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Cabarita Greenback comp


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Just a quick one to let you know how I saw it.

Camped down the beach south of Pottsville and the weather the other campers and fisherman were all top notch.

The gutters we were fishing were full of Mullet which made me think it was going to be a top nights fishing.

How wrong could I be, not a touch all night.There was 7 in our party and one Dart was the result.

The other fishos around our area faired no better.

The weigh in was fantastic although the Tailer were not big there was quite a few and few nice Flatties and Bream and only small Jew.

Anyway had a great time and will do it again next year if I can.

I will post a few pics later.


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Bri The Pom wrote:

A buddy of mine went as well,7 in his party as well only had 1 small flattie to show for the efforts.All the tailor caught were auctioned off, they were'nt bled just straight in ice and people were bidding on them.They were all very dissapointed.

Yeh they were auctioned for charity and the reason behind them not being bled is once there cut and bled the bacteria starts if they are not well iced and they can't take the chance that everyone would do that.

Last year a chef bought alot of them and said you just cut the blood meat out and your sweet.

I was not at all dissapointed with the weigh in,heaps of giveaways, live band, cold drinks,,good people

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