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Bulimba Yaught Club


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G'day once again!

Knocked off work a little early today and headed somewhere new. The bulimba yaught club. I didn't have much luck to start with, but soon saw that a fella up on the wall was having some good times. I went up there on nightfall and fished beside hime. He had already caught four jewies of 50cm+ size and thrown numerous ones back slightly too small. He also caught a large eel and a good size bream. I sat down next to him and pretty soon he was giving me some pointers as I was having an absolute shocker of a night. I soon hooked up on the flick rod and reeled in a nice bream of 28cm. My main rod was remaining silent however, as my quest for my first ever good sized jew dragged on. An hour later or so I got a big bite on the big rod so gave it a yank back and bang....I had hooked up. I reeled in, thinking all the time that I had finally gotten a jew, until the fish broke the surface and I got it up onto the wall to find a very large toadie? or puffer fish (are they the same). My neighbor for the night laughed his head off at my chagrin, as we both thought I was on a winner :angry: Anyway, still a good night, ending up with my new pb on bream. Was fishing from about 1600 to 2015 and using prawns and squid. The other fella was using large prawns which he peeled and jammed on the hook.

Anyway, I am heading back there tomorrow afternoon, around dusk and just before, to try and catch a jewie, it seems to be a bit of a hot spot for them. So if anyone is keen, come along and drop a line! :)

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