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Some comments from the pictured person:

“Headed out to a spot in the bay on wensday.. First drop. A double header of legal sweeties... First thought was a good indication of what was to come next, over the next 2 hours we bagged out on snapper + a few more after losing count... Ended up with 42.5kgs worth of snapps overall.....â€

“Fished the morning... They went hard out... Mullet fillets were the damage!! They chewed there heads off on them. Although they dident want a bar of squid...

as for the number.... Ahhhh admitadly well over the baglimit lost count as the joy set in............

6kgs were some of the fish, but most around the 1kg to 3kg mark.....

also let a fair few go, which was really hard!!â€

“Ahhh computers been down

Anyway as i should note there was 4 of us in the boat, 2 were not fishing tho. But they did take fish home, waiting on some pics from my mate whos overseas till the end of this week, some of the pics wiill show fish in the boat.. With 3 people, and (one taking the photo)

I did go over the bag limit!! At least i can admit it, although i may have exgagerated a little in saying "way over"

It was a miscount, (poor on my behalf)

and it was hard throwing fish back.. Esp when some are in the 6kg vicinty... ( who wants to honestly throw fish back like that!)

In the end. Who hasent taken one too many fish, or a fish a Mm under..... By mistake??â€

“Spose if i had a line licence it would be alright for me to take that kind of fish everyday HEY!

Sorry none of you have ever taken a fish just under or a fish over in ur fishing days... Or is it yous just never catch fish to worry about it.........†[img size=150

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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