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Rainbow Adventure


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Took the kids to Rainbow over the long weekend. We camped at Carlo Point. Intended going up on Friday, but ended up leaving 6am Saturday.

Easy drive up there, not much traffic. The Forrester did alright towing the boat for the first time...well better than the corolla, anyhow.

Arrived at the camping ground and started to set up camp. Problem one: how to keep two little girls occupied while I set up tent and tarp. Answer: let them help...oops!

Finally got the tent and tarp up. Shovelled all the gear from the car and boat into the tent, had some lunch, then off to the boat ramp. Whoa!!!! Everyone is at the ramp. There are several different fishing/boating clubs having there long weekend comp at Carlo. Never seen a ramp so crowded!

Get the boat in, pull it up the beach, try and park the car (no spots left), walk back to the boat, lifejackets on the kids and we're away. Poor little Yammie spits out a cloud of smoke as it hasn't been used for a while, punters at the ramp laughing at me trying to manage kids and boat in a cloud of smoke, and we're off. The little yammie cleaned up pretty quick, loving the premium unleaded it was getting fed, and was soon humming away smoothly.

We caught no fish - only got the lines in for about 15 minutes, but got to cruise the bay and found and noted a few likely spots for next time. Spent plenty of time in the boat with the girls though. Got to see some beaut fish in the arvo's at the cleaning table when the fishing comp crowds got back in.

Got pretty wet on Saturday night when a storm came over - my side of the tent leaked. Girls kept dry, though, so manged to get back to sleep.

Forgot lots of little things, like how to get two little girls showered on my own - eventually had to do it in the mens, but picked a quiet time. Most people didn't mind (apart from one grumpy old sod telling me it was inappropriate etc.)

The girls made friends with the Boonah Fishing Club crowd, as they were camped up next to the camp kitchen.

All up, a great weekend. A heap of work and no fish, but plenty of time on the water - and quality time with the girls!

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sounds nice

nothing like spending time with the kids up there.

u always get some grumpy old sod.

what u did to shower them is what i would have done.do it at a quite time .u got to do what u got to do .wonder how he would comment if u to them to the ladies.

if we are at a place with disabled showers we try to use them for the kids off peak hrs .most place's are ok with this.

a really nice spot to explore and spend time with the kids.

and it great how the kids always make new friends up there.

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Sounds like it was a good weekend out. Was that area where you were fising in the great sandy straights ??

Its great to spend that time with kids I love taking my boys out in the boat, its an awesome feeling when there laughing and catching fish, though I tend to get terretts sindrome when the wind comes up, and theres no fish biting, and dog eats the bait, while im tring to un tangle a birds nest all while, and I could go on... But we love EM!!!


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