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Burton's bridge recon mission 11/6


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this is a sort of fishing checking out spots report.

so today i decided to cruise around and find fishing,canoe, yak and tinny launch spots on the brisbane river.

from borallon to kholo bridge.

started with burton's bridge,borallon.

ok looking day trip ,fishing spot.

no amenity's there.

looks like a good canoe/yak/small tinny launch spot.

no signs saying no fishing or camping.

not a lot of rubbish or glass about.

but be ready for hoon's at night by the looks of it.

talked to 2 groups of people out about there.

some fishing guys and some young motorbike guys.

has good potential i feel.

took the back way home .

checked out the end of hills road ,heap of tracks.but looks like private land.

didn't have enough time to walk the tracks.

didn't want to take the car in and get shot at or fined for trespassing etc.

but looked like they go to the river.

no signs saying no entry ,but the tell tail signs of they have tried to block it off.

went down russell road to corbould land trust (saplings pocket) nature refuge.

pine mountain area.

one side there is all private land couldn't find a way in .

looks like a very long walk to the river.

the other side there was a gate saying:redymix quarry .no entry.

i'll have to look about more see if i can find a entry in.

did walk through mud and yuck beside the road to pick roses for the mrs .

they where growing on the fence in the over growth.

was almost out of time.

went past kholo botanical gardens (also known as mining museum).muirlea kholo area.

i know u can walk down the tracks in the park there to a clearing /ground platform area right on the river.have to try this spot 1 day.

its a nice spot with semi rain forest walks to the river with small creeks running down.great spot for a day trip .

with a fishing spot that could be something,maybe.

checked out the recreation reserve down powers road .

it runs from kholo bridge to powers road,and along the river.

some mowed tracks .but got over grown near the river so i stopped.

shoes and long pants area i reckon ,snake area too.

looks like some good landbased fishing spots if u want to walk and track through long grass.

then went to the other side at kholo bridge .ok launch spot ,ground a bit rough. enough smooth spots to park and walk down .

some landbased spots,not the best in my view.

definitely a hoons at night spot,with fire spots about .

fairly clean now after the rains,but last time i was there fair bit of glass and rubbish dumped about.

i plan to canoe from burton's bridge to kholo bridge soon ,for a explore of the area.

will definitely fish that area more later in the year when it clears up and bass season is back on.

main fish i hear about form that area ,are bass ,yellow,spangle perch ,lung fish and banded grunter(bared grunter).

that was my day.:)

not a bad day with a few more fishing spots checked out .:)

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sounds like there's some good spots to try there..

when i was down that way before all the rain it looked like a great spot, even with the little action i had.. as soon as i get my kayak than thats definetely a spot im kean to try again :)

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there are also a heap of spots that cross the river at the backof Ippy that have fishy looking waterholes. Pity your car will prob get trashed or stolen while off fishing tho.

Make sure you let us know when you plan the canoe trip, I'd be keen and so would a few others I'm sure.

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