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Found 506 results

  1. Hello! My name is Rod - known as Rocket Some of the older AFO/BFO members will probably remember me from about 10 years ago when I was quite active on BFO. Since then my life has seen many changes. Most notably my wife and I now have 2 daughters (8+6) whom I am encouraging to get into fishing (with limited success). I also have 3 kayaks, loads of grey hair and 1 YouTube channel. I write the odd fishing article for online mags and print, and enjoy making vids of my fishing adventures. An old friend recently sent me a message on AFO to catch up. I enjoyed browsing the reports while I was here so I thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce myself instead of lurking in the background. I hope I have some nice pics or a report to post some time soon Rocket
  2. Bud.

    Hi From A Newbie

    Hi fellow fish lovers. Just joined and am going to ask a couple of questions of the boffins and the knowledgeable a on the site. Due to a few reasons I haven't been fishing for a long time. Probably more than 15 years to be honest. I am in Deception Bay just north of Brisbane. I am interested in going freshwater fishing but I am lacking something that would make it easy for me. A boat. Can anyone tell me where to go that I can fish freshwater land based. Also as I used to mainly beach fish, but am also lacking a 4bee, where would be a couple of good places around my area to toss a line in. I used to occassion Bribie and Sandstone for flatties and bream, but would like to know where to go at Beachmere and Ningi Caboolture river. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Oh. Just been informed I am going to be fishing Deepwater Bend this weekend. So hope to post a couple, if not a lot, of pics of my monster catches. Happy hunting peeps. And thanks for having me.
  3. Poddymullet

    Hello From North Lakes

    HI everyone Moved up here about 2 years ago from Sydney. Used to live on the Northern Beaches so grew up fishing beach, rocks, the harbour and close offshore in a tinny. Now I have better boat and just loving the sunshine and the bay most of the time Keen to learn more about this great area and get into better fish!
  4. Mark Aboud

    From Morayfield

    Mark from a Morayfield. Fish both offshore (Stealth Profisha) and freshwater (a couple of plastic yaks). Also have an Aquamaster 420. Keen to do more ‘local’ river fishing so any members who are willing to share their knowledge on rivers etc in the caboolture/Morayfield area would will welcomed appreciated.
  5. swmcl

    Hi From Toowoomba

    Hi all, I'm a father of two teenagers who express a small but growing interest in fishing. I've got some gear and some experience but rarely go fishing on my own. Looking to get the kids interested in it more and expand the family outing experiences by getting a boat. My daughter likes being towed on a floating object and my son likes the idea of getting a license on anything that is powered by petrol so I think a boat might be a start. My wife is a non-starter on boats at this stage. I'm new to fishing on the East Coast. I come from WA. Fishing in brown silty rivers seems all wrong but I'm coming around to the idea. A number of species are new to me too (like yellowbelly). I hope to attend a social or two and to perhaps hire someone to aid in helping my son to catch his first fish ! Cheers, Steve
  6. Go Fish Australia

    Go Fish Queensland

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  7. demarc


    Guess whos back... Sorry for being so quiet. General life issues. Haven't fished since 1770. Got boat wet on weekend. Such a good feeling. Also last trip for my Brooker. Two snapped crossmembers. Bought Redco Sportsman in December. Doing mods for my June Stanage trip, will be ready this week.
  8. Gelly

    Hello & Help

    Hi We have just recently moved from Townsville to Brisbane for work. Now that side has settled down we are wanting to try and catch a fish and a nice muddie. Has anyone got any advise on any spots, boat ramps that could help us out. Thanks
  9. sam bros

    Gday Guys

    Hi, New to the fourm, just joined. I'm from sydney and love to fish landbased and off the boat all along the coast. Im really looking forward to contributing to this forum
  10. deegee12g

    G'day Fellow Fishers

    G'day all, I'm Don and I'm just getting back into fishing after a few years away from it. I have an old 4.85m Express with a fairly new Honda 60 on the back. In the past I mostly fished Moreton Bay and not too far offshore from the Gold and the Sunny Coasts. Since I got started again it has mostly been the bay. Nearly finished fitting out a 12ft punt with electric power so I can fish Hinze and NP dams. Cheers, Don.
  11. Mred

    New Cairns Bloke

    Hi guys Im new too this page just saying hi from cairns !
  12. Hi guys. Just joined up as im building a new boat and want to throw a few ideas around to see whats worked in the past when it comes to fitting out a boat. I've just purchased a bare Stessl 385 Edgetracker to fit out with a deck etc. I'll be installing everything that was on my previous 375 allycraft including the 20hp yamaha and all the previous wiring. Bought all the aluminum channel to start tig welding the floor bracing in this weekend ready for a copeton trip in 2 weeks.
  13. PezPerry

    New To Brissie.

    Hi. I am a Pom who has lived in Australia for 8 years and recently moved from Geelong Vic to Brisbane QLD. I prefer freshwater lake or small (ish) river fishing, don't really care what size or type of fish I catch just enjoy being out there relaxing and I've always been a catch & release fisherman. Can someone please confirm if you need a licence to fish in QLD, I've been told no by work colleague but he didn't seem too sure Any tips on places & or technique's to fish would be appreciated, I don't have a tinny or boat so would be land based fishing. Cheers in advance people Pez.
  14. Hi there So this is my first post in the forum. I come from Beijing, China. My name is Hongfei Hao. I have an English name---Ollie. Hmm... I actually work for a fishing product brand. Nah, don't worry. I am not direct selling here in this community. Hope I can learn more about fishing in this forum. Cheers! Good luck and tight lines
  15. marty

    Gold Coast Fisho

    Been fishing on the Goldy for many years and more recently hare started to venture offshore. The two guys I used to fish with have respectively moved away or taken on new interests so I am looking for a new fishing mate (or two). Over the years I have lost umpteen hours of sleep chasing Jacks and Fatties on lures, plus more recently chasing Pelagics offshore on bait and lures. Have been madly renovating the last couple of years so haven't fished much, but it is time to get back into it. I currently have 2 boats (one will appear in the classifieds soon) - with the newer one suited for inshore and offshore. All the gear and some idea! Marty
  16. Ika nui

    New Member

    Hi all fishing the Logan N Albert junction tonight live baiting hope to catch a Jew for breakfast
  17. Inkevnito

    New Member!

    Hello all, Hope to make some friends and catch some fish! Haven't been to shorncliffe in 4 years and was planning on taking some mates there this Sunday (23rd), Does anyone have any solid tips? Oh, and also with the airport spill, would shorncliffe still be OK? Thanks all!
  18. clay94fishing

    Clayton Nicholls

    Hey everyone, I am a new member but a serious fishoholic. I enjoy creating and editing fishing content. an example can be seen below. These will likely be posted in the Video section once i learn to navigate the forum. I enjoy all aspects of fishing and cant wait to keep sharing my videos with all of you!
  19. Salt Shaker

    Saying Hi

    Hi Everyone. Just wanted to say Hi as I have just joined. Managed to pick up a really nice little Horizon 445 Gulf with a 40 Yamaha on Monday and can't wait to get out there. Hopefully there will be some descent pics of good fish to put up in the coming months.Relatively new to fishing in Qld and based out the back of Morayfield so hopefully you guys can send me in the direction out in the bay. Any tips around Bribie would be much appreciated.
  20. Joe Devereux

    Leaving The Nt To Brissy

    Hi All I'm in the Air force and it looks like I will be moving to Brisbane next year for work. I have my own boat its a 5.3m tiller steer seajay (pretty much a BIG Tinnie). I favor blue water style fishing and will be looking for deckies when I arrive. I will be in desperate need for some local knowledge so get ready for me to pick your brains.
  21. Junky

    Well Hello There

    Hello all. Names Damo. 39yrs old Been fishing my whole life from Moreton bay to the far north. I prefer off shore but don't say no to a good jack attack or chasing snaps in the bay. Very computer illiterate so bare with me. Found a few forums and joined up. Currently in the process of finishing my new plate boat. Its off to paint this week then the fun begins with fit out. Once it's up and running I'll be back doing what I love, enjoying the water with my family with a heavy focus on fishing and exploring with the kids. They're to young for offshore so may have a spot spare at times. I drive Toyota. I drink rum and single malt scotch. I ride KTM. I fly RC planes. I love fishing. Junky is my usernam because with everything I do I turn into a Junky that can't get enough. I know junkie is the drug'o it I can't spell very well so I use a y. My 6 year old daughter will proof read before I hit post. If I've forgotten anything then I'll catch up. Cheers Damo.
  22. Milpool


    Hey guys, my name is Andrew, been lurking for a couple of months, finally decided to register. I'm 27, born and raised on the Gold Coast,, hadro interest in fishing, actually actively avoided it, until about two months ago when I suddenly decided I wanted to fish. My boss has a big boat for going out on the reef but we're usually to busy to get out, then after seeing him all week I don't often feel like spending the weekend with him too. I usually go with another mate that has a smaller boat but I'm really more interested in land based estuary stuff so far. Just can't catch anything. Just bought the missus a cheapie rod because she has always bugged me to go and we have our first child due in May so I figured now was a good time to start learning so I look like I have some idea before he's old enough to see through it. From all my googling this place has easily been the friendliest and most resourceful for all things fishing, particularly SEQLD based. Hopefully I can contribute something useful soon. Thanks guys.
  23. Angry51

    Hi All.

    Hi everyone, New here, been lurking for awhile, liked the conversations so decided to join. Names are Gary & Ann, We live about 80 k"s from the salt but get on the water monthly, mostly into crabbing but throw in a line in between. Have a 3.8 Seajay/ 15 Merc. Will get off for now and hope to report something end of the week as we're going crabbing on Thur/Fri. Be good Gary
  24. Jimmybob2

    G'day Again

    G'day guys... after more than a few years, I thought I'd come back It all looks so different on here! got a few years of scrolling to catch up lol
  25. Yella


    Just bought a property just out of Ashford and setting up a fishing retreat, been hitting Pindari and the Severn and getting some decent catches of cod and yellow belly, enjoying the lack of traffic and peace and quiet for a change. Thought I would join and mingle after lurking for a while.