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PB at Newstead 12/6/09


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Work is still light on so I decided to go wet a line at Newstead. Got there for high tide and fished the runout til about 5. Wasn't alot of action but I had the pontoon to myself, sun was out and there wasn't much wind so it was a good day. Managed to get a few livies, a small mullet and 1/2 doz prawns. The mullet was first so out he went for about an hour with no interest. Then I netted a few prawns and decided to change to them and landed my PB flathead, wasn't the thready I was hoping for but it'll do. Things went quiet again after that but I was still an enjoyable afternoon out with a nice fish for dinner as a bonus.

Here's the pics. [img size=500

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Can anyone please tell me what these fish are in the 2nd photo, netted a small school of the things while I was there. [img size=500

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