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Strabroke Island This Weekend.


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Well while you guys are all fishing the perfect bloody weather tomorrow ill be manning the HQ position.

However to make up for that ill be enjoying Sunday & Monday on Straddy :)


Amity Squidding.

Day time trevally and tailor on the rocks.

Night time on the rocks (fairly new for me but i want big bream and outside chance jew).

Maybe some home beach or flinders gutters for typical surf species.

90% luring but will use some worms for a feed of whiting.



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Cowfish13 wrote:

I dare say you'll get heaps of Squid. I'd send one out live if you can, you'll get enough to ;)

Maybe bring along a jig during the night to try and get one for a big Jewie or Snapper bait

Good luck

On my list of to do's mate :)


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