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Still a couple of Jacks about


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great fish aren't they..i was surprised they're still around too. great catch. it's been a long time since i attempted jacks fishing. horizon shores marina must have been the best spot for land based fisho's. caught plenty down there on livies before they stopped the fishing. i bet i guy in a yak could sneak in during dark and pull a few out. southern end of the petrol jetty..live mullet and hang on they get pretty big..summer time that is..or so i thought :)

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Rocket75 wrote:

great fish Biggles !

have not heard of that creek / bridge before is it one of your locals?


G'day Rocket, yes mate it's a local, it's one of 2 creeks you cross on Beachmere Road between Beachmere and Caboolture, the other one being Goong Creek. The perfect yak size creek really.



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