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brisbane river mouth report - sunday the 7th


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Last Sunday i headed out with my dad and a mate for the first time fishing the mouth. We reelay had no idea where to go so we just zipped straight up to the tip of fishermans island. My mate and i pulled out our bream combos and started to flick plastics into the rockwall. Both of us hooked up first cast, me with a dreaded pike and him with a nice little bream. This routine continued for about 30 mins longer with some nice bream and a small golden trevally landed. Then, a storm came and within 5 minutes the swell was raging and the wind howling. The water was rushing out of the river and i wacked a big live pike into the stream and allowed it to get wipped into the huge eddies on the tip. wacked my rod in a rod holder and hid undercover. Within about 5 mins my rod was screaming out line while getting battered by rain. Turned out the fish was a golden trevally of an estimated 60cm but was snapped off at the boat. I did the same thing again with some squid and my abu garcia soron 1000 and 1-3kg starlo stix. I hooked up within 2 mins and the sky was beginning to clear. This time a nice squire of about 2kg that i battled for 15mins! We caught plenty more squire and small golden trevally on a range of things such as slams and gulps, squid and live pike. Overall a great day on the water and am going out again this weekend.

pics of squire below.

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