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Bulimba yacht club again


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G'day all,

Had a nice big day of fishing yesterday. Started out at 0630 flicking sp's between metroplex avenue/street and the gateway bridge with no luck what so ever. I thought it would be a great spot for flatties as it was low tide and the mud flats are quite extensive at that time. I ended up under the gateway and snagged my sp, the rest of my tackle being all the way back up the river past the suspended jetty. The timely arrival of Billy with some bait and a generous nature toward his tackle box saw me back in business, but neither of us could snag a fish, so I left at about 0910. I went out again at 1230 to the Bulimba Yacht Club and fished there until 1830. I was using prawns and squid as bait. All afternoon my prawns were getting taken, however no hook-ups. The squid got the occasional nibble but nothing else. A rude bugger in a tinnie wiped out half my spool as he went past at high speed close to shore, a quick scramble for a knife to cut the line allowed me to keep some line on the spool, although it got my blood boiling in a supposed no wake zone! :angry: On dusk I changed to bigger bait in the form of mullet strips. I got a couple of huge bites on both rods within ten minutes of wetting them, and finally came up with the goods witha 28 cm bream on the small rod using mullet. I have a sneaking suspicion that crabs were the culprits for my prawns, although they hardly touched the squid which is unusual in my opinion. So for eight and a half hours of fishing I got a bream! :huh:

Is squid good for anything when using it as bait?

How the hell do you present thawed mullet strips on the hook?

Cheers. Ryan

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Mate squid is good on reef etc, but it comes down to match the hatch. Squid in the river seems to attract a lot of catties and rays!

If you are using forzen or even fresh bait in the river id have to say prawns are prob a lot better than frozen squid.


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i have found squid good in the bay .around the islands .peel morton etc .

no luck with squid in the river nothing seams to take it really.

prawns chicken and fish meat ,mullet etc are good for the river i reckon.

metroplex area have been there few times at for a donut not even really getting bites there.

i cut my chicken the same way jeff said to cut mullet .it seam to work a lot better.sort of look like a little fish shape too.

we take them 3 bait types and have a few rods out and go with what getting the most hits at the time.

fresh or frozen prawns seam the never fail bait.

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