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Found 2 results

  1. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Live Bait = Fish

    Headed offshore on Wednesday with my son Liam, a niece and nephew, two brothers and my Dad (family day out!!). After a 3:30 alarm we headed off from Manly Harbour, through the Rous Channel and to the SPB. We were amazed how light it was at 4:15am and realised we could easily have gotten up an hour earlier ...... maybe next time. As @Drop Bearreported the bar was a bit lively but there was better than half tide on it so we picked our way through it and headed to the live bait grounds where we worked hard to put a few yakkas plus other assorted stuff into our buckets (no plumbed live bait tank yet - will be organising that!!!). Having secured our live bait we headed to an area we'd tried fishing a month or so ago and hoped that this time the current would allow us to get a bait down (last time it was roaring!!!). Dad had bought a larger parachute that we could use if needed but luckily for us the current was only around 1-2 knots. We found some decent shows of fish on the sounder but unfortunately all but two of our yakkas had died enroute so myself and my brother dropped them down while Dad put a dead one down. On the first drift I hooked up to a good fish and after a good fight, up came an approx. 6-7kg amberjack (I think??? Originally I'd thought Samsonfish but I'm now thinking AJ) and the vibe on the boat was good. Unfortunately our other livie died (not hooked properly) so we now had to hope they would take dead baits. I put on a whole Californian squid while the others tried whole dead yakkas - my squid was getting attention but they were only picking at it, until I managed to hook up when I was about to wind back up, thinking I'd be out of bait. We were very curious what it would be, and as I exclaimed it could be a pearlie I immediately remembered you should lift and wind with pearlies due to their soft mouths and no sooner had I had that thought and the fish was gone. Noooooooo!!!!!!! We had many more drifts in the area with the sounder still looking very good but they weren't taking the dead baits so we looked around a few more marks, with just a couple of undersized squire hooked and then decided to call it a day as the wind was picking up and all three kids had been seasick (think I'll wait until Liam is a bit older and can actually fish offshore before taking him again). Dad's boat has compartments with lids in each back corner that we are thinking about getting plumbed in to use as live bait tanks - they are long and thin and not real deep so I'll take some measurements and some photos and seek some opinions on their suitability. Also had a morning out with the wife and our two boys on Thursday morning with a friend tagging along - had hoped to go chase winter whiting but the wind was stronger than expected so we opted to stay at the southern end of Green Island and caught an array of smaller stuff - tuskies, squire, tarwhine, etc and Liam caught about a 60cm green sea toadfish which is his biggest fish so far (his long shank hook was a bit mangled afterwards!!).
  2. swmcl

    Dinghy Hull Designs

    Hi all, Can I ask whether the newer hull designs that have a strong reverse chine or almost a tri-hull design are capable for more lumpy seas off the coast ? It seems to me the Millennial hulls of this world are best for estuary, dam or rivers but not the bar crossings and beyond. I like their smoothness across chop, dryness and speed but worry about the offshore abilities. Cheers, Steve