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Burnett Heads and Deep Water National Park


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Headed up to Bundaberg on the weekend to visit the inlaws and thought id stay out of the house as much as possible by having a sniff around up there with my new rod. Only light gear, 6'0" shakespear lazer tip rod and a shimano sienna 2500FB reel spooled with some 6lb mono.

Saturday headed up to Deep Water National Park, unfortunately could make it there at high tide, was there just after low around about 1pm. Parked up and walked out to Wreck Rock. I thought id try out some SP's id bought, had a crack at some 4" Pumpkinseed Minnows, 5" chicken satay jerk shads and some 3" nuclear chicken shrimps, but barely got a bite for the first hour or so.

thought i'd change to bait, and in about half an hour got onto 4 butter bream around the 20cm mark, 2 fingermark around 20cm and 1 whiting about 26cm. Nothing for keeps but a bit of fun anyway.

after reading a report from dostylz a few weeks back from around the area, i took his advice and headed towards burnett heads on sunday. Again, couldn't quite make the high, got there about 2 hrs after the low. Heaps of rocks around there, so lost a bit of takle. Tried the same SP's again, got heaps more bites but no hook ups so called it a day after about 2 hrs.

Monday came and i set the alarm as i was determined to get at least 1 decent session in on the high tide. Headed back to burnett heads at around 9am to make the tide. I started out throwing baits, some squid and worms and the rod just kept getting hammered. On squid i pulled up 4 undersize fingermark between 20-23cm, 2 bream about 23cm and some long thing, not 100% sure what it was but maybe a pike? wasn't able to get any photos. This was all in the space of about 1/2 an hour.

after that display i thought id try my luck at a few SP's in the same spot. I must have hooked up about 4 times on some 4" Minnows, but everytime got dragged into the rocks. So again no keepers.

All in all, i had a pretty good time up there, even though there were no keepers i didn't really mind as i was entertained most of the time anyway


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good onya mate. Thanks for the report and well done on the first post :)

If it had dirty sharp teeth in pointy head and was slimy then chances are it was a pike. Yeah there's HEAPS of moses perch there at Burnett Heads. They do love biting at the tails though.

Did you throw your baits out with floats on them?? that would have been the way to go so that you wouldn't lose so much tackle.

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Sounds like a fun trip. I was at wreck rock a few weeks back and got a few tailor, some bream, whiting and a couple of good sized stripeys. The secret is fish as close to the structure as possible and look for isolated rocks out from the main rocks. Found pillies, squid and prawns all worked. Sounds like it sure beat the hell out of working anyway!

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