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Squidding - WG jetty 13/06/09


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First fishing report:)

Went out last night after convincing dad it was a good idea to try squidding.

He had all the luck, got 3 of decent size, only took pics of one.

i felt the pulls and had one brought in close when it dropped me.

Another possible member was there, i thought i recognised a face.

Thanks for the tips if you are there:)

Definitely hooked on squidding.

[img size=1024

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the jigs i was using one was a kokoda one i have had for a couple years, about 3 inches long and bright pink, i think it needs to fade a bit

the winner was one my grandad gave to us that was fairly heavy and probably 5 inches overall, faded orange tiger sort of pattern with a white belly. it sunk very fast

took the glow sticks off as that particular spot there is plenty of lighting and they have sensitive eyes as it is.

The guy giving us tips said that spending 25$ on a jig is very worth it. unless i see something amazing i like i am just going to stick to the half dozen i have

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