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my collection is slowly growing


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hey guys

Just been out again today to get a few more hbs to take to chinchilla for yellowbelly and prbs boondoomba dam.. got a few of the berkley frenzys, they look great for the price.

My collection is beggining to grow :P but still havent caught anything on hb and only a flatty about 25cm on a squidgy wriggler. ive got all these lures but now ive got to start cacthing a few fish on them :laugh:




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Good stuff mate. now grab that spinner bait, add a stinger hook and put one of those little red squidgies on it....serious yella setup that will be pretty hard to top.

Drag it across any snag you find bumping it here and there and the yella won't be able to help themselves.

If your really lucky you may even drag it by the nose of a cod while it's down there.

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