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dodgy products


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hey just wondering if every lure you have bought from starlo have been dodge. my flatty enforcer and jack attack lures have been faulty and my friends have also been two.

the lure like just falls on its back. no matter how hard you try to flick and give it some action its screws up.

i ended up making the enforcer into a top water bait (homemade for fun) havent tryed it yet but thought it might get some enjoyment out of the lure like it is ment to.

just wondering if any body else has had the same problems.

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ok it sounds as if it just needs to be tuned...

not all lures come pretuned straigh out of the packet and all they need is a slight twist with long nose pliers of the towing point..

for example: throw the lure out into the water and start a slow retrieve (only far enough so u can see what it is doing) as the lure is making its way back to u see which way it wants to roll then tweak the towing point in the oppersite direction only alittle! Then repeat untill the lure swims straight....

Remember though that sum lures cant be retrieved to fast so if it swim straight at a low speed thats the speed it needs to be run at for perfect running operation..

hope this helps.....

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I've got a few of Starlo's lures and have not had any worries as of yet. His surface WTD style lures are mad on Bream and Barra.

If you ask me, these lures need a bit of tuning. You could also be catching the trebles when casting.

Thanks TomW

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