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what are your favourite lures???


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My favourite is the lure I caught my last fish on. Landed a bass yesturday on a 15gm Halco slug. My next favourite is the one that is going to land the next fish.

My favourite type of lure fishing is surface lures of any type but with preference to a walking style over the skip style

Rapala is my favourite brand with the X-rap 120 being at the top of the tree for me.

My most successful lure for barra has been the B52 Gold,the big one with 3x3 trebles

My most successful small lure would be the SX48's

My most successful walking lure would be a Cicarda in black or a budgie pop in green

I hate plastics unless I'm fishing (casting) deep

I could go on but that would bore you but it's like my kids - how do you pick a favourite? I have a love hate relationship with them all. :S

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In terms of value for money and fish catching ability my faves are G-vibes and Halco slugs.

My fave trolling lures are Brolga and stumpjumper

Soft plastics and me do not get along probably my lack of patience in learning the technique properly

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Jackall Mask Vibe, any natural colour.

Jackall TN60, any natural colour.

Jackall TN60 Silent, any natural colour.

Spro Aruka shad Jr, Old glory colour.

Evergreen Littlemax Ayu, or the other colour that looks just like a barred grunter.

Ecogear SX 60.any natural

Ecogear CK 50, Shiny green one.

Sammy 65. The transparent green one with stripes, or black.

Smak spinnerbaits.

Sliders hooked onto a beetlespin. Baby bass or crawdad colour.

Gulp minnows, pumpkinseed or smelt.

I know the top ones aren't cheap and I use a million more different lure styles and colours but these are the ones I tie on to give myself the best chance of catching something. Especially when the fishing gets tough.

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All of the colours will produce fish but as a general rule when getting lures I always go for a natural colour first then another in a contrasting colour. My second colour choice would be something dark....black if possible.

If I'm fishing dirty water, dark lures are tied on because they will be more visible to the fish. Especially if the fish is under the lure. Sammy__s.jpg

I tried to download a picture but gave up after four attempts...Grrrrrrr. Stuff this, the sun just came out..I'm going for a fish.

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