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Ecofishers What do you think.?


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Just been listening to Nugget and he interviewed Mark Robinson the member for Cleveland and Mark mentioned Ecofishers which is a NSW site devoted to sustainable fishing.

They are pretty big in NSW and have had some significant wins even going to the High Court to debunk some of the greens information on grey nurse statistics .

Our local Save our bay have joined them in an efforts to have some of our recent green zones altered and opened to line fishers using one line only.

I have had a quick look at their website and the Qld issues seem to be under the SORBA banner.

They seem to be a force to be reckoned with and seem to be having a few wins in NSW.

Anyhow have a look and see what you think. Maybe Maxi can comment from a NSW viewpoint.



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THanks ray - I'll have a gander.

You may be interested to know that Marine Qld is planning to esculate their activities in forms like public rallys and political action in order to get the government to start to respect the recreactional boating industry in Qld. It was quoted to me that we can expect rally's like the one up north re the Coral sea action group.

They plan teh next one at Sunshine Coast then the one after SEQ.

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yeah very proactive organisation.

Ken Thurlow is the man at the helm.

he is passionate about fish habitats etc.

they have had some good outcomes in the past...

theres some great reading in the forums on the site...


great to hear SOB have joined forces with ecofishers ray.....

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