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I generally look for them on a beach with a fairly shallow gradient. On the outgoing tide look for small lumps in the wet sand where the tide has been, you'll find them a few inches below the surface. Cant comment on locations at the gold coast, I usually get them north of Teewah. Dont forget there is a bag limit of 50.

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Hey Mate

Yeah ive had some success around the Tugan area catchin pipi's. I found that the most effective time to catch them is on a low tide in as little as a few cm's of water. If your not getting any in an area dont try for ages just keep moving along the beach until you find some(cause there probably just not in that spot). That said you can probably catch them on most beaches at the Gold Coast ... you just have to keep trying until you find them haha.

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21 minutes ago, Polly871 said:

Where would I find pipis in Yeppoon qld what beach?

Hey Polly871

I was just up there a few days ago - I never caught or tried for Pipis.

You might get some at Main Beack, Kemp Beach, etc. Try to look for finish sand (as in, not just rocky silt, but the nice soft stuff), and some decent surf.

Cheers Hamish

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I have sat them alive in a tub of clean sea water for about 24hrs and change it every so often, seems to work as they cycle the water through their system and you start to see a bit of sand building up in the bottom of the tub, and change the water. 

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On 11/05/2009 at 2:34 PM, Death Ray said:



Does the tide affect the pipis? Is the low or high tides better to catch them. Does anyone know any good spots to go pipi hunting near the Gold Coast Main Beach/Spit areas? I have caught them years ago, but can't remember what the conditions were like.



Hi , I found 5 large pipis at Kingscliffe Beach, what a find it was 🤤

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