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tuesday 13/6/06 camerons rocks


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sorry its late notice but....

went down to camerons rocks on tuesday... got there nice and early before the high tide, around 5pm or so...

jordan got a nice mullet and luderick in the cast net for shark bait... aswell as a few good garfish poddy mullet and prawns...

no luck on anylines with not a single bite/sratch mark out of any bait used... decided to pack up and leave around 10:30

i think the brisbane river is slowing down for just about every big species like salmon and sharks... (and me since its so dam cold at night now) bream and flathead are still around though


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Apparantly this is our salmon season Troy.

I was talking to Dave downer today and he is interviewing a guy who caught a 13kg salmon this week in the brisbane river.

Isnt that little bit bigger than your record :)

Anyway i think we need to break that 18kg apparant australian record.

By the way, Ash caught a good Jew in the river tonight (friday the 16th of june).

Ill get the picture up asap.


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