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collages today 6/6


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well its been one of those weeks i think .

tired sore work etc stuff getting mixed up and going wrong .

new i should of stayed in bed for the week.

so the highlight of my week was a 2 hr fish at collages late this arvo.

the highlight was meant to be MBC.my first ever comp as a adult.

but i got days mixed up then couldn't get the ute and stuff and people kept me up all night and made a grump.

i was a grump Thursday and Friday .but by 3 am Friday night i was stuffed and today i was a ogre.

so by about 3 pm stuff got sorted a bit ,so me and bro and family went to collages to get out of the house etc.

was not a bad arvo ,kids played in the park and we fished and they fished a little.

usual fish ,small rat bream and small catty's.30 ish of them ,entering enough i guess.

surprise fish .boy got 17 cm spangled-perch from under the bridge.

must be very fresh or the moving down the river to breed,i guess.

anyways not a ogre now.and just back to tired and bit grumpy.so not a bad avro.

still got the ute tomorrow if i want it so mite hit the river near fishmans.

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