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Little action at the spit


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hey guys

just got back from 4-5 hours of fishing down at the spit. We fished their for about 2 hours with little action and plenty of snags, dad got 2 whiting, and i tryed plastics and had no luck. After a few hours we decided to move, and head back and try the coomera river out..

Fished it for another 2-3 hours until dark and managed 4-5 small bream (20cm) and a stingray about the size of a dinner plate that put up a nice fight..

was dissapointed on how it went... but atleast we got something i guess :P



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I used to fish there quite often, and I had great success on Dart and Trevally using Pipi's. Biggest Trevally was a GT around 60Cm's and a Dart of 45Cm's; just drop your lines near the pylons using bait jigs and you should have a bit of luck.

Thanks TomW :cheer:

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My daughter and I are going to the seaway in the morning chase up some tailor, hopefully have a decent couple of photographs to put on.

Hey Dan

As discussed how about you,your dad and I hit the seaway next sat or sun morning.chase what ever you want you choose.Drop me a pm and we can arrange.


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