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Coomera River 13/06/09


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Good to hear.

Just try n find a better way to hold them up for the photo, hand in mouth with cloth or lip grips while supporting the belly. The way your holding it looks pretty easy for the flathead to shake and slip out of your hands and own itself on the ground?

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Plugga glad you releasesd it as 75cm is the new legal limit and a lot of people are fans of the old 70cm limit.

Not having a go as no one will know unless told, but for future reference, dont hold fish up byt the tail or head so the body weight is straining the fish as a whole. Fish skeletons are not as sturdy as out of water animals and this stress can be enough to insure death even if released.

Next time try to:

* Keep the fish wet.

* Support the fish's body weight.

* Have it out of the water as little as possible.

Nice catch.


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Plugga you b@stard... :P Was this caught morning or late afternoon ?

I was fishing the coomera overflow late yesterday afternoon and could only rustle

up some 25cm bream.... :unsure:

What leader did you have on ? A fight with a big flattie for that long you are very lucky it didnt aw its way thru your leader....

Prob have a look at your drag settings as well, you could prob turn the heat up a bit and apply a whole lot more pressure to your fish. This will increase the liklihood of a succesful release as well... :)

BUT all that said.......... great fish...sh*ts all over my flattie PB ! :blink:

Too bad it wasn't on SP hey mate ? :unsure: :laugh: :laugh:

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