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Deckie spot open probably 2


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The plan

Depart Riverview 2.30-3am the latest

Destination :Moolooabah /offshore

Chasing Reefies (snapper etc)

Mainly bottom bashin but open to what ever is required to catch some good fish :woohoo:

if prone to being :X :X please be prepared ie: seasick pills

pm me

Cheers Gaz

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report to come when i recieve the picites of gaz

went to the 12mile marker 1st on glassed out bay and drifted over the fishy spots and the reef for a hr or 2, then headed back to the other reefy things closer to the mooloolaba harbour since our intended boat ramp was closed for rebuilding (as the last 2m of it only visable at lowtide were considered slightly cracked and posed a WHS rish so they are rebuilding the whole thing, gaz said there was nothing wrong with it, go figure a boat ramp in a million dollar suburb gets replace when it has 1 crack, what about all the other boat ramps arund that have large peices of conrete missing?)

was hit and miss for a lot of the time, on the sounder there were MASIVE schools of fish hanging at the bottom and sopme very large siongle fish as well, all attemopts to catch the large ones went wasted

ended up gettinh a school of red throats on the bite, but only managed to keep 3 of them due to sizes, i also got a parrot fish, a few pest fish were caught the name evades me for now, so eneded up withjust under 10 fish i think for the day drifting over all the reef in the area.

we fished pagnostic rig, i eneded up having to retie at least 10+ of them because i would get dragged by a fiosh into the rock or reef and get stuck up and have to give it a bit of a pull and snap there goes my nice rig :( next time i go to that area im going to pretie a heap of rigs lol

photos to come

*watch this space*

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