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the drought is over :)


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Today went for a bbq with a few mates, house backed onto the newport canals so took my fishing gear...gave a half hearted attempt at flickin a few lures with nothin biting...the case that it had been for a few weeks for me. Lunch was read so i thought what the hell ill just leave some bait to soak and check the rod everynow and then

So I cast across the canal just under the hull of a boat and went and had a feed while constantly checkin the rod, probably almost an hr later walked down to the pontoon and was wondering why my line was under the pontoon i was on and not on the other side of the canal...thought the tide musta moved it. wound in a bit and woah! saw the beautiful colour of a large bream at my feet and got him up, PB bream of 32cm woohoo!

So with a fish landed re rigged because the hook was in his stomach and cast out again, nothing biting so i reeled in to cast elsewhere and got a bite, waited then felt some weight and strike, bout 2 winds later saw a beautiful flatty, estimated 40-50 then lost him, got bitten off on my 6pb line :( first time ever aswell! so cut, ah well was time to go home so finally my fish drought is over!! and what perfect timing, few weeks at straddy from wednesday :)

both fish were caught on chicken


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