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just my luck!


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the way it's been going lately, after having to take the mut to a sandy beach close by to exercise the leg she just had the crutiate done on, for some reason sand seems to work the leg some! anyway while on the way home, i get a call from straddiebrad, tell him it's a goer. buy the time we got to the ramp must have been 2 oclock i guess. get out to a spot, start berleying, got real good baits, all to no evail, so try somewhere else, and buggar me. it was crowded out, so fished a ledge, got the routine goin. noticed people out there in the dark now, cruising around flat out or close to it, said to brad, if they hit somethin we'll hear about it, so on a spot i was sounding out on the way home, you guessed it, hit something, it was big, and it was hard. only difference was i was just on the plane.in respect , that was the only good thing that happened to us last night, the speed was down. funny how you hear strange noises after hitting something in the water?! i upset a fella at harry's too last night, but that's another story!

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jeff f wrote:

was that you getting abused rob?

we were the boat anchored about 50m down current

lol yeah mate. still a fair bit off him, aparently 50 mtrs wasn't enough, so went the other side of him, but closer.hahaha. think he was worried about us takin advantage of his berley trail. he should have been there earlier on!
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