick sucsession. the hoodoo had lifted. Very happy with myself I put down another shrimp. Flick Flick BOOOOMMMM a huge take. Line screamed off and the fish headed away. I needed to apply extra pressure as it was so snaggy here but not so much that the light line would pop. We use a one hook Paternoster rig. I bought some nice little sinkers for the bottom and #2/0 wide gape hooks. The live shrimp are pinned just below the tale. I used a fairly simple figure 8 knot to make the loop in the Paternoster and was worried that this less than pro rig would weaken the line. Thump thump thump down low. This was a good fish. Slow heavy bumps rather than fast darting runs. Surly it was my time to shine. I saw colour but this handsome aquatic beast was not done yet and it charged back down out of sight. the spool fizzed in my hand and I feathered it lighter now that it was away from the worst of the snags. This was its last big run. It circled around with strong but weakening thumps of its broad sturdy tail but soon came in reach of the net. It was huge. I couldn't call it as a Bucket list fish yet... It wasn't a 55cm one. It only had to beat 46cm to be a PB and I was pretty sure it would do that but would it make the 50????? I glided the fish across the glassy surface to the waiting net and lifted it into the boat with a bit of a Woop! Was it???? I got the bogar grips and holding the belly and wetting the ruler lay it on the truth maker... So close... was it? I really had to adjust it so the mouth was right on the 0 and the tail was right on the..... 50!!!!!! Boom yeah Smashed it. It only Just made it with about 2mm to spare but it was, undeniably a 50. Bucket list Tick A few quick photos with it held out a little bit to make it look bigger and back she went to grow some more. Ahhhhh Done. I kept a couple of Bass for dinner. they were about the 42cm mark. We were having some friends over and I was keen to do the Yabbies and the Bass. Ray headed back to the ramp only to stop off at a mate of his and donate a few shrimp so they could catch a few fish as they had not had much luck with bibbed lures or blades. Back at the ramp and the Koala was still in the tree waiting for us. A sexy girl bear even if not a drop bear.... Sorry Mrs Drop Bear but she was quite a stunner. Ray and Rick let me take all the Red Claw as they said they had enough. There was so much. I am amazingly privileged to have gotten them. I payed Ray a small Decky Fee and headed home. What a great day. Thanks so much @rayke1938 and Rick... Sorry I lost that bit of paper you gave me... PM me please with your details and I will send all the photos through. So... To dinner!!!!! Yabby pasta and steamed Bass!! Recepies were; Yabby Pasta Ingredients 2 fine chopped onions 2 full bulbs of garlic (not cloves but 2 of the whole bulb) 2 chillis Good splash of olive oil Huge amount of butter. Big bag of Pasta So clean the meat out from the shell (Rick pro tip is to freeze the tails first as it loosens the meat. Works a treat thanks Rick) I fried the shells in some oil in a big pot then half covered with water and stirred until they were cooked. This makes a nice stock. I saute the onions and garlic in a splash of oil Add the bug meat and lightly cook untill just under done. Remove the meat and add a big glug of white wine and the shell stock. Reduce this until it is about half gone. Add a massive dob of butter and when melted and cooked down a little put the meat back in and stir around. Mix through the pasta and serve. I like to put some chopped chilies and chopped parsley on the top. Looks great. Drink this with a large glass of Granite Belt Pinot Gris. Steamed Bass I have put this recipe up before but its pretty simple. I just scale and gut the fish Put large slices in the fish Put huge amount of fresh ginger and shallots on top with a good glug of soy sauce. Wrap it in foil and cook until you can smell the sweet fish wafting from the oven. Drink this with a Clair Valley Riesling. Thanks
  24. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 15/8/18

    Was a bit foggy first thing with visibility down to around 20 feet so navigation by gps for first hour till we could see the sun. Even percy was lost and did not show up until 8am. Usual haul of redclaw was shared by Hai and Jason. Hai scored a 49cm yella and 54 bass between the 4 of us with the wind chasing us home around midday. Cheers Ray Do not forget permits for this fantastic fishery now available on line. Applications may be made on line - Refer our Web Site Click on the Boating Access Scheme link on our home page. Your existing access key will work up to and including Friday 31/08/2018 Everyone who purchases a Permit prior to 30/11/2018 will go into a draw to win 15 Spinmad Tail Spinner Lures. The winner will be drawn at our Monthly Meeting Tuesday 11/12/2018 at 8 pm. The Winner will be notified by telephone. Our thanks go to SpinMad for there generous support. Details of SpinMad's product range can be found on their Facebook page and mention Bob to obtain a discount