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Amberjacks and Kingies at the 50's

Brian D

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Went out the GC Seaway at 6am and headed for the 50's. Stopped along the way to try for some snapper and pearlies. I landed 2 pearlies between 33 and 36cm on my first drop of a two hook paternosta rig(spelling help required). Didn'y take a photo cause I though there would be more to come but turned out to be a bad call.

Anyway move out a bit further to jig up some kingies and amberjacks. Using between 200 and 500gm weighted jigs on 50lb braid and 100lb leader I managed 4 before things shut down.(2 kingies and 2 AJ's). I also dropped about 3 while the skipper was backing down on the mark.

The boat wirg 4 pob total'd about 12-15 kingies and aj's, a nobby, squire and pearlies in 3 hours. Not a bad a day but by skippers measure a bit slow. :blink: [img size=492

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