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Caboolture River Boat Club weekend


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Caboolture River Boat Club

Well I have just returned from probably the best weekends camping trip I have had in a long long while!

I only went 5k's away as well! About a month ago I joined the Caboolture River Boat Club (dont be fooled by the name, they are basically a fishing club). Over the Queens birthday weekend they had their Commodores Picnic weekend. Basically we rolled up saturday morning, locked the gate and spent the weekend camping on their very well set out club grounds at Uhlman road Burpengary.

First off we organised a little snacky poo for dinner saturday night.



Then we set up camp, and settled in for a bit of lunch from the fish and chippery 2k up the road.


Daughter and I in the dome tent, the boys in the traditional tent.

After lunch was the traditional Australian past time, where us manly types sat on the edge of the big paddock eating, drinking and generally discussing secret mens business, while the wives and kids did something strange with a lump of wood and a ball out in the middle of the paddock.!



Then the kids retired to the little kids playground they have setup for a few games. Some flew kites, some just lazed about.






This is the camp kitchen from afar, with the borrowed tents from the council.


Then we settled down for a bit of a chinwag around the fire and dinner.



This is some close up shots of the camp kitchen

Alex sneaking in for a bit of extra tucker!


Alex raiding the remaining spuds, while Vince and Karen are in the background.


Then after the terrible example of teaching games to the kids by the women, us men taught them some more traditional Australian games, like spin the bottle! You know games that would be useful to them as got older ;)


We only camped Saturday night, as the English wolf hound had to be looked after sunday night, but we went back each day so the kids could play with their new friends and I could relax and talk fishing with the adults!

It was a really relaxing weekend, so thanks to Vince, Ross, Judy, John (and of course the Commodore of the club himself ,whose name I cant remember!) and all the other members who made this a great weekend for the kids and I. All up there were 70 odd people there for the do on Saturday night, and about 30 who camped the whole weekend.


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