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Brisbane River Bream - 14/06/09


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G'day guys,

Today a mate and I headed to the Brisbane River (Colmslie area) chasing a few Bream. This morning was chilly, especially starting at 7AM. I was urged to stay behind and sleep but the Bream were waiting for me. Filled up with Weetbix and got the gear ready to be picked up by Mattuna.

Spent 5 minutes or so tieing and making sure all the knots were strong. The next 30Minutes or so was spent walking to the spot, ended up cutting our feet on rocks here and there. Once we reached our destined spot all we could see were masses of Mullet, all around 15CM's, one or two got smashed up, enough to get the blood going in the cold climate!

First few casts we both got a few nudges, nothing major. After 10Minutes without connecting to a fish we decided that we move spots. Five minutes trecking through bushland we reach a great little mud flat, we saw a few Yabbies which call this flat their home.

Second spot, first cast, Matt gets hammered. Only using 4LB leader and fishing in tight structure, I took a slide down the mud and grab the fish before it takes him near another rock. After landing the fish and releasing it, I decided to cast right near a moored boat and what a good choice it was, after a good tussle with a few short bursts in around the around the ropes I land a 26CM Bream, not bad for the spot I thought. At this spot we continued to land Bream and drop a few, all around the legal mark but good fun on 4LB.

Third and final move, we ventured even further. At this spot we had approximately three casts each before I recieve a phone call from Mum, and as usual 'COME HOME NOW'

All in all, a great day spent with a good mate flicking placcies. Total of 8 Bream landed, and one Puddy Nose Perch or Threadie, any idea's?

Thanks TomW









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