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Logans hole 13/6/09


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Logan River (Logan's Hole)

13/6/09 4:00pm

Packed the car up all the essentials, Warm clothes and fishing gear then I proceeded down the road in search of some livebait. With the sun slowly slipping away and the livebait not wanting to play after a few stops along the river plan B was forced into play! Servo prawns and pilchards were the last resort so after a quick stop off at the local over priced servo I was back on the road with bait and a slightly heavier right foot then when I left home.

Arriving at the carpark with still a long bush bash ahead of me I noticed two oldies fishing. After stopping the car and unpacking I wondered over to the couple fishing to ask "Any Bites" the lady was fast to reply with "We have been here since 9:30 this morning and haven't caught a thing!" I found it hard to swallow after hearing the bad news "No fish in all that time" I was thinking to myself so I asked "What sort of bait are you using?" The old man proceeded with a list " Prawns,Mullet,Squid and though's little white fishy things ummm Whitebait!" as he retrieved an empty crab trap. "Oh OK" I replied as I pushed my way through the first bunch of Mangrove trees.

Feeling like I was out of an Indiana Jones movie with my trusty boomstick in hand, gumboots and a swag of tricks and with the badies hot on my heels I was almost blindly fumbling my way through the mangroves like on a first date!

Wasn't long before I came across a shaved patch I mean clearing where I could swing a cat and I started setting up the rods in hope of some serious action. Wasn't long before the badies had found me sounding much like a squadron of B-52's as they honed in on my location, Mossies in there thousands bombarded ever inch of exposed skin repeatedly(Yes Mossies in winter!) but the trusty aeroguard soon put a stop to their relentless attack.

Anyways back to the fishing!

I had decided on this occasion to take two rods with me a 9ft spin rod with 15lbs line and my 5'6 baitcaster with 12lbs line and after taking a flogging by some freshwater heavies last week silly string was out of the question!

Rigs were kept pretty simple for today's fishing with snelled 3/0's on the 15 with half pillie bait and a single 1/0 on the 12 with a prawn bait. As for the sinkers I can't remember the size but for the bigger bait I went heavier to pin it and very light on the prawn as to keep it moving across the bottom.

Well it wasn't long before the first Prawn got noticed with the first rat Bream of the evening being landed within 5 minutes of being in the water.


Then shortly after another small Bream then another and another "Did someone order Bream?" I thought to myself as the Bream were as thick as thieves!

Bite after bite until landing a very angry 28cm model who played up while having its picture taken.


Must have spooked the school a little as the bites started to slow up and the fish that did bite were biting ever so softly feeling more like Toadies nibbles but it wasn't until hooking them that I realised it was Bream playing smart. Meanwhile the set pillie rod was getting the odd run of a metre or two before stopping I was guessing it to was Bream letting go of the bait as soon as the weight was felt. With a few Prawns left and vanishing fast I did manage to scoop on a very faint "Tap Tap" producing a very nice 32cm Bream after a nice fight.


Finishing up the last of the prawns to very tough bites I was out of bait besides the left over pillies that nothing was interest in so it was time to call it a night with 5 rat Bream(maybe a couple of legal's in there) and the two better Bream 28cm and 32cm which were all released.

Rapping the show up at around 8:30pm due to being baitless and frozen to the bone so heres some advice to anyone fishing the logan at the moment "Take plenty of Prawns and just as many layers of winter warmies!" hehe....


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Brian D wrote:

Good report Dazza, not sure why you went bush bashing for bream but at least you was fishing. You have tried Rotary Park?

Yeah done Rotary park but like most EASY access fishing spot there just way to over fished...

The reason behind the bush bash was to get to a hole I found while out in the Tinny and judging by the no tracks I can surely say that no landbased fisho's have been there or at the least not many.

Good point besides the constant fish activities was the fact the bream were really close in to the bank and I was out in the wild by myself which I really enjoy....

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